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Maintaining high NAD+ levels gives your cells the energy they need to repair damage and fight aging.

Aside from aging, sickness, severe stress, alcohol, jet lag or sun exposure, insufficient sleep, or exercise can all affect your NAD+ levels in the short term.

Combining the elimination of as many of these lifestyle factors as possible with supplements will significantly improve your NAD+ levels and overall health.

NAD+ is heavily used by inflammation and senescent cells. Glutathione, Berberine, CaKG, and Curcumin are all anti-inflammatory supplements that can help boost NAD+ levels. Supplements that help to reduce senescent cells, such as Fisetin and Quercetin, may also aid to boost systemic NAD levels.

NAD+ levels might fluctuate over a period of days or weeks.

The amount of NAD+ is a good indicator of metabolic health. Find out if your NAD+ levels are enough right now, and track your improvement as you implement different anti-aging techniques.

IC NAD+ Test – Measures Intracellular NAD+ levels in blood cells


NAD+ test

Jinifiti’s NAD+ Intracellular Assay is a blood-based test that measures age-related NAD+ levels and gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your health.

  • Using the test strip, collect a few droplets of blood.
  • To stabilize the NAD+, add a fixing buffer.
  • Return the sample in a pre-addressed envelope.
  • In 7-10 days, you’ll have your results.
Test At Your Home Now


Why should you make NAD+ test & check your NAD+ levels?

  • Have faith in the genuineness and efficacy of the therapy you’re receiving.
  • Understand your baseline NAD+ levels so you may participate in treatment decisions with confidence.
  • Understand how protocols affect your NAD+ levels and schedule treatments as needed to keep your levels at their best.
  • You should be able to tell how you feel at different NAD+ levels.
  • To evaluate and validate supplementary therapies, check baseline NAD+ levels.
  • Showing post-treatment level increases validates the value of therapies.
  • To be informed about how often you need recurrent treatments and at what dosages to maintain optimum levels, test for individualized NAD+ decay rate.
  • To confirm the efficacy of applied treatments and tailored dosages, test post-treatment levels.

NAD is critical for health, but declines with age and illness.

With age, NAD levels in the body can decline, resulting in a loss of vitality and function as well as many age-related diseases.

Increased NAD+ levels provide the fuel needed for cells to repair damage.

Stress, alcohol, sun exposure and lack of sleep can affect your NAD+ levels.

There are many factors that affect the production of NAD+, such as diet, stress, weight, exercise, and sleep.

Certain supplements can help boost NAD+ levels when combined with decreasing inflammation and senescent cells. These include Glutathione, Berberine, CaKG, or Curcumin Fisetin and Quercetin.

Healthy people may have a sufficient NAD+ level. Find out if your NAD+ level is optimal.

How to test NAD+ levels?Can you make your NAD+ test levels at home?

Testing in has replaced testing out, and Jinfiniti’s intracellular test is a quick and painless approach to determine your NAD levels.

Home diagnostics are becoming faster, more efficient, and simpler thanks to technological advancements. The global epidemic has drawn attention to this area, with COVID-19 becoming a common occurrence in many of our homes.

Blood samples, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, cholesterol, asthma, and COPD may all be tested or monitored at home now, not just C19. Home diagnostic kits are sophisticated diagnosis instruments with cutting-edge technology, apps, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

The test, which may be ordered online, is performed using dried blood spots (DBS) on filter paper and processes identical to those used in newborn screening programs. Jinifiniti will give you a finger stick kit and a blood collection specimen card so that you can collect your blood at home and return it to their lab. They believe that by guiding you through the process, you will be able to find the correct brand, dosage, and approach for optimizing your NAD levels.

The Jinfiniti procedure allows NAD to be stored at room temperature for weeks, addressing a major issue with NAD’s rapid decay at room temperature. These are now available in countries whose laws allow for the shipment of biological samples to the United States.

Test At Your Home Now

What is NAD?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an essential molecule that facilitates hydrogen transfer through its two forms, NAD+ and NADH. NAD is found in every cell of all living things and it catalyzes reactions for more than 400 enzymes which is the most any other vitamin-derived coenzyme. It is one of the top essential molecules for life due to its many physiological and pathological functions including ATP production in the mitochondrial TCA cycle and oxidation of fatty acids and amino acids, DNA damage repair, oxidative stress, inflammation, cellular senescence, and others.

Energy production

Glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation all require NAD for cellular energy (ATP) synthesis. When NAD levels are too low, cells are unable to make enough ATP to support vital biological functions, resulting in poor health and chronic weariness.

DNA repair and anti-cancer activity

Environmental pollutants and our cells produce reactive oxygen metabolites. PARPs need NAD+ to repair damaged DNA but without it, cells lack protection from oxidative stress leading to the development of cancer. Sirtuin also helps prevent genomic instability by increasing expression of antioxidant enzymes which protects cells from damages by oxidative stress.

Aging and age-related diseases

Levels of NAD decline as people age, and this decline is linked to the aging process. When levels of NAD fall, sirtuins require it for activation. Sirtuins are related to six hallmarks of the aging process: epigenetic changes, mitochondrial dysfunction, deregulated nutrient sensing, an increase in genomic instability and cellular senescence, and inflammation. Restoring levels of NAD can promote health and extend lifespan.

COVID-19 and infectious illnesses

NAD promotes immunological health and helps people recover faster from COVID-19.

