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MyLAB Box reviews -the first AT-HOME STD testing kit ,Fast, simple, confidential!

MyLAB Box was established in 2014 as a groundbreaking at-home testing company with the aim of making sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening simpler, less costly and more private. Not only did they succeed, but their attempts also came at a time of desperate need for further research as infection rates have risen significantly in the United States.Read this MyLAB box reviews.

MyLAB Box has recently branched out in other exciting ways, such as the areas of fertility and general health research, though STD testing remains a large part of its focus. We’ve tested and analyzed them in the past and have always been impressed because they’ve been at the forefront of at-home health research for years. But in 2020, how well will they represent you? We will share all the information in this review that will help you determine whether the myLAB Box test is the right investment for you and your wellbeing.

Review Summary

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  • Accuracy in medical conditions that fits standard testing
  • Discreet packaging and free distribution by two-way
  • Results of mailing your sample back in 2-5 days
  • Convenience of checking in complete privacy from home
  • Flexibility and additional affordability of testing together for several STDs or separately for individual STDs
  • Free phone consultation with a doctor from myLAB Box if you test positive for an STD
  • Accepts cards from HSA / FSA
  • MyLAB Box offers a 20 % discount to our readers (just use the promo code INNERBODY20)

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  • MyLAB Box does not screen for herpes, ureaplasma or garderella by mouth.
  • Another place has a better at-home female fertility test.
  • Not available at this time outside of the U.S.


Types of testing available

In three areas, myLAB Box provides test kits:

  • STD
  • Fertilities
  • General Health 

MyLAB Box started out as a company that primarily sold a variety of STD test kits at home, and their STD test offerings are still impressive. Over the years, they have added alternatives and increased their coverage and can now screen for 15 different pathogens through a range of 18 different test kits. Due to privacy and comfort, testing at home is preferred for many people, but some people prefer to have their STD testing done in person. We encourage STDcheck (or read our complete STDcheck review) if you prefer in-person checking.

For information on all the testing choices, scroll deeper into this analysis, but first, here’s a glimpse of their popular multi-STD test kits. We find these to be very useful and effective because STD statistics indicate that infections frequently do not occur in isolation, and, among them, the Uber Box is, in our view, the best for most individuals.Testing comprehensively is a very healthy practice for sexually active Americans. 

18 STD tests: too much choice?

You are truly spoilt for choice with MyLab Package. There are 18 different tests, which include both packages and individual tests, to choose from.

Although it’s nice to have so many different kits available, it can be very overwhelming to find the right one if you do not have a particular problem or have not tested before. To help you determine, here’s the lowdown of the various tests.

Safe Box

Secure Box checking of the MyLab Box for five common STDs. They are Chlamydia, Type I and II HIV, Trichomoniasis, and Gonorrhea. If you just want to test for the highest risk factors, it’s one of the cheapest packages available and a good choice.

Uber Box 

The Uber Box is the most common mid-range-priced package from MyLab Box. For Herpes Simplex Type II, HIV Type I and II, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis, this is an eight-panel STD examination. Both a female and a male test, which have different sample methods, are available.

PrEP Box 

The PrEP Box screens for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) which, when taking PrEP medication, helps prevent HIV infection. HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Chlamydia (rectal and genital), Gonorrhea (rectal, oral and genital), Creatine, and pregnancy tests are conducted. To help you keep track of your sexual wellbeing, it’s delivered to your door every three months. It’s the only kit with an option for subscription-style.


The V-Box is for women exclusively. It tests for STDs, including vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginal infections, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis, which can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge.

Love Box Couples’ Kit 

Now that’s something that I haven’t seen before. An eight-panel test built for couples is the Love Box-Couples’ Set. It contains two Uber boxes of your choosing, with cost savings of 10 per cent. The same STDs as the Uber Box are tested for it. If you want to motivate the other half to screen themselves, you can even purchase a Gift Card for Affiliates.

Boomer Box 

The Boomer Box scans senior adults with the most high-risk STDs. These are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Form I and II HIV, and Hepatitis C. It doesn’t mention what age group this is for, but it’s a safe idea if you consider yourself an older adult and don’t want to spend your cash on other inappropriate kits.


MyLab Box has two kinds of kits for HPV. Cervical Cancer Screening using HPV is the first, and an HPV Woman 30 + test is the other. Which one you choose depends on whether you want to know whether you have HPV or whether you want to assess the risk of cervical cancer.

Gonorrhea + Chlamydia

This is the only package test with two panels that MyLab Box provides. It also has a 3-Site examination for Chlamydia+ Gonorrhea that detects infections in the mouth and genital regions.

