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Just thrive – Probiotic and Antioxidant Healthy Lifestyle

Just thrive – Probiotic and Antioxidant Healthy Lifestyle

Just thrive probiotics– Just thriving on a healthy lifestyle, probiotic and antioxidant is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, for life. Prosperity starts here!

Studies have shown that the 100 trillion cells of bacteria in the digestive system have a profound effect on health and well being. They play an essential role in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients contained in food.


  • PROMOTE A THRIVING GUT MICROBIOME: Precision PREbiotic can help selectively nourish the good microorganisms in your gut, specifically the special keystone strains that promote optimal health.
  • SUPPORTS OPTIMAL NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: By improving gut balance, this helps your body extract and process nutrients from your food and supplements, including essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Ingredients matter! That’s why we make sure our formulas are natural, with absolutely no GMO, soy, sugar, salt, gluten or tree nuts. Precision PREbiotic is suitable for those on the Vegetarian, Paleo or Keto diet.
  • JUST ONE SCOOP A DAY: Get 30 servings of our Precision PREbiotic in every container. Our recommended gut maintenance dosage is just one 5-gram scoop daily.
  • OUR QUALITY PROMISE: Just Thrive is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. We believe that everyone – including your pet – deserves access to effective, top-quality supplements and the opportunity to not just feel good, but to thrive!

JustThrive is clearly superior to other probiotics:

Helps digestion
Supports a healthy gut
100% survival
Strong immune support in your intestines where 70% of your immune system exists
Produces essential nutrients, including antioxidants, at the site of absorption
Helps control the balance of bacteria
no binders
no charges
no flow agent
no GMOs
no dairy products
no wheat
no gluten
no soy
no artificial colors
no artificial flavors

The difference between Just Thrive and other major probiotics is that 3 billion cells actually arrive alive in the small intestine, where these friendly bacteria begin to colonize digestive health and general well-being. See for yourself that most strains do not survive stomach acid.

JustThrive is also something very special – it contains Bacillus indicus (hu36), which produces antioxidants when it reaches the small intestine. This one-of-a-kind probiotic formula produces carotenoids (the nutrients that give red peppers and tomatoes color) in the gut, where they can be quickly absorbed into your system. Hu36 produces coq10, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin once it enters the intestines. This makes it the first product in the world combining probiotics and antioxidants.

Just Thrive

153179-1 just thrive probiotics
Survival of probiotics through stomach digestion … Nothing like it!

A probiotic is not a “probiotic” if it does not make it to the site of action (the intestines) alive, where it goes to work, thus providing its probiotic benefits. A living, active probiotic is your key to vibrant health and wellness and is inside this box. Just Thrive is the next generation of probiotics with proven results that far exceed the potency and effectiveness of the 3 most popular probiotic sources – yogurt, Greek yogurt, and the leading probiotic supplement sold in health food stores.

Because simply thrive 100% survives, it is able to aid digestion, promote gut health, produce essential nutrients and antioxidants, as well as provide powerful immune support.

Once you swallow a probiotic, it must pass through the stomach before reaching the small intestine, where this sympathetic bacteria begins to colonize in order to promote digestive health and general well-being. Researchers have found that the body’s naturally acidic stomach acid, essential for the digestion of all types of food, destroys 99.99% of major types of probiotics long before these products even reach the small intestine. Yogurts, Greek yogurts and 95% of products sold in health food stores do not survive passage through the harsh stomach environment and therefore die on arrival in the intestines.

Just Thrive

What Makes Success Simply Different (The Hard Facts)

The simple answer is that simply thriving is a “probiotic” when 95% of products on the shelves are not; they just don’t fit the World Health Organization and accepted scientific definition of what qualifies as a “probiotic”, let’s explain …

Fact 1
Beneficial bacteria play a vital role in our health and well-being. Thanks to the Human Microbiome Project, the first results of which were published at the end of 2012, we are learning the true nature of this relationship. First and foremost, we are more bacteria than humans – 100 trillion bacterial cells versus 10 trillion human cells!
Fact 2
There are more than 1,000 different species of organisms working together in the gastrointestinal tract out of 35,000 possible species.
Fact 3
No two individuals have exactly the same makeup, not even twins.
Fact 4
The disease is associated with the disruption of the gastrointestinal ecology.

Fact 5
Scientists were able to confirm that alterations in the microbiome are associated with chronic disease, helping us understand that our overall health and well-being is closely linked to the health and well-being of our digestive tract.

Just Thrive: Gluten Away - Vegan Digestive Support for Trace Gluten in Food - 60 Capsules - Unique Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Blend - Supports Intestinal Barrier Function - Paleo and Keto

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  • GUARD YOUR GUT FROM GLUTEN: Gluten Away is our unique blend of powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics designed to support optimal gluten digestion and help protect against hidden sources of gluten.
  • HELP SUPPORT YOUR INTESTINAL BARRIER FUNCTION: Gluten intolerance can lead to chronic inflammatory responses, that’s why it’s so important to be thorough with a formula that helps your body eliminate trace amounts of gluten.
  • NURTURE A BALANCED GUT MICROBIOME: By introducing our spore-forming probiotic strain into your digestive system, you can help the good microorganisms flourish, which in turn will protect you from the bad ones.
  • SO EASY TO TAKE: Just one capsule 2-3 times daily can help support your intestinal barrier and nutrient absorption with its powerful blend of digestive enzymes.
  • OUR QUALITY PROMISE: Just Thrive is passionate about good health, and we ensure the integrity and quality of our products. We believe that everyone – including your pet – deserves access to effective, top-quality supplements and the opportunity to not just feel good, but to thrive!

