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The Best Massage Seat Cushion 2023 in Canada – Comparison, Guide and Reviews

The Best Massage Seat Cushion 2020 in Canada – Comparison, Guide and Reviews

Are you stressed, tired … do you feel like you are spending your days breathless? Better not get caught up in negativity, and take a break. Take the time to rest and indulge yourself. For this you can, for example, treat yourself to a massage seat cushion.

These devices have two virtues: they are relaxing, and can help you face physical efforts more calmly. Wherever you are, at home, in the office or in the car, there is a suitable model. In fact, there is such a profusion of references that it becomes difficult to even decide.

To avoid long and tedious research on the web, we analyzed then compared 36 massage seats sold in Canada for nearly 90 hours, and took into account the opinions of 906 consumers.

Top 5 Best massage seat cushion

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The relaxed model that adapts to all situations-Snailax SL-256

Our 1st choice for a massage seat cushion

You’ve decided, are you going to relax and take some time for yourself? So that your rest and massage sessions do not become nightmarish, it is advisable to opt for a massage chair that is versatile, but also, and above all, easy to use. The excellent value for money Snailax SL-256 combines these two qualities.

What we think of the Snailax SL-256

The remote control of the Snailax SL-256 is very well made: all the functions are clearly displayed. Just press the right button. It is a shiatsu seat that offers you a number of options.

First you can choose to activate the heat: it is particularly comfortable for the thighs and hips. Then the vibrations are also available. There are three levels, which makes it possible to adapt to different sensitivities and temperaments. Three timer options, up to 15 minutes, are available.

There are also three massage zones: full back, lower back or upper back. Note that for the latter, some users find the pressure exerted a little strong.

If this is your case, there may be solutions.

For example, you can try using the supplied attenuator flap.

If there is a specific point on the back that you want to massage, a button allows you to fix the location of the 4 balls. This can then be adjusted as you go.

The Snailax SL-256 is easily installed on a sofa, armchair or in your car seat, for optimal comfort wherever you go.

Finally, the build quality is frankly satisfactory. With mesh fabric on both the seat and the back, you really feel at ease. As for the leather for the edges, it provides reassuring solidity.

Snailax SL-256 specifications summary
  • The most intuitive relaxation sessions.
  • Remote control precisely displaying the various functions.
  • Vibrating seat, adjustable on 3 intensities: low, medium and high.
  • Intensity attenuator flap to adapt to the sensitivity of your back.
  • Mesh fabric design for comfort, leather for strength.
  • Fits recliners, sofas, car seats, etc.
  • Shiatsu / Heat / Pressure point / 4 balls.
  • Massage areas: upper or lower back, full back.
  • Timer: 5-10-15 minutes.
  • Seat: 40.6 * 35.5cm / 16 * 14in. Backrest: 66 cm / 26 in.
  • Guarantee: 2 years (to be activated with Snailax).

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Our review” description=”With the Snailax SL-256, you take some time for yourself, without any stress. It is rather versatile, but above all it is extremely easy to understand and use: you do not ask yourself questions, and quickly find the best settings. The only downside: some users find it too oppressive on the upper back. ” criterias=”Quality:9;Efficiency: 8.5;Design: 8.6;Price: 8.7;” pros=”Extra easy to use;Loaded with features;A very good manufacturing quality;” cons=”Rather intense upper back massage;” ]

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The luxury shiatsu massager-Triducna Back Neck Massager

The best high-end massage seat cushion

Are you new to concessions, and looking for a top-of-the-range massage chair that is hardly faulty? In that case, to enjoy luxurious relaxation sessions and soften your back, neck and shoulders, you have the option of turning to the Triducna Back Neck Massager.

What we think of Triducna Back Neck Massager

The backrest angle is adjustable, making this model suitable for people between 1.50m and 1.90m, or 59 ”to 75”. Net fabric is also provided to significantly improve your comfort.

It’s a sturdy massage seat that you will keep for a long time. Made of imitation leather polyurethane, it is very resistant to the risk of tearing. In fact, Triducna seems to have confidence in their product, as the brand offers a 30-day refund policy as well as a 24-month warranty.

You have a car adapter, can adjust the vertical position of the back massager balls, and activate heat or vibrations, for which there are 3 intensities.