Individual Test

For those with just one question, MyLab Box provides a range of individual tests. Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Trich, Genital Herpes, and HIV are all included. Gardnerella and Ureaplasma ar, however,

Choose Your Test With Mylab Box

Fertility testing

MyLAB Box provides three measures specifically linked to the fertility of males and females:

Testosterone test

It’s interesting that this exam is for men only. In fact, both men and women have testosterone, and for both men and women, testosterone plays a role in fertility. A lot less of it is expected by women.

The testosterone test for myLAB Box is exclusively for men, however, and is intended for men who are worried that their level of testosterone might be too low. Low testosterone can begin as early as puberty, but as men age, it can also naturally set in. The disorder may cause symptoms that are pronounced, such as ED and infertility or sexual disinterest.

It may also cause more subtle symptoms, such as a general lack of drive or a lack of interest in meeting the challenges of life. As men age, even lifestyle variables such as lack of exercise, poor diet and weight gain will worsen the drop in testosterone.

When a testosterone test shows a low level of testosterone, there are appropriate treatment options. The next move will be to meet with your primary care provider.

Test on Male Fertility

The male fertility test for myLAB Box is a sperm count test. Sperm count is one of many factors that play into male fertility-sperm motility (whether the sperm can travel normally) and morphology (whether they are produced in an ideal size and shape) are the other two major factors that contribute to the overall picture.

You are more likely to solve other problems, such as irregular motility and/or morphology, if your sperm count is high. The sperm count FDA-cleared test gathers two different specimens and shows whether your count falls within the following ranges:

  • Optimal; Concentration of sperm above 55M / mL
  • Moderate; 55M / mL to 15M / mL sperm concentration
  • Low; concentration of sperm below 15M / mL

If you test with a low sperm count, you’ll want to work with your doctor to find out if your sperm has motility or morphological defects that could cause infertility by additional testing.

Test with ovarian reserve (AMH)

The key fertility test provided by myLAB Box for females is an anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) test. AMH is a hormone released by the ovarian follicles in women and contributes to the remaining egg count, called the reserve of the ovary.

Although knowing your AMH level is very important, there are many other hormones that play key roles in female fertility, and so this is not the most advanced female fertility at-home test.

Other general health tests

In addition to their test for heavy metals, myLAB Box also provides some valuable tests to resolve general health issues. They address the following questions in this portion of their research portfolio:

MyLAB Box also provides a new set of very handy ‘Rapid’ test kits. These tests send you results at home, sort of like an at-home pregnancy test, within minutes of collecting your sample. Rapid tests cost $57.50 each ($46 with the rebate) and are available for testing for:

MyLAB Box Rapid test

These latest rapid tests have two very buyer-friendly aspects:

Within minutes of conducting the exam, rapid tests will provide you with results.
Each examination requires a free telehealth consultation with a doctor who can, if appropriate, recommend a course of care.

You’ll have results in under 2 minutes while checking for anemia or UTI. The quick strep throat test demonstrates outcomes within 5 minutes. With the quick flu test, to find out whether you have the flu, 10 minutes is all you need.

If you are testing for anemia, flu, UTI or strep throat, they are of great benefit to you through the consultation and swift nature of the tests. Why is this consultation so precious? You will gain very useful knowledge, apart from the ability to get a prescription drug to resolve your health needs, and start a journey to address any needs you have.

For example, take anemia: anemia is a severe condition most commonly caused by iron deficiency. But, as with vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency has many potential underlying causes. There may be too little iron in your diet, or your body may not be able to absorb enough of it, or you may lose blood. The doctor’s appointment will help you grasp the possibilities and, if possible, get on the right road to greater health or safe drug therapy.

Sensitivity to gluten / Screen for celiac disease

A common problem is gluten allergy, about six times more common than celiac disease in America. There are quite a number of signs of gluten sensitivity, including probably anything from bloating and diarrhea to weakness, joint pain, and brain fog.

Usually, celiac disease renders these same symptoms more serious and may destroy your tiny intestine if unaddressed. If you encounter any of these symptoms regularly, whether mild or extreme, reaching a diagnosis should be a priority:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Confusion or lack of mental sharpness (“brain fog”)
  • Skin irritation, itching or rash
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Iron deficiency
  • Joint and/or muscle pain
  • Tingling or numbness in arms or legs

Gluten sensitivity has traditionally been difficult to diagnose, and the most reliable approach is still the very time-consuming and frustrating exclusion process (omitting foods in a pattern designed to determine what kinds of foods cause the symptoms).

In the event of an immune response to gluten, this gluten sensitivity and celiac disease test kit scans for some antibodies that our bodies release into our bloodstream. It’s not expected to produce a diagnosis. Positive testing is not a confirmation of either gluten sensitivity or celiac disease or diagnosis, but it will help you speed up the process of reducing the cause of your symptoms.