Ancestral connections to healthy bacteria

To understand the real meaning of what these critical passengers do for us and where they came from, we need to take a quick look at our history regarding probiotic bacteria.

It is also very clear that there is a strong coevolutionary link between the human host and our 100 trillion passenger bacteria – we have come to depend on them as much as they depend on us. Considering that our bodies and genetics haven’t changed much in the 100,000 years, we must ask ourselves: How did our cave ancestors, male and female, first obtain the good bacteria necessary for healthy digestion? After all, they weren’t consuming yogurt or capsules. Obviously, they also didn’t have enteric-coated capsules with billions of bacterial cells. They also didn’t have refrigeration units filled with probiotic tablet options. Where did they find the probiotics they were exposed to daily that created this relationship between bacteria and human cells? Ultimately, our environment and our mothers must give thanks for their exposure to these helpful organisms.

Most of the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract are first transferred in utero and during natural childbirth (not cesarean births). In natural childbirth, billions of good bacteria pass from the mother to the newborn; in fact, it is swallowed and then colonized in the newborn baby’s digestive tract. Additionally, breastfeeding exposes the infant to more beneficial bacteria, making it a permanent home in their digestive tract. It is the source of most of the beneficial bacteria needed to perform essential functions of the digestive system. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species, commonly found in most commercial probiotic products, are among the strains passed from mother to child. However, these strains of bacteria are not designed by nature for life outside the body or to be re-introduced orally daily. Instead, the best way to positively impact the number and population of these particular bacteria is through a healthy diet. – a diet low in simple sugars and processed foods, and rich in soluble and insoluble fibers.

The second way humans ingest healthy bacteria is through the environment. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers and they ate dirt. The foods they ate contained high amounts of environmental bacteria that found their way into their digestive systems. But many of these bacteria weren’t stable enough to survive in the acidic, harsh environment of the stomach, and they never made it to the digestive tract. However, there was one class of bacteria that was an exception – Gram-positive bacilli (commonly referred to as the species of the bacillus) – not to be confused with lactobacillus which is a different species but with a similar name).


These strains of probiotics belonging to the bacillus are found universally in the digestive system of most animals, and even in marine life. These are the real and true universal probiotics, able to survive for long periods of time in any type of environment. They are abundant in most natural environments where they can be exposed to the host. Eventually, they settle in the digestive system where they perform many important and useful functions, such as assisting digestion; maintain the right balance between good and bad bacteria; fight bad bacteria; support the immune system and produce important nutrients in the digestive system which can be easily absorbed. The nature of these bacteria of the Bacillus strain has been designed to be stable both in the external environment and in the digestive system of the host. Our ancestors received a good dose of these strains of bacilli with every meal they ate while eating dirt.

JustThrive Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the source of the antioxidants in Just Thrive?

Bacillus indicus hu36, a patented variety that only thrives, actually produces a variety of antioxidants in the digestive system, where they are best absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that supplemented antioxidants do not survive the stomach effectively and therefore the rate of absorption is low when taken as an oral supplement. With just thriving, however, the body becomes a super-antioxidant factory directly in the digestive system from the site where these important nutrients are absorbed. This is the very spot where coq10, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin, and ziazanthine are produced!

Why are antioxidants important?

Antioxidants protect the body from the daily onslaught of harmful and toxic compounds and chemicals. Oxidation causes significant tissue damage at the cellular level and antioxidants protect against this damage. Maintaining high levels of antioxidants in the body has been linked to a lower incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

I take vitamins. Do I Really Need to Thrive?

Absolutely – Simply Thrive is an essential daily nutrient that won’t interfere with the vitamins you take. In fact, it can be argued that just thriving is even more important than your daily vitamin because your only source of these major probiotic strains is your source while the vitamins are found in a variety of foods and supplements. . Just thriving is a necessary nutrient that is not found in the daily diet.

Does just thrive need to be refrigerated?

No real probiotic should ever need refrigeration. Think of it this way: If nature intended that a particular organism be a probiotic, how did our ancestors access it? They certainly didn’t have refrigerated sections in health food stores. If they can not survive the room temperature on the store shelf, how can they survive 98 degrees and acidity in the human stomach? The answer is, they just don’t.

Are they safe for children?

Yes. Just Thrive can be mixed in different foods to give to children over 6.

I am a vegetarian. Is everything okay with my lifestyle?

Absolutely – there are no animal products in it, but that’s what makes it the perfect product for vegetarians and vegans.

Why you just need to thrive

Just Thrive is the next generation of probiotic supplements that capture the power of nature’s hundreds of thousands of years of design. Its formulation of specialized bacilli guarantees the survival of probiotics in the stomach and upper digestive system. It not only provides digestive system support and immune system stimulation, but it also delivers antioxidants directly to the gastrointestinal tract via the patented probiotic strain known as Bacillus indicus hu36.

Just Thrive

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