Measuring stress with smart health objects

Connected health is one of the fastest growing sectors in the field of connected objects. We all want to take care of ourselves, whether it is to do more sports or to monitor a health problem in real time, almost everything is almost possible today. The urge to measure stress is no exception to this universal need.  In the world of work, on the other hand, we have figures up to 4 out of 10 employees would be affected. If part of the problem and solution lies with the companies themselves, what can employees do to manage their stress? Several connected  smart health objects can help measure stress. 

Why measure stress?

Why is it important to measure stress? It has become an almost banal term, for some people, stress is part of everyday life, something that has been accepted and against which nothing could be done. If we manage it, it’s a good thing. According to Dr. Hans Selye who studied its effects in depth in the 1970s, maintained at an optimal level, stress gives us energy and the ability to react to everyday and extraordinary events. Clearly, stress is essential for our survival but can also be dangerous.

But knowing your limits and abilities is the complicated part. This is the point of measuring stress with connected objects. Too much stress can harm your immune system and cause problems like skin infections, insomnia, or amenorrhea. More serious, it can also increase the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes or cancer. To help you measure stress, check out our selections of connected objects below.

Melomind, the anti-stress helmet

This headphone is totally based on the advances of what is called “neuroscience”. The idea is simple, you take out your Melomind helmet at a time of intense stress and enjoy the relaxation. The smartphone application related to the headset is then responsible for analyzing your brain activity and provide the sounds necessary for your relaxation.

Muse, the connected headband

Here, it is not an object that you can wear throughout the day to measure stress. The idea is to help you meditate and relax. Thanks to its sensors, this connected headset is able to detect your brain activity and adapt the sounds you receive accordingly. You will have the right to the storm if you are under stress and agitated. On the contrary, if you are calm and relaxed, the sound of the sea will accompany you.

Count € 249 to buy it from Amazon.

Lief, the patch that fights stress

Lief is distinguished from other objects of our selection by its more medical aspect. This is a patch that can be worn by those trying to quit smoking. Funded with Kickstarter, it measures breathing and heart rate. Attached to the chest, next to your heart, it alerts you with vibrations when your stress level is too high. Its creators add a psychological dimension because it is possible to note his mood or his thoughts in the application dedicated. The idea is then to correlate them with the variations of your stress. Finally, the app also offers breathing exercises to regulate and measure stress.

Count 180 dollars to fix it on your chest.

smart health control measure stressSpire measures stress with your breath

Spire is the little tracer that you put on your pants for men or on the bra for women. No buttons, no element that will bother you. Its design is interrupted only by a small LED that tells you that the device is running. With 7 days of battery life, it only takes two hours to fully charge. Throughout the day, it measures the number of steps you take and your cardiac activity. The idea is to be able to understand when you are too tense or too long inactive. The application allows you to have a summary, to set goals but also to unlock tutorials to improve the way you live. Be careful though, this one is only available on iOS.

Count 119.95 € to buy it now on the Apple Store.

The WellBe, the anti-stress therapeutic bracelet

The WellBe is one of the connected objects to measure the stress that has hit the market by making the most noise. It was born through a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $ 150,000. This small discreet and elegant bracelet measures your cardiac activity. Its algorithm based on the places, times and people you meet also allows you to analyze the reasons for your stress. Understanding what triggers stress is undoubtedly the best way to work to reduce it.

Only small problem, its price. Count 149 € to buy it on the official website of the company.

If you want to discover the latest news in terms of well-being and smart health connected objects, go to our section dedicated to connected health.


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