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Kika and Bob

9 years old

Kika and Bob is a 2007 series. The heroes will have 26 episodes to save the little cat they lost in the first episode. The series can be offered interactive, if you have the ITV function (interactive television), the spectators can influence the choices of the characters and prevent their death. The end of each episode offers us a cliffhanger, the action is not over and leaves us on our hunger, a real one to follow.



Over the episodes, the two characters will have to learn to work together.


Even having a goal and putting a lot of energy, you have to do it several times to succeed (an entire season, 26 episodes).

help the other

Have a purpose in life. Need to get home to save the little cat who is starving, still stuck at the top of his steeple. Until the last episode, all attempts to return or contact the country will be in vain.

Nationality stereotypes

Discovery of many countries, but through the stereotypes that stick to their skin (in Japan there is Karaoke and Sumo. In Russia, there is a Trans-Siberian with sinister characters and fifth-class tickets where people sleep on top of each other, Senegal is a mixture of football and Voodoo.In New York, you have to be careful not to end up with a lawsuit on your back. Journey.

Laugh with scatology

Playing the national anthem while farting, receiving cow dung in the face, ending up in the sailor’s toilet.

Each episode may contain themes

There are a thousand ways to live your life and be happy, there is no reason to be afraid of the dark.


Trivialization of death

Depending on the choices of the viewers, we can be responsible for the death of the heroes (then we just have to take another possibility to resuscitate them).

Adult themes

Themes like voodoo, trials. It is not the most suitable for the little ones.


A series that allows itself to denigrate the other. A rather quirky humor not really suitable for the youngest.


Classic. With a voiceover that explains little things.

In the series, Kika, the young girl is rather presented as intelligent and the adult firefighter as not too smart (strength of the weak). A series that allows itself many references that only adults will understand (cruising is fun). A retro style and an offbeat humor that can appeal to the older ones. A fast pace, lots of noise that will hypnotize the little ones.

Not recommended for children under:6 yearsFormat:SeriesYear:2007Duration:13 minutes per episodeCountry:NetherlandsCreators:Paul De Blieck, Vincent BalUniverse:ComicalTechnical:CartoonThemes:Helping others, Cooperation, Crazy, Strength of the weak, Interactivity, Perseverance, Firefighter, Travel

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