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The massage gun, to gently recover or reduce pain

A use within the reach of all, this is what these new devices massage gun offer intended for both great athletes and relaxation enthusiasts.

Here is a very intriguing object. You may have already seen it during an appointment with your physiotherapist or in the locker room of a gym: the massage gun. If many high-level athletes have been praising it since its huge success across the Atlantic, know that it can also provide many services to anyone who wants to relieve muscle pain. Because it is not only athletes who can have minor injuries.

In the office, a bad position and presto! Lower back and neck pain, if it’s not the mouse causing you tennis elbow. The Sunday athlete will not be immune to a muscle wrinkled or simply contracted by the effort. But we also attribute to this strange machine certain more offbeat virtues such as reducing stress or helping to sleep better. In short, a versatile instrument.

To look at it, it looks strangely like a drill which would have replaced the bits in favor of bits with different shapes and materials. The experiment will consist in choosing the right tool for the right area to be treated. In the event of an error, there is no danger, they can all ultimately do the trick. Then the mechanism is activated and the object, failing to pierce, begins to tremble.

The massage gun is a therapeutic tool that works by vibration or percussion. It will obviously not replace the work of the professional but will try to imitate it by tapping and pressing on the injured muscle area.

Through this mechanical movement, blood flow is caused to the muscle, which helps reduce inflammation and resolve muscle knots. Suffering is reduced and performance in terms of range of motion improved.

Be careful, this is not a magical device but its use is within everyone’s reach even if, in use, this gun requires a little control. Understand that hammering his body with this tool will require a certain concentration in a ticklish user when passing over certain parts of the body. Because its use starts from the soles of the feet to the back of the neck. It will also be necessary to control the pressure exerted, the speed and the power of the machine to work efficiently.

Athletes will use the massage gun before training to “wake up their muscles” and after exercise to reduce muscle contractures, trigger points or muscle knots that can cause pain and reduced performance.

For others, the goal of well-being may be a reason to sacrifice exercise. Some of these guns are calibrated for smooth tensions. So in the end, even without experience, the massage gun will be very pleasant to use and easy to relax.

Do not wait for scientific proof as to the therapeutic values ​​of these machines. Research is very poor in this area and no serious study has been published. However, we are sure of one thing: its contraindications. So if you are pregnant, have low back pain or back pain, have cardiovascular disease, have advanced diabetes, are on blood thinners, or have recently had surgery, go your way. But after all it is only common sense here.

That said, different brands are available on the market and each of them offers many options: adjustment of the speed and intensity of the massage, several types of tips and movements, silent motor… We have selected two. .

Therabody: the impactful massage

Give honour where honour is due. The American chiropractor Jason Wersland is said to have brought up to date a process invented 100 years earlier by a Swede, Dr. Zander. To do this, he took the basics of this vibration massage device and made it percussive, portable and usable by everyone. He took the opportunity to create his company, Theragun, a little over ten years ago.

This year the brand is renamed Therabody and tennis champion and entrepreneur Maria Sharapova, on the one hand, invested in the company and on the other hand, joined the team as a strategic advisor.

Its devices are considered the best massage guns on the market and Theragun intends to remain the leader in this market. For this, he has created a whole range of massage guns from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

These devices, which use percussion therapy, are more intended for high performance athletes. Indeed, the gun hammers (40 times per second) the surface of the body by sending deep impulses (reaching the muscle 60% deeper than by vibration according to the manufacturer) in the muscle tissues. This massage technique is particularly effective for training athletes looking to improve both strength and overall muscle capacity.

Where the American stands out is that it incorporates a smartphone application capable of completely managing the different types of massages. Thus, you just have to choose the massage you want from a list and the gun will adjust the speed and the adequate power while guiding you on the parts of the body to be massaged, even indicating the time to spend on each zone. In addition, the triangular handle greatly facilitates the grip and allows you to reach all areas of the body without twisting. Ergonomics and therefore very appreciable efficiency which justifies the high price of these models.

Price: from $199 to 599  depending on model.


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