All of this is done with the easy-to-use remote control.

Summary of the characteristics of the Shiatsu Back Neck Massager
  • The best secure.
  • Overheating protection and automatic shutdown after 15 minutes.
  • Adjustable angle suitable for people from 1.50m to 1.90m / 59 to 75 in.
  • Removable neck massager cover for easy cleaning.
  • Imitation leather (anti-tear) and mesh fabric.
  • Suitable in a car and at home.
  • Shiatsu / Heat / Vertical adjustment / 8 + 4 balls.
  • Massage areas: upper and lower back, full back + lower and upper neck.
  • Seat: 39 * 42cm / 15.4 * 15.5 in. Backrest: 79 * 34cm / 31.1 * 13.4in.
  • Refund policy: 30 days. Guarantee: 24 months.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Our review” description=”As long as you have the right budget, there’s no real hesitation to have: the Triducna Back Neck Massager is the best performing massage chair on our list. It is at the same time versatile, solid, and reassuring thanks to its security functions. It can be used by several people thanks to the adjustable backrest angle.” criterias=”Quality: 9;Efficiency: 8.7;Design: 8.2;Price: 8.5;;” pros=”Safe: all stress eliminated;Adjustable;Irreproachable robustness;” cons=” A bit high purchase price;” ]

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The unadorned rest – ObusForme SM-SMC-05A

The best low budget massage seat cushion

Do you just need a little back pain relief after your long days at work? In this case, you probably don’t want to invest a large amount of money unnecessarily in a device with features that you will never use. There is an accessible and versatile option that may interest you: the ObusForme SM-SMC-05A.

What we think of the ObusForme SM-SMC-05A

When you buy an inexpensive product, you can fear that it lacks strength. No need to worry about this: the lifespan is quite fair as long as you follow the instructions for use.

However, the functionalities are limited. ObusForme has chosen to focus on the essentials, which for some users may turn out to be an advantage.

In fact, you are unlikely to choose the wrong option: everything is directly accessible from the three buttons on the remote control. There is one for lighting, one for activating the heat, which gives a pleasant cocoon effect, and finally, a last one to choose the position of the 4 massage heads.

There are then three possibilities available to you: you can focus on the upper or lower back, but also opt for a full massage, in which the massage heads will move up and down.

The whole is quite effective, and many buyers report a real reduction in their pain or fatigue. They may be helped in this by the mesh fabric part of the backrest, which helps to enhance the feeling of relaxation.

A very good point to emphasize about this model: like its more expensive competitors, it is designed to adapt easily to different types of seat. You can therefore enjoy it on your sofa, watching your favorite series, as well as on your office chair at work.

Summary of characteristics of ObusForme SM-SMC-05A
  • Efficiency and versatility at a low price.
  • Rotating heads effectively combating back pain.
  • Can be used with most chairs, seats and armchairs.
  • Intuitive: 3 buttons allow access to all the options offered.
  • Mesh fabric for more back comfort.
  • Shiatsu / Heat / 4 knots.
  • Massage areas: upper or lower back, full back.
  • Seat: 43.2 * 35.5 cm / 17 * 14 in. Backrest: 63.5 cm / 25 in.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Our review” description=”The ObusForme SM-SMC-05A has a credo: that of simplicity. This is what keeps it inexpensive while still providing good build quality. Less configurable and rich in features than its competitors, it nevertheless offers a pleasant back massage, and is ideal for occasional and rapid use.” criterias=”Quality: 8;Efficiency: 8.6;Design: 8.5;Price: 9;” pros=”Really affordable price and good massage;Versatility;Very easy to understand controls;” cons=”Limited feature richness;” ]

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The assumed alliance between simplicity and solidity -Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager

Do you want a simple massage chair, but you want it to last as long as possible, even if it means spending a slightly larger budget? There is a model that we believe can meet your expectations. The Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager is as solid as it is intuitive and warm.

What we think of the Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager

Naipo uses quality materials for this product: polyurethane, known for its ability to resist tears, guarantees a long service life. The fishnet fabric, meanwhile, allows optimal heat circulation. Soft and well ventilated, it also helps you relax and put you in the right frame of mind for a massage.

