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Mini Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween

3 years old

Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween is a spin-off short film from the Super Monsters series released in 2019. ‘Halloween and Dia de Muertos. We don’t really explain why children turn into monsters, it’s better to know the series (there are a lot of characters). Two things are happening at the same time.



Halloween. A revaluation of this traditional festival which allows children to obtain sweets in the round of neighbors (we are talking about disguises, decorations). You can be scared and have fun at the same time. Day of the Dead. Vida is Hispanic and knows Dia de Muertos, it allows to mix these two celebrations related to death (we are told that it is a celebration to remember people who are no longer with us) (offering table). Organization. To prepare a party well, it takes organization and work. It’s nice to have lots of guests at a party.


We are shown different monsters (the originals are the parents of the little heroes). Their children transform at night (Dracula, Frankenstein, Witch, Werewolf and as a bonus a Cleopatra, a kind of dragon, a zombie who has nothing to do with a zombie…). Supernatural. A fantasy world, with magic.


Halloween is a party that can be scary, Vida is seen being scared. A song around this theme.


We see that Vida is not really comfortable going around the neighbors. It is not easy to understand what is quite different. Integration. A little girl will discover a party for the first time, she is introduced by her friends who are happy to make her understand and experience it.


Working together to help each other achieve the goal. Work. Importance of doing what we are asked to do.

Super Mini Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween


Fun to dress up. If we see a few children with costumes, those we see here are real little monsters.


The different children try to show their potential, but they are not really in control of their abilities (fortunately a mother or friends are there to fix what they are doing wrong. strength of the weak. Children have powers.


If the children go around the neighbors, we see that they are accompanied by a mother, and she can help them when they make mistakes. Importance of daring to ask for help if you can’t do something.


Importance of doing things well (you have to say thank you when you receive candy).


We tame what frightens, death, more in Dia de Muertos than in Halloween. Grief. We are sung a song about people who are no longer with us. Offering table where we are shown how to remember others. Sadness. It can make you sad to remember the one who has passed away.

Sugar factory

All Halloween candies are good. We value the sugar.


There are two songs in this short film.


Children who care about each other. Share. When the children finish their round of candy, they share them.

Super Mini Monsters: Vida's First Halloween

Super Mini Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween



Franky wants to juggle and risks sending the pumpkins anywhere, luckily a mom is there to pick them up. The preparations for the party are not progressing, a mother is worried and motivates everyone to get active. Vida is afraid of a Halloween costume, and at the same time her friend is sad to remember the missing people (we are presented with two parties that are not necessarily easy to live with). We understand that those who had to organize the Dia de Muertos party did not really ensure, they had to ask for help and did not do it. A balloon flies away, the little ones must coordinate to recover it.


Easy access.

If you want to introduce kids to monsters, this is the anime for them. The characters are all nice. This is a special episode, a little longer than usual, normally it’s a series. There is here as a bonus the discovery of Dia de Muertos which allows to highlight the deceased. A series thought for the youngest, even if the characters deserved to be more introduced, and that they are not especially part of the knowledge of a child of three or four years (it is perhaps a little complex s they don’t know the series and discover the characters with this short film) (but they will appreciate).

In 2018, the special Halloween episode was: Super Monsters Save Halloween.


Not recommended for children under:3 yearsFormat:Short filmYear:2019Duration:24 minutesStudio:netflixCountry:Canada, United StatesCreators:Avi Arad, Jacob Joice, Steve BallUniverse:Educational, FantasticTechnical:Synthesized imagesThemes:Autonomy, Cooperation, Disguise, Mourning, Party, Halloween, Monster, Death, Fear, Witch, Candy, Timidity, Work

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