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Jabra Elite Active 75t review -true wireless headphones for athletes that adapt to everyone’s hearing

Resistant to dust and perspiration, these true wireless devices , more particularly, dedicated to athletes offer their equalization to the hearing capacities of its users,also useful for health.Read our Jabra Elite Active 75t review.QUXVJcq9i2JRSbRKDuJrJN smart health Jabra Elite Active 75t


Jabra Elite Active 75t
Model True Wireless In-Ear Headsets
Stereo sound reproduction
Active noise reduction system No
Weight (with cord and batteries)

As every year, Jabra offers its true wireless in a so-called “Active” version. By adding this mention to its Elite 75t, the Danish manufacturer is adapting its excellent headphones to sports activities. While maintaining the same form factor and identical dimensions, the brand also adds to its new Elite a higher durability thanks to the IP57 standard. The price is significantly affected by taking 20 euros more compared to the original model, for a price of 199 euros.

This allows the headphones to resist dust and moisture; which is perfect for outdoor and physical activities. This way they will resist perspiration, but also rain, if your favorite occupation is going for a run in bad weather. Be careful, however, there is no question of going swimming with them, they are not completely waterproof.

Like their big brothers, the Elite Active 75t are perfectly adjusted to the horns of the ears. They hold very well in place, even in case of sudden movements. Both while running and cycling (using them in traffic is, remember, strongly discouraged), we have never lost a headset, nor even felt that one of them could come off a hear.

Increased autonomy compared to the classic version

Regarding autonomy, we were treated to a pleasant surprise. Like the classic version, this Active version is given for a duration of use between two charges of 7:30. We were however disappointed by the first, whose autonomy measured by our lab was finally only 5:31. The Active do better with 6:18 am measured under the same conditions. This brings us closer to the excellent result obtained by the previous generation, Elite 65t, with a performance of 6:27.

The sound quality of the Elite Active 75t is, however, quite good. Using the same electronics as the classic version, it quite logically offers the same characteristics; namely a sound signature all round, pleasant and not tiring. Those who want a little more depth can definitely use the Sound + app – one of the most comprehensive on the market – to add just the right amount of treble to the mix. As an indication, only two codecs are taken into account by Jabra on this model: SBC and AAC, not enough to enjoy a “Hi-Res” sound.

“Songs for the Deaf”

But the main sound innovation of these headphones is certainly the MySound functionality which adapts the equalization of the headphones to the hearing capacities of each user. To do this, the application first takes you through a real hearing test where you should signal beeps as soon as you hear them. This process helps determine which frequencies the user’s ear discerns the least well. We know, for example, that with age, the highest frequencies are less and less well received.

Once diagnosed, the basic equalization of the Elite Active 75t then actually adapts to what the user can hear. This technology was developed thanks to the know-how of Gn Hearing, the medical arm of GN Group, which also owns the Jabra brand. Finally, note that the system is also available on the classic Elite 75t and will soon be on the Elite 45h helmet.

Overview of Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra once again provides an almost ideal true wireless model here. The Elite Active 75t stay well attached to the ears for all physical activities and are not afraid of sweating. They provide quality sound, further improved with the new MySound process which is very clever. They are an essential choice for those who want compact and efficient sports headphones.


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