In fact, this chair does a great job of enveloping you in your cocoon of relaxation. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the massage heads to heat up to around 40 ° C, or 104 ° F: you forget your worries and feel like bundled up.

Note that the proposed massage is quite intense, if you are very sensitive, it may be appropriate to place a towel between your back and the device. You can treat the lower back, upper back, or entire back.

For this product, you benefit from after-sales service for 24 months. If you notice a problem upon receipt, a 30 day refund policy is also provided.

The Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager can be plugged into a car, the adapter is also included. It can also be left on an armchair or a sofa: you can relax with a TV set watching your favorite movie.

The seat is vibrant: 3 intensities are available. The remote control is particularly well made, since the options you have selected are clearly displayed thanks to indicator lights. A timer is integrated: you can opt for sessions of 5, 10 or 15 minutes according to your desires and your time.

You can find slightly cheaper devices with the same features, but they will generally be less durable.

Summary of the characteristics of the Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager
  • The warmest massages.
  • Heated massage heads, up to approximately 40 ° C / 104 ° F.
  • Fits the car, adapter included in the box.
  • Possibility to choose between 3 levels of vibration.
  • Remote control with LEDs, to better read your settings.
  • Made of polyurethane and fabric.
  • Shiatsu / Heat / 4 balls.
  • Massage areas: upper or lower back, full back.
  • Timer: up to 15 minutes.
  • Seat: 39.5 * 35.5cm / 15.5 * 14in. Backrest: 65 cm / 25.5 in.
  • Return policy: 30 days. After-sales service: 24 months.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Our review” description=”The Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager is not the most feature-rich model in its price range, but it is one that offers the longest life. Its remote control with LEDs makes it easy to use, while the effectiveness of the massage offered and the heat produced by the knots allow relaxation at the top.” criterias=”Quality: 8.5;Efficiency: 8.6;Design: 8.;Price: 8.7;” pros=”Very good service life-price ratio;Strong “cocoon” feeling;Suitable both in the car and at home;” cons=”Tariff positioning;Quite intense massage;” ]

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The high-end proposition-Naipo Neck & Back Massager

Naipo is a well-known brand in the field of massage equipment. She has some experience, and her products are often cited among the best on the market. If you trust this manufacturer, know that it offers a top-of-the-range model that is effective for the neck and back: the Naipo Neck & Back Massager.

What we think of the Naipo Neck & Back Massager

There is one important thing to note here: The adjustable neck massager is only suitable for people between 1.60m and 1.80m tall, i.e. 63 and 70.9 in.

This limits the audience, which is the main reason this product comes in 5th on our list – indeed, it doesn’t have much to be ashamed of other than that.

Whether you need pain relief, relax your shoulder blades, or just need to relax, you should be happy. The device consists of two modules, the 4-ball neck massager and the 8-ball back massager. For the first, two positions (up and down) are available, for the second, three (up, down and full back).

The neck is massaged by kneading. For the back, the shiatsu technique is used.

You can easily choose settings using the remote control, and have the option, if you wish, to focus on a particular point. Thanks to a strap, the seat can be used in the car and elsewhere.

The vibrating seat helps your thighs and hips rest. To make your massage session even more enjoyable, all you have to do is activate the heating function. Note that a few buyers find the heat produced a little low for their liking.

The object adopts the classic design of high-end models: mesh fabric promotes heat circulation and your personal comfort, while polyurethane ensures strength. The cervical module cover is removable and washable so you can enjoy a clean and healthy device.

Last point to emphasize: the Naipo Neck & Back Massager is quite pretty! Its colors, cream and brown, are both original and modern, and you can leave it on the living room sofa without it shocking.

Summary of the characteristics of the Naipo Neck & Back Massager
  • The massage seat that sublimates your decoration.
  • Successful creamy brown aesthetic, which gives an original touch.
  • Very good build quality, mesh and polyurethane fabric.
  • Neck massage for people from 1m60 to 1m80 / 63 to 70.9 in.
  • Strap to adapt to a car seat and other chairs.
  • Vibrating seat to help relax your hips.
  • Shiatsu / Kneading (neck) / Heat / Pressure point / 8 + 4 balls.
  • Massage areas: upper or lower back, full back + upper and lower neck.

