Jade Display Teapills and pure wholesome advantages

Yu Ping Feng San Wan-Jade Display Teapills

Jade Display Teapills in opposition to the Wind

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Important indications : allergic rhinitis ,
power bronchitis, flu and colds repeatedly.

Chinese well being philosophy: this preparation
invigorates the Wei Qi, the immune system.

Related signs: pale tongue with white



As this method is in several varieties and at
varied dosages , you will need to observe the producer’s suggestions.
This tonic ought to be taken for 3 to 5 months.



Microbes are recognized for less than a century.
Chinese docs had noticed that sure ailments have been spreading within the air (
Wind ) . This method thus protects the Wind carrying germs.

It meets an vital want as the issues
of respiratory allergy symptoms have gotten extra frequent. Too usually , kids spend a
chilly to flu, sore throat otitis. Antibiotics was then given typically destroy
a part of the intestinal flora , which additional weakens the immune system.

Yu Ping Feng Wan is efficient in treating
this drawback. After a month , you’ll cut back the frequency and severity of
respiratory infections. This will take as much as 5 months for a traditional resistance
to an infection. In case your allergy symptoms are seasonal , start to take Yu Ping Feng Wan
three months earlier than the important interval.


Historical past

This method is cited within the quantity Dan Xi
Xin Fa ( The teachings of Dan- Xi ) written by the well-known doctor Zhen Zhu
Heng in 1481.



The researchers imagine that the talus , the
major ingredient of this method , improves immune operate by appearing as a
catalyst of interferon , which might improve , together with the degrees of
antibodies ( IgG and IgA ) in nasal secretions . Plainly the plant can
restore the exercise of T lymphocytes in most cancers varieties for which this immune
operate is suppressed . In laboratory animals , astragalus reversed immune
deficiency artificially induced by cyclophosphamide. As well as, a Chinese
research in vitro means that astragalus might enhance immune operate in sufferers
with AIDS. It seems that the talus acts on the bone marrow cells , an
vital website of immune exercise . The plant would additionally demonstrated a
broad-spectrum antibiotic exercise .

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Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Huang Qi

Radix astragali (Astragalus root)

Power and invigorates the immune system

Fang Feng

Radix ledebourellae divaricatae (root sileris)

Flows with the Wei Qi, looking Wind

Bai Zhu

Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma (Atractylodes rhizome)

Invigorates the spleen, drains humidity

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