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The newest samsung watch check – functions & technology at a glance

Galaxy Watch 3 in the Review check – functions & technology at a glance

What’s the newest samsung watch ?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a connected watch announced on August 5, 2020. It embeds the Tizen operating system and offers a rotating bezel for navigation in the system. It has a 1.2 or 1.4 inch screen, an Exynos 9110 SoC and 8 GB of internal storage.

 Galaxy Watch 3 Review 

With the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung is responding to the longing of many users for the “good old days”. This is proven by the physical rotating bezel and beautiful vintage dials. In fact, the watch is an eye-catcher, which is very expensive at over 400 euros. Watches have always been a luxury item, but you also expect well thought-out usability. The Galaxy Watch 3 disappoints a bit here, for example with the Samsung Pay function, which is missing in Germany.

Samsung has incorporated many ideas into its new Galaxy Watch, such as EKG, blood pressure and oxygen measurement or cycle calculation. However, such values ​​do not provide medical information, but they do provide a good insight into the body’s own fitness tendency. If you can do without classic watch design, you will find a cheap alternative in fitness bracelets like the Mi Band 5. Men and women of the world who are enthusiastic about design and technology will find a smart companion for the wrist in the Galaxy Watch 3, which shows that you can afford it.

Advantages of the Galaxy Watch 3

Disadvantages of the Galaxy Watch 3

Beautiful design

Low battery power

Good selection of digital clock faces

No usable payment function

Lots of health functions




Galaxy Watch 3 in the Review check – design and features

Samsung has created a particularly beautiful design with the Galaxy Watch 3. The smartwatch is slim and offers users a wide range of watch faces. Watch fans will appreciate this, because while the appearance of the digital Samsung watch can be changed with just a few taps of the finger, with the analog cousins ​​you have to buy another watch for each new dial.

The face of the Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch can be customized

The face of the Galaxy Watch 3 Smartwatch can be customized (Samsung)

Users can personalize the face of the Galaxy Watch 3 by choosing which functions should be displayed. Samsung also relies on authenticity with the Galaxy Watch 3. The watch is delivered with a real leather strap. The rotating bezel is also outstanding. In the case of the clock, this is the wreath around the glass. This is not only used for optics, but also for navigation in the smartwatch menu.

Galaxy Watch 3 in the expert rating – features and functions

With the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung focuses on health functions and combines classic watch design with an activity tracker. The Smartwatch provides over 120 workout programs to help you stay fit. These can be selected via the smartphone and transferred to a TV. The sensors of the Galaxy Watch then record the body values ​​and analyze the success of the fitness exercises.

Like fitness bracelets, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers a sleep analysis. REM and deep sleep phases and the duration of sleep are recorded. However, users then have to wear the smartwatch on their wrist overnight. The light and narrow fitness bracelets have a clear advantage here. Not least because their battery lasts for several days, such as in the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or the successor Mi Band 5.

A special feature is the blood pressure measurement function of Galaxy Watch 3. To ensure that the measurement works particularly precisely here, users can calibrate the Samsung Smartwatch with an upper arm blood pressure monitoring. However, all health functions are only used for fitness and wellness control and not for making medical diagnoses!

With the Galaxy Watch 3, users can have an EKG made - but not for medical diagnoses

With the Galaxy Watch 3, users can have an EKG made – but not for medical diagnoses (Samsung)

  • EKG: Samsung Galaxy Watch offers an EKG function for measuring the heart rhythm. Here, too, Samsung points out that the measurement is only intended for fitness and wellness purposes and is not used to diagnose or treat medical complaints.
  • Oxygen uptake: Galaxy Watch 3 users can measure maximum oxygen uptake.
  • Treadmill: The treadmill built into the Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch analyzes the movement pattern and gives tips on improving technique.
  • LTE: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 versions with LTE make a smartphone superfluous. Users can stream songs from Spotify directly from the internet or make calls.
  • Smart replay: Galaxy Watch analyzes incoming messages and photos and suggests appropriate responses. Short messages can be sent quickly in meetings or lectures.
  • Bitmoji: Galaxy Watch 3 users can create an avatar named Bitmoji to add emojis to messages.

Galaxy Watch 3 – important tests and reviews of the smartwatch

In the first reviews, the design of the Galaxy Watch 3 is particularly positive, criticizing the fact that functions such as Samsung Pay are not yet available in Germany.

Users can create a similar avatar that underlines messages emotionally

Users can create a similar avatar that underlines messages emotionally (Samsung)

The renowned US portal Tom’s Guide criticized the short battery life in their first evaluation, but rewarded the slim design.

Galaxy Watch 3 prices and best deals

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – the cheap alternative to the Galaxy Watch 3

Smart fitness bracelets and smartwatches are becoming more and more similar in terms of their functionality. If you can do without a classic watch design, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a well-equipped activity tracker, which shines with a long battery life of up to 10 days and costs only a fraction of the Galaxy Watch 3.

Galaxy Watch 3 in the Review check – technical details

  • GPS integrated: yes
  • Protection class: IP68 / 5 ATM
  • LTE: only with LTE versions
  • Battery capacity:
  • Sizes: Optionally 45 or 41 mm
  • Colors: Mystic Black or Mystic Silver for the 45 mm model, Mystic Bronze or Mystic Silver for the 41 mm model
  • Storage space: 8 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating system: Samsung Tizen

The newest samsung watch 

Samsung finally activates the ECG of its Galaxy Watch Active 2

This validation of the ECG comes a few weeks after the green light for the blood pressure sensor, also issued by South Korean health authorities. Also, the firm’s native country is today the only place on the planet where all the heart tracking functions on its watches can be accessed.

Still in preparation, this blood pressure sensor should arrive on consumer products towards the end of the year. This function will be accessible via the new Samsung Health monitoring application, also recently validated. The Wareable site is betting that it will be found on a future Galaxy Watch 2 or Active 3. But the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has also had these sensors from the start. A future OS update should allow its users to benefit.

Of course, we are still talking about South Korea. For the rest of the world, ECG or blood pressure, Samsung fans will have to wait.

Samsung Gear S 

The Gear S from Samsung was announced in advance of the IFA. At an event in Berlin we were able to try out the wristwatch with Tizen OS. One thing should be said: it is much larger, but not more massive than it looks in the pictures. You only really notice that the part has a 2-inch high-resolution Super AMOLED display when you wear it.

We really liked the workmanship – metal and leather. The special thing about the Gear S is that it works completely without a smartphone: 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS are inside.

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