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Miffy and her friends

2 years old

Miffy and her friends is a s2003 series. The cartoon works like a book, the transitions could have been complicated to grasp, but it is the narrator who mainly makes the link, and finally there are not really stories, but more a succession sequences (which is more suitable for a small).



Scenes from everyday life. Going for walks, playing with friends, eating, being with parents.


Didactic, we try to make children discover things (bigger or smaller, circus world, making music, counting, Christmas, danger of fire, find where a sound comes from).


We are shown cute little animals (often anthropomorphic).

everything is nice

Round and friendly.


There are not any.


Simple for toddlers, a description of what is seen.

There are different series with Miffy, the first really takes the look of Dick Bruna’s books (it’s the images of his books that move). The second, presented here is made in stop-motion, with characters who do not speak. This cartoon presents the stories like a book, without much movement with a voiceover explaining what is shown. It’s very quiet, the little ones will be happy to distinguish animals. There are several episodes, for all tastes. Politically correct, the baby bunny is introduced by an angel (don’t count on Miffy to show off the momma’s baby bump).

The Adventures of Miffy, the series released in 2015, takes on the appearance of these same characters, but they start talking and the stories are a little more complex. There is also a movie.

Even if this anime can be seen by younger people, many organizations warn parents, advising against television for children under three years old.

Not recommended for children under:2 yearsFormat:SeriesYear:2003Duration:5 minutes per episodeStudio:Noggin OriginalsCountry:NetherlandsUniverse:PedagogicTechnical:stop motionThemes:Animals, Anthropomorphic animals, Learning, Discoveries, Game, Cute

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