Moisten the intestines tablets and pure wholesome advantages

Run Chang Wan ( Moisten the intestines tablets)

Tablets to moisten the intestines

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Fundamental Indications: constipation ,
constipation postpartum power constipation seniors.

Chinese well being philosophy:this preparation
is used to deal with constipation because of Empty Yang and Blood.

Related signs: pores and skin and complexion
boring , dry and pale tongue .


As this formulation is in numerous types and at
numerous dosages , you will need to observe the producer’s suggestions.


This kind is its effectiveness within the
mixture of two crops wealthy in oil ( semen and semen persicae hashish )
with crops that tone and flow into power and blood . The sort of
constipation is in comparison with a ship that doesn’t advance by lack of water. As
the motion is light and non-irritating to the intestines , it might take some
time to get the utmost impact .

Historical past

This formulation is cited in Shen Shi Zun Sheng
quantity Shu ( Grasp Shen ‘s e book for a venerable life ) written by the well-known
doctor Shen Jin- Ao in 1773.

You possibly can click here to see a
moisten the intestines tablets instance.


Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Huo Ma Ren

Semen sativae hashish (hemp seeds)

Emollient and laxative, moistens the Intestines

Tao Ren

Semen pruni persicae (almond fishing)

By lubricating laxative bowel, breeze Blood stasis

Dang Gui

Radix Angelicae sinensis (angelica root)

Nourishes Blood, invigorates the liver

Sheng Di Huang

Rehmanniae glutinosae Radix (root of Chinese digital)

Cools the blood, nourishes Yin and Blood

Zhi Ke

Citri aurantii fructus (fruit of the bitter orange)

Mobilizes power, reduces stagnation

merchandise of the next corporations meet good manufacturing practices of the
Australian Therapeutic Items Administration, that are regarded at this time because the
highest requirements on this planet for assessing manufacturing processes of merchandise
Chinese pharmacopoeia.

Kernel Tablets – Run Chang Wan. Model: Minshan manufactured by Lanzhou Foci Herb
Manufacturing facility, Lanzhou, China.

Chang Wan. Model: Tanglong manufactured by Gansu Medicines & Well being
Merchandise Import and Export Company, Lanzhou,

Though it doesn’t meet the manufacturing requirements of the Australian Therapeutic Items Administration, the next product has been analyzes demonstrating that comprises no pesticides, contaminants or artificial medicine.

Fructus Persica Tablets. Manufactured by Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility, Lanzhou, China.

Accessible in Chinese natural shops, many shops pure well being merchandise in addition to distributors in acupuncture gear and conventional Chinese medication.

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