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The Organic Connection between Menopause and Metabolic health

The Organic Connection between Menopause  and Metabolic health

In order to raise awareness of Menopause Consciousness Month, we teamed up with Elektra Health—a company that helps females navigate the hormonal transition of menopause with coaching, team support, and care—to talk about the connection between perimenopause (before menopause), menopause and metabolic health.

You can continue reading to learn more about women’s metabolic health and how it changes as they age.

We polled our group to see if they experienced weight gain as a symptom of perimenopause or menopause. Seventy-four percent of people said that they had, which signalled that we needed to start doing in-depth interviews with our members on the topic. To start the event, we polled attendees and learned that many of them experienced the struggle of menopause.

The Organic Connection between Menopause  and Metabolic health

menopause and metabolic health

What were the things that people didn’t feel ready for during their perimenopause and menopause?

73% talk about their menopausal symptom with household and buddies.

67% are planning to hunt a type of therapy to reduce menopause signs.

Speaker, Dr. Kristin Baier and Elizabeth Poynor, MD, PhD led a thought-opening discussion about metabolic health and weight gain during menopause. Listeners submitted questions on Instagram and in person, which were answered thoroughly by these doctors.

Why does weight achieve occur throughout perimenopause and menopause?

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being

Changes in the hormone estrogen throughout perimenopause and menopause cause the body to become insulin resistant, to store more fat, and increase muscle mass. Girls are also experiencing many life stressors that cause an increase of cortisol levels in their bodies. These changes will decrease sleep, lower testosterone levels and make us feel hungry for carbs and sugar.

The options for perimenopause or menopause

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being

Training is needed for women to be more proactive with their personal care, rather than reactive.

What causes weight gain in menopause?

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate

According to recent studies, women’s weight often changes as menopause approaches. Rumors of weight gain after menopause are actually due to the redistribution of fat from thighs and hips to the stomach (visceral fat). This type of preferential storage can lead to cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses post-menopause.

What makes visceral fats dangerous?

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An excessive quantity of visceral fat can lead to heart disease and make it tougher for cells to reply to insulin. If we develop a tolerance for insulin, then it’s going to be tough on our body since insulin helps glucose enter cells so they can change it into power.

Estrogen and insulin work together to regulate blood sugar. Estrogen helps us maintain our sensitivity to insulin. As estrogen levels start to decline, we begin to lose some of our sensitivity to the hormone. The pancreas responds by producing more insulin. With increased levels of insulin in the system due to a decrease in estrogen (or a diet high in processed carbs or sugar), the body stores visceral fat.

What are some meals that may be good for menopause?

Dr. Baier answers questions on the lifespan of eyeballs

This content is about hormonal responses and connecting the way food is processed with having the right body. The American food plan has 300 grams of carbs per day, almost all of which are processed and sugars. This can cause a spike in glucose and insulin levels, causing obesity on the stomach area. To avoid that spike in glucose levels, they should include quality fat, protein, fiber, and slow release carbohydrates. Some recipes you might want to check out are those from Calibrate.

What is actually happening during menopause which causes disturbed sleep?

When menopause sets in, estrogen levels decrease. When women sleep, they have the opportunity to get deep sleep. In deep sleep, hormones can work on setting themselves back to normal. When menopause sets in, that cannot happen. Not getting enough high quality sleep may lead to hormone imbalances like ghrelin and cortisol which can cause adverse effects on weight management.

My strategies to lose weight didn’t work.Why?

Dr. Baier answers the question, “Should I calibrate?”

Diabetes occurs when the insulin is less effective, and there comes a point at which we cannot manage diabetes.

As we get older, our metabolic system changes and fluctuating levels of estrogen makes it difficult to process vitamins the same way. After the age of 30, we also begin to lose muscle mass. Muscle is a metabolically energetic tissue that helps with the management of glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Our metabolic rate is decreasing too, so training, particularly resistance exercise, becomes especially important to maintain muscle mass.

We experience hormonal changes throughout our lives, which may lead to increased weight. Calibrate’s One-Year Reset can help with this and get your hormones back in check so that you don’t have to deal with gaining the weight back once more.

What dietary or lifestyle changes could someone in menopause make to lessen the severity of hot flashes?

Drugs for insomnia

In order to reduce the severity of autistic behaviors, you can take charge and make choices that will impact your day-to-day life. Elektra Health provides group and fitness train sessions to help them find strategies to counter their symptoms.

The diseases Dr. Baier cures with Calibrate

In girls’s well being, HRT should be studied more, specifically for weight loss. For more information on this subject, you must go see your gynecologist.

Dr. Poynor Answers Your Questions About Ailments

There are many women who experience the symptoms that HRT can help. With Elektra, Calibrate will help connect you to a board-certified clinician who can help with your specific needs and concerns.

Answers from Dr. Poynor, the founder of Elektra Well being

Weight gain can happen as a result of menopause induced by most cancers therapies. Tamoxifen, a hormone modulator which may either perform or stop breast most cancers, is given to younger women who haven’t gone through menopause but. On the other hand, AIs are given to post-menopausal girls, and to people with chemically induced menopause with Leuprorelin. Weight gain has been connected with Tamoxifen use however not with AI use.

menopause and metabolic health

menopause and metabolic health

The webinar on weight problems was hosted by two experts, Kristin Baier and Elizabeth Poynor. Kristin is a doctor specialized in family medication who is also double board-certified in weight problems treatment. Elizabeth is a gynecologic oncologist who dealt with the transition through menopause, sexual well being and cancer. The doctors focused on life-style training and medical treatments for weight reduction and other health concerns.

You may get a free, evidence-based guide to menopause at Elektra Health. With your Calibrate account, you can also join Meno-morphosis for first-of-its-kind support with life-style changes, and receive help from top specialists on any subject relating to menopause.

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