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Our review” description=”The Naipo Neck & Back Massager is an excellent massage seat: it is both very robust and quite beautiful. It massages your neck as well as your back, and is very effective in relaxing the shoulder blades and relieving stress. If you are interested, check that you are the correct size for the neck massager.” criterias=”Quality: 8.2;Efficiency: 8.6;Design: 8;Price: 8.7;” pros=”Pretty pretty massage seat;Complete, effective against pain;True robustness;” cons=”Recommended size limited;Slightly low heat;” ]

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Know before buying a massage seat

Do you want to relax immediately? Do not be in a hurry: it is better to make sure you choose a massage chair that suits your requirements. To do this, it helps to have a few questions. Let’s take stock together.

Why are you getting a massage seat?

There are two main reasons. Either you suffer from back pain or neck pain. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor, and it will often be advisable to opt for a high-end model with precise settings.

Or you are mainly looking to relax. Depending on the strength and frequency of massage desired, you can then orient yourself towards products of different price ranges.

In what context do you plan to use it?

Most seats are suitable for use at home, on an armchair, sofa or office chair, as well as in the automobile. For the latter case, use must be done by a passenger, or outside of driving periods.

What is your physiognomy?

Not all massage seats are suitable for the same profiles. Make sure that the dimensions of the backrest and seat correspond to your build.

Have you thought about the safety of use?

To avoid the risks, order only from reliable sites, preferably from brands that are well established in Canada or North America.

Our selection criteria for buying a massage seat

To select the best possible product, it is important to know how to read the technical data sheets. We therefore suggest that you give an overview of the key points for a massage chair, which you may be frequently confronted with.
The price

There are very luxurious models, but, as a general rule, prices vary between:

$ 80 to $ 90 for entry-level, solid but straightforward references.
$ 100 to $ 120 for intermediate options.
$ 150 to $ 190, or even more, for devices with neck massager.

The number of massage nodes

They are also called “balls” or “heads”.

On the majority of massage seats, there are 4 to 8 for back massage, and 4 in the neck massager (if present). The more of them, the more you will benefit from good efficiency and significant coverage.
The types of massage offered

Shiatsu is the most common. It is a pressure-oriented massage, a Japanese adaptation of acupuncture, known in particular for its soothing effects.

Kneading and rolling techniques are also available on some seats, and may be more immediately effective in treating pain.

Sometimes different methods can be combined.

Massage positions

There are at least three: lower back, to relieve your lower back, upper back, and finally full back: the balls then move over the entire backrest.

If a cervical module is present, two positions are added: top and bottom of the neck.

Some models offer position locking and vertical adjustment: this allows you to focus on a particular point, and will sometimes be essential if your goal is to reduce pain.

Additional features

You can enjoy a massage seat:

Warming: the heads produce heat, which helps make you more receptive to massage and intensifies the feeling of relaxation.
Vibrating: The seat produces vibrations, which is ideal for relaxing your hips and thighs, especially if you walk a lot or too little. There are usually three intensities available.
Secure via a timer: you choose the time of your sessions, and the device stops on its own. Often, 3 options are offered: 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The latter is the most recommended.


Almost all massage seats have a strap or tether system to attach to a variety of supports.

Most come with an automotive adapter.

Some are foldable.

The remote control

This is very frequently connected to the massage seat by a short wire, and a pocket is generally provided for storing it. It must be easy to understand and allow quick and intuitive access to all functions.

It is useful if it has indicator lights to make it easier to read the chosen parameters.

The dimensions

Here, you have to think for you.

Remember to check in particular whether the seat feels wide enough to make you feel comfortable.

The backrest should be the correct height for your sitting height. Some manufacturers offer adjustable angle backrests, and it’s not uncommon for neck massagers to be slightly adaptable as well.

Aesthetics and manufacturing quality

Choose a model that looks good to you, preferably solid.

Leather or imitation leather polyurethane are very common materials, beautiful and resistant to tears.

The mesh fabric is almost essential on the backrest, to facilitate the circulation of heat and offer you more comfort, although a flap can be provided to moderate the intensity of the massage.

Enjoy your massage seat! Do not hesitate to chat with other online shoppers: among other things, they can help you determine which models are best suited to your physiognomy.

We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the best massage chair possible.If we missed any information or new designs, please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message.

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