When you take NAD+, it can protect your brain, regulate sleep, improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, and support bone density.

Is Liposomal NMN More Effective Than Other Types in the field of anti-aging?

What are the symptoms of NAD deficiency?

Low NAD levels are linked to a low intake of vitamin B3 and tryptophan. These precursors are found in foods like tuna, eggs, lentils, bananas, and more.

A high percentage of the middle age population and a lower proportion of children have reduced levels of NAD. This is probably due to the reduced ability to synthesize new NAD and recycle existing NAD.

Studies have shown that the incidence of NAD deficiency is highest in patients with age-related diseases such as cancer,diabetes, and some other types of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases such as atherosclerosis,  acute cardiac syndromes, endothelial dysfunction,hypertrophy, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure,  hypertension, metabolic syndrome,arrhythmias, obesity and fatty liver, diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidemia.

High levels of harmful enzymes that break down NAD may be responsible for fast turnover in your NAD levels and low levels of NAD. Specifically, enzymes such as CD38, PARP and SIRTUINS have great effects on the degradation of NAD.

Some families have higher nutrients of NAD. It’s possible that these genetic factors, at least partially and in some families, affect the levels of NAD.

Intervention tips

  • The lifestyle factor- obesity- reduces the activity of NAD. Weight loss increases the activity of NAD by increasing NAMPT.NAMPT, a NAD-synthesizing enzyme, has been demonstrated to enhance activity in response to exercise.
  • If a substance called TNF-alpha is present in the body, it may reduce levels of NAD, which could lead to inflammation.
  • Testing your NAD level is crucial for overall health and age management, but it’s especially important for individuals with NAD-related disorders or who are on NAD therapy.


How can you increase the amount of NAD in your body?


NAD precursor supplements like NR and NMN have been found to increase NAD levels in people.

NAD+ test

 What are the 7 best NAD+ supplements and how they could help you anti-aging -A Complete Guide

Exercise and a healthy diet

Obesity is linked to lower NAD and sirtuin expression, whereas losing weight improves NAD and sirtuin expression.

Exercise has been demonstrated to boost the activity of NAMPT, a NAD-synthesizing enzyme.

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Highlights – US Special Forces to Test Anti-Aging Pill Based on NAD+

The US Military has finished pre-clinical safety and dosage research on a “anti-aging” tablet and is preparing for performance testing in fiscal year 2022. To test the NAD+-boosting supplement, the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is collaborating with MetroBiotech, a business advised by anti-aging specialist Dr. David Sinclair.

Clinical studies for a “human performance small molecule” that could counteract the degenerative effects of age and injuries are expected to begin next year, according to Special Operations Command.

In addition to investing in advanced weaponry and artificial intelligence, the US military is turning to human performance research to improve its people. With this goal in mind, the Special Operations Command (SOCOM), an armed forces unit that supervises special operations, will conduct clinical trials for an anti-aging drug. SOCOM will collaborate with Metro International Biotech, LLC (MetroBiotech) to examine the pill’s capacity to counteract the effects of age and injury, as part of the Pentagon’s larger effort to boost personnel fitness.

Military funding sources allow for collaborations in the biotech sector.

In a press release, Lisa Sanders, director of science and technology for the Special Operations Forces, Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L), said that the anti-aging supplement “has the potential, if it is successful, to truly delay aging, truly prevent the onset of injury – which is just amazingly game changing.” SOCOM will collaborate with MetroBiotech on the pill development using Other Transaction Authority (OTA) money.

According to Sanders, SOCOM has been able to “explore topics in this emerging domain of biotechnology” thanks to OTA financing. According to the SOCOM science and technology director, funding sources such as the OTA have allowed SOCOM to collaborate with industry and academic institutes to advance studies that could enhance troops’ health.

The Military’s Collaboration with MetroBiotech

MetroBiotech’s board of advisors is led by Harvard scientist and anti-aging expert David Sinclair. Although the pill’s content is unknown, MetroBiotech and David Sinclair have created anti-aging drugs such as MIB-626 using the chemical nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). NMN is a precursor for and increases levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a critical cofactor in approximately 400 metabolic processes in cells. Falling NAD+ levels with age are associated with age-related metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurological illnesses, but rising NAD+ levels may have the reverse effect of rejuvenating the body and improving performance.

Increasing NAD+ for Longer and Healthier Lives

Nutraceuticals, such as the anti-aging pill being tested by SOCOM, contain health-improving food additives that increase NAD+ levels.Increasing NAD+ levels throughout aging, according to MetroBiotech’s business strategy, may help people live longer and healthier lives.

“These efforts aren’t aimed at developing physical characteristics that don’t currently exist.” “It’s about improving our forces’ mission readiness by improving performance characteristics that typically deteriorate with age,” said Navy Commander Tim Hawkins, a spokesperson for SOCOM. “Essentially, we’re collaborating with premier business partners and clinical research institutions to produce a nutraceutical in the form of a tablet that can be used by both civilians and military personnel and has the potential to improve human performance such as endurance and injury recovery.”

Supplementing with the NAD+ precursor NMN improves insulin sensitivity in older women and improves muscle performance in older men, according to studies. Finding out if increasing NAD+ levels can improve troop performance will go a long way toward proving that NAD+ is a promising molecular target for improving human health. If this is the case, raising NAD+ levels using precursors could be an interesting method to extend the number of years we live in good health.


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