The test can tell you whether you are, as an acknowledgment of these limitations:

  • High chance for allergy to gluten
  • Strong risk of suffering from celiac disease
  • Increased / moderate risk for either disorder
  • Low risk for any illness

From there, you should discuss results with your healthcare provider in order to conduct additional diagnostic procedures as needed, moving toward a definitive diagnosis.

Diabetes test

This test kit for hemoglobin A1C (or HbA1C) tests the quantity of blood sugar attached to the hemoglobin. It provides your average 3-month HbA1C benefit, since the normal lifetime of your red blood cells is 3 months. A percentage that falls into one of the following three brackets will be the value:

  • Standard (below 5.7%)
  • Prediabetes(5.7-6.4 percent)
  • Type-2 (6.5 percent or greater) diabetes

With a simple finger-prick and collection of a tiny blood sample, you can administer this test very quickly.

Vitamin D deficiency test

The vitamin D test from myLAB Box is beneficial for individuals who want to ensure that their vitamin D level is high enough to maintain good bone and cell health. Did you know that a type of vitamin D is normally provided by our bodies? Currently , there are two sources of this vitamin that play a role in proper nutrition:

  • Vitamin D2 
  • Vitamin D3 

Both can be absorbed through food, and that’s really the only way to bring vitamin D2 into our bodies. In certain foods, such as eggs and mackerel, vitamin D3 is available, but our bodies also produce vitamin D3 as a reaction to exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D2 and D3 both become a substance in our bodies called 25 hydroxyvitamin D … and that’s the substance calculated by the myLAB box vitamin D test.

If the test results indicate low levels of 25 hydroxyvitamin D, further analysis would be needed because one of several things could be the cause:

In your life, you need a little more sunshine.
Enough vitamin D is missing in your diet.
Your body finds it difficult to absorb the vitamins in your diet.
Your body has difficulty making use of vitamins.

Talking about the test results to your healthcare professional will take you on the correct road to fix all of these underlying problems.

Antiviral face masks

MyLAB Box started selling antiviral face masks made of ionic silver, copper , and zinc at the price of $ 25 as a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In medical grade N95 masks, it is the same antiviral composition that is used. The mask has not been tested against COVID-19, but has been successfully tested against both 229E and H5N1 coronaviruses.

A filter pouch is also included in the mask, but does not include the filter insert you can slip into it.

This item is not intended to replace professional protective equipment, but in these rare times, it may be part of what you use in your regular errands to protect your health.

The antiviral strength of the mask will last for 100 washes, based on testing; the antimicrobial heft lasts for around 25 washes. The mask destroys coronavirus 229E in 2 hours and h5N1 (bird flu) in 10 minutes.

How MyLAB Box works?

The way myLAB Box works from start to finish is very straightforward.

  1. Get your test ordered. The test menu in myLAB Box is intuitive and descriptive, so you can select the most interesting test or tests for you.
  2. Your kit is delivered to your home in the mail. Your package will be mailed to you in discreet packaging after you order . Shipping in both directions is easy.
  3. Collect a research specimen for you. Detailed instructions are provided in myLAB Box test kits, and the procedure is always straight forward. Follow the simple instructions and you can be sure that the results of the examination would be as precise as a test you might do at the doctor’s office. These tests are not painful; only a vaginal swab, a urine sample or a finger-prick for a blood sample are used in all STD tests. Equally simple are other exams. Some of our testers are really squeamish about blood and needles, but the finger prick had no problem whatsoever.
  4. For analysis and results, mail your kit back to the laboratory. Shipping is fast and free. In just a couple of days, you will have your results.


  5. If you test positive for an STD or if you are taking a “rapid” test, consult a doctor about the next steps. This consultation is a free and very useful service in the case of STD testing for those whose test results suggest that they have a sexually transmitted infection. The licensed and trained doctor will direct you on the next best steps to get the care you need to handle the infection successfully. The free consultation of doctors is also an impressive added advantage for rapid tests.

Never be embarrassed again! At-Home STD testing is here! Order online, get lab-certified results in just a few days!

5 Standout MyLab Box Features

1. STD Kits Personalized

MyLab Box has a wide range of STD packages, including both bundles and tests for individuals. This means that if you’re just concerned about one STD form, you don’t need to pay for an expensive all-in-one pack.

However, the thing that really does make it stand out is the personalized assessments. There are kits for families, separate tests for males and females, as well as a package for older adults and screening for HPV or cervical cancer. It makes it easy to find one that really fits your requirements, and even your partner’s needs.

2. Free Support For Follow-Up

MyLab Box provides free follow-up care within 24-72 hours with a certified physician if you get a positive result. They can speak to you about your outcomes, give advice about what to do next, and in some situations, they will also recommend medication for you and immediately deliver it to your nearest pharmacy. You are also entitled to a free phone call from an STD counselor if you need it.

