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Jabra Elite Active 65t review : True Wireless headphones with many advantages

After Bluetooth headphones, technology gave birth to True Wireless headphones. One of a kind, they give unprecedented freedom with impressive fit and wireless connectivity. Today we take a look at the Jabra Elite Active 65t review fully wireless headphones designed by Jabra.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t are wireless headphones that work with Bluetooth. They don’t require any cables to work, just like Apple’s famous AirPods. Jabra’s expertise in wireless is well integrated into this pair of headphones designed for music, calls and even sports.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t headphones are a sportier version of the Jabra Elite 65t. They then benefit from a greater certification in order to resist splashing and perspiration. Thanks to an excellent fit in the ears, sportsmen cannot miss this model.

Contents of the box and first use

We will find a classic box, in the colors of the brand. Inside are very nice black / copper colored headphones. The Elite Active 65t have a very classy look and go well with most styles of clothing. The pair of headphones comes with a charging case, which will also be useful for storing your headphones. Quite compact, it has a small size of 51x72x27mm, and takes up little space, allowing it to be stored anywhere.

Once out of their box, just connect them via Bluetooth. No problem or great difficulty on that side. These Jabra headphones are water, sweat and dust resistant, thanks to the IP56 standard. No need to worry about the rain or the sport therefore.

Jabra Elite Active 65t review best earbuds smart health

Jabra Elite Active 65t box

In the box, we will also find the user guide and warranty, as well as 2 pairs of Eargels tips of different sizes in addition to the pair already present on the headphones.

To function, the right earpiece must be placed in the ear. Considered the primary earpiece, the Elite Active 65t will therefore not work with the left earphone only. As for listening to two people, the operation is complicated. The two headphones must be within a certain distance of each other to connect. It will therefore be necessary for the two people to be close to each other for this to work.

As for wearing, it is intended for a certain size of ear, and may not provide complete isolation or may simply not fit in some people. When worn with the right tips, they provide the correct insulation, providing superb silence in the background of the music. These Jabra headphones are comfortable and will quickly be forgotten while listening.


At the control level, the left earpiece has two buttons and the right has one button. They are located on the central part of the headphones where we find the “Jabra” logo. As for the left earpiece, it has a button at the top, and one at the bottom, allowing you to change the volume with a short press and to change music with a long press. For the right, the button will pause or start your music or start the voice assistant. In addition to the classic Siri and Google voice assistants, the Elite Active 65t also works with Alexa to answer all your requests.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t can also be accompanied by the Jabra Sound + app. It allows in particular to apply an equalizer or to use predefined ones. You can also choose to apply the HearTrough function, which allows you to hear your surroundings by deactivating the active sound insulation. This application will allow you to use your headphones in several modes.

Jabra Elite Active 65t App

It will allow you to apply several options to your listening such as ambient sounds, activity statistics or the equalizer. You will be able to change the available widgets and customize each mode to your liking.

The Jabra Sound + app also displays the battery level of your headphones, as well as the activity of your headphones. Just like Apple, it has the Find My Jabra feature, which will give the current location of your headphones when they’re connected. It will also collect some activity statistics using a motion sensor, but these statistics will not be pushed.
For a product more focused on sports performance, we advise you to go for the Jabra Elite Sport, which will be more suitable thanks to their activity sensors, heart rate sensor and their high resistance to water.

Audio and communication

The Jabra Elite Active 65t will power on when removed from the charging case.

As soon as they are switched on and paired, we start the first listen. We instantly notice a lot of work on the audio level. They are composed of 4 speakers which will take care of the transcription of the audio. Impressively quality, there is a perfect balance of treble, midrange and bass, resulting in a sound of incredible clarity without saturation that extends to maximum volume.

They demand a high level of listening quality, no matter what kind of music you listen to. The Elite Active 65t give us the ability to discern the different instruments used in a song, while clearly transcribing the vocals. At the bass level, they are well adjusted, but can be boosted with the equalizer. In terms of treble and mids, nothing to say either, we will find a real work of balancing.

In terms of reception latency, the lag between picture and sound is minimal, if not almost imperceptible when watching videos. No problem with calls, the caller seems to have no problem hearing us. Although the microphone is placed on the headphones, it seems to pick up voice sound well and provide a space-saving calling experience.

Connectivity and autonomy

Unlike some headphones, the Jabra Elite Active 65t can connect to 2 devices simultaneously. Quite practical when going from smartphone to PC. These can pair with up to 8 devices, then will automatically replace existing devices with new devices.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, these headphones have a connection range of 8 to 10 meters, which is low for 5.0. Despite being used to having my phone in my hand, I did notice some blackouts, which could come from a network cluttered with interference and padded pockets against the cold.

In terms of battery life, these headphones have a battery life of up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge. They can be recharged up to 2 times thanks to the case for a total autonomy of 15 hours. The box has a Micro-USB port for recharging. Charging takes 2 hours from a wall outlet. The Elite Active 65t have a fast charge that will give you 1.5 hours of listening after only 15 minutes of charging.

If they are no longer used, they will turn off after 15 minutes after being no longer connected, or after 60 minutes of inactivity in order to save the battery.

Is Jabra elite active 65t worth it?

Among its many strengths, the Jabra Elite Active 65t has the characteristics of a quality product. They offer advanced comfort, even during sports sessions, where they stay still and well hooked. Active noise reduction will create true silence around you, canceling out the majority of wind noise, thus creating perfect calm when the music is playing. In terms of audio, we are dealing with a very detailed and clear sound, which lacks neither bass nor treble, and which correctly emphasizes the mids. They have the advantage of not adapting to a particular type of music (more bass-oriented, for example), but give you an equalizer that allows you to focus on what you prefer.

Headphone battery life is advantageous, although it offers less additional charging time from the case compared to Bragi’s Dash Pro. Its case is quite compact and can be stored anywhere easily. It keeps a clean and understated design, just like the headphones, which keep a dressy look.

These headphones have a 1 year warranty, as well as a 2 year warranty against dust and water malfunction. It is important that you use the application so that they have information about the malfunction. It should turn on as soon as the headphones are plugged in, however, so if you have the app, no worries.


With many strengths, the Jabra Elite Active 65t are headphones that I really recommend. Whether it’s sound, design or battery life, they have everything to be considered quality headphones.

Flash Sale! Get the Jabra Elite 65t for £99,99 now!

Flash Sale! Get the Jabra Elite 65t for £99,99 now!
Ends: September 11, 2020

Flash Sale! Get the Jabra Elite Active 65t for £119,99 now!

Flash Sale! Get the Jabra Elite Active 65t for £119,99 now!
Ends: September 11, 2020
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