Oscult : an ultrasound system connected in an iPad

Connected objects are making their way through all strata of society, but there are environments where they can be more important, such as health.  Oscult, a revolutionary smart health connected ultrasound system.

Oscult: what is it?

Developed by Oscadi, Oscult is a connected ultrasound system that allows physicians to practice and transmit live emergency ultrasounds, and those without advanced training in the field to perform a first ultrasound of good quality.

The purpose of this operation is to check that everything is fine on the part of the body that is examined, or on the contrary to send the patient to further examinations.

Indeed, a classic ultrasound machine is a very imposing machine, often immobile, weighing between 7 and 20kg. In addition, it requires great specialization to know how to use it effectively. Oscult works as an application that is related to an increased iPad. It is therefore easily transportable and usable by all once the basic principles of the app understood.

This is very important because the image taken by the ultrasound will be crucial for the future diagnosis. It’s not just about taking a snapshot: with this kind of camera, the operator makes the image. Oscult is therefore equipped with three different probes: a linear one that offers a straight view; and a convex and a micro convex, which give a deeper view with an open scan.

For now, the ultrasound system is mainly intended for animal health with its declination Oscult’Vet (represented by SKWAZEL), but it is currently being approved for human health.

This is a long process, but feedback from the veterinary community on the product is a good future for Oscult, which can be another tool to help pregnant women. It has also been officially approved by Apple, which allows it to benefit from the connectivity of the brand.

Without hands!

The biggest innovation of the Oscult is its hands free function. It is actually equipped with a very effective voice control that allows you to perform the key actions of an ultrasound system such as pause and screen capture easily. Usually, healthcare professionals using ultrasound machines must use their elbows to perform these actions.

It is also possible, still in voice control, to record audio comments to illustrate a screenshot, or even a comment that will concern the entire ultrasound. If he has his hands free, he can also select an area of ​​the screen to make a closeup and better identify any problems.

In addition, it is also possible to make external calls through the telemedicine module, which works as a videoconference. This is, again, a very interesting innovation that allows people less trained in the field. A doctor more accustomed to do ultrasound can guide the user on both his movements and his diagnoses.

Oscult a revolutionary smart health connected ultrasound systemA real change in the environment

It is therefore a real revolution for health professionals who may be required to perform ultrasounds. No need for heavy, bulky and expensive equipment; no longer need long trainings that require moving; and above all: new systems that maximize physician practice through live exchange and help.

Finally, in addition to being lightweight, it also stands out for its price. In fact, the lowest-cost ultrasound scanners cost around 9000 €, while the best performers can reach 150 000 €. The Oscult will be sold for between 12,000 and 16,000 euros, while the quality of its imagery would be equivalent, according to its creators, to equipment of about 25,000 euros as proposed by Philipps or General Electrics.

As mentioned above, the feedback from the veterinary community is excellent for the moment. They note its ease of use, its practicality, its intuitive side and the advantage of the telemedicine function. It’s a safe bet that the Oscult, which is already marketed on a small scale, becomes the ideal tool for small clinics.

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