3. Anonymous and Discreet

The packaging of the MyLab Package is completely discreet. Your package comes in plain packaging, with no address, company name, or logo for return. For absolute secrecy, the returns label also specifies the ‘Fulfilment Hub’.

Only you on the online dashboard have access to your data. And because your kit comes with a registration ID, that’s all that is used to identify your kit when it enters the lab. Not your name , address, or anything else for that matter.

4. Certified Results

Your research is 100% approved, which ensures that your findings are genuinely correct. Tests are all FDA-approved or accredited by an official of the laboratory. It also ensures that, if required to get medication, you can print the results and take them to your doctor.

5. Take More AT-Home Research

MyLab Box is well known for its collection of STD kits that are available at home. But it also includes several other health and wellbeing packages, such as gluten allergy, vitamin D deficiency, heavy metals, anemia, drug screening, and more.There are also a choice of fertility tests for both women and men.

Most popular test

Certified, Private, But Not The Quickest…

All MyLab Box tests are approved by the FDA, so you get the very same degree of accuracy as you would if your doctor took the test.

When your results are ready, you get an email to alert you, which brings you to your online dashboard. You just have access to this dashboard and make sure your results are safe with HIPAA web security protocols.

If you could trace your findings to the lab, that would be even better, because you know where your test is and you’re not left wondering if it even happened.

Usually, findings take 2-5 days from the time your test arrives at the lab. That’s not the fastest, particularly when your results can be turned around in 24 hours by rivals like Yet, you won’t wait too long, either.

When you don’t know what the words mean, the actual findings themselves can be confusing. “Non-reactive” (negative) or “reactive” (positive) are stated to be STDs.

You can download a PDF version of your findings and, if necessary, take them to your doctor for a prescription. As part of its follow-up help, MyLab Box provides a prescription service, but this is not guaranteed; it depends on what you’ve checked for and what medication you need.

For 60 days before expiring, your findings are only available on your account, so make sure you save them if you need to.

As part of the support program, if you test positive for something, you get a free phone call from a certified doctor. Unlike LetsGetChecked, where you are called by a nurse, you need to send a request to the help email with MyLab Box, and it can take a few days to get an answer before the doctor calls you.


The bottom-line

MyLAB Box is very impressive and awards the company the highest scores for its STD tests, as well as some of its other tests, such as the test kit for heavy metals and recent rapid-result tests. Our biggest criticism is that there are a few tests for STDs that are not currently available, so there is room for development. You can rest assured that the company’s tests are reliable, private and of great value, whether it is an STD test or one of the many other test kits that myLAB Box provides. From the comfort of your house, you can conveniently administer the tests. In selecting any of the tests from myLAB Package, we don’t think you can go wrong-highly recommended.


Where is the MyLab Box shipped to?

MyLab Box currently ships only to the US. A better choice could be LetsGetChecked if you’re outside the US and after an at-home STD exam.

Does it accept health insurance from MyLab Box?

Oh, no. MyLab Box accepts different payment types, including HSA and FSA cards, but health insurance will not be used. The side plus? This ensures that the conclusions are not communicated with your insurance agent, so it allows you to remain anonymous.

Is MyLab Box FDA-approved?

Yeah. Yes. All MyLab Box kits are approved by either the FDA or an affiliate of the MyLab Box lab. This implies that any examination gives you the same degree of precision as you can get in the doctor’s office.
How consistent are the MyLab Box findings?

To ensure the test results are as correct as those used by physicians, MyLab Box operates from accredited CAP and CLIA laboratories. In reality, 99 percent accuracy of results is ensured by MyLab Box.

How accurate are MyLab Box results?

To ensure the test results are as correct as those used by physicians, MyLab Box operates from accredited CAP and CLIA laboratories. In reality, 99 percent accuracy of results is ensured by MyLab Box.

With MyLab Box, will I get a false positive?

A false positive result, even with 99 percent precision, is not impossible. It’s doubtful, but if it happens, contact your doctor to discuss therapy and maybe take another examination.

Similarly, you can get false negatives as well. These are more prevalent, especially if you take an STD test outside the time of testing. In a few days, most STDs turn up, but some can take weeks before they’re picked up for a test.

How can I get a MyLab Box refund?

Only if you cancel your order before it’s delivered will you get a refund from MyLab Package. You can obtain refunds for other purposes at MyLab Box ‘s discretion, although you are still charged the cost of shipping. Any open kits can’t be returned.

How long does it take a doctor to send you a call from MyLab Box?

A MyLab Box physician needs 24-72 hours to contact you to discuss your positive results. Know, only if you test positive can you get this service, but it’s free.

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