Jabra introduces its new smart wireless headphones jabra active 65t

Jabra introduces its new smart health connected wireless headphones

The Danish group GN is relying on CES 2018 to present a new Jabra range with three acoustic products,jabra active 65t,Elite 45e and Elite 65t.

Wireless headphones and especially smart health connected to Alexa.Wireless headphones for all tastes and offering compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Now.

Jabra connected wireless headphones

The Jabra Elites 45t for a round tower option

We start with the most different model of this new selection, the only one that is not 100% wireless with the Elite 45T Choker. Flexible and elegant, they rely on the company on a very high quality of sound and an almost perfect vocal experience.

Even if in France Alexa is still wanted, the compatibility with the assistant is on the program (as on the other two models) and can certainly be a useful day. You will also have compatibility with Siri and Google Now. Side autonomy, you should have the right to 8 hours. Short, a rather interesting record for headphones that will be sold from 99,99 € in April. Also note the compatibility with the application Jabra Sound + which allows to benefit from a significant personalization of the musical experience from a point of view of the type of sound.

Jabra wireless headphones

Jabra Elite 65e and Jabra Elite Active 65T for those who do not want cables anymore

Of course, the overall trend remains to totally wireless accessories. This trend, which has emerged across the Airpods, is now developing with all brands. Jabra proposes here two completely different models in the uses.

For wirefree intras Elite Ative 65T is on a use of wireless headphones for sportsmen like the first model of the brand Elite Sport. For this reason, these headphones are designed to be more robust, have an IP56 certification (resistance to sweat, water infiltration and dust), and a more gripping coating. The company also relies onancillary functionalities with the presence of an accelerometer. There are small control buttons on the headphones allowing to control the volume independently for each side.

Both models include 4 microphones for you to use 100% effective voice commands including Alexa. These are also used to cancel the ambient noise. You will be able to bet on 5 hours of autonomy and 10 additional hours thanks to the box of refill included. Side tariff, you will have to spend respectively 179.99 and 199.99 to acquire it.

Here we did a special Jabra elite active 65t Test.

Jabra active 65t review

Although their sporting features are limited, the Active version of the Jabra Elite 65t earns a sweat-proof coating for just $ 20 more. Retaining all the qualities of the standard version, this new model therefore becomes, in our opinion, the new benchmark in the “true wireless” earphones market.

It’s been almost 7 months since the Jabra Elite 65t monopolizes the top of our ranking of the best “true-wireless” headphones (totally wireless). Excellent quality and quite versatile, however, they are not designed for sports use, which requires at least protection against sweat and optional some functions to control its activity.

This is where the Elite Active 65t comes in, almost identical copies of their predecessors but with protection against liquids (IP56 standard) and sports functions in addition, all for an additional € 20. At the time of writing, you can find the Elite Active 65t for around € 180.

On the left, the Active version, on the right the standard

Since these two versions share the vast majority of their technical data sheet, we will not go into the audio quality of the Elite Active 65t or the reliability of their Bluetooth 5.0 + NFMI connection, which are identical in this test. Rather, we will focus on the new features of this model, that is to say the changes in design and sporting features.


The Elite Active 65t are equipped with 4 microphones and offer protection against wind noise thanks to an open acoustic chamber in addition to the 4 MEMS. These Jabra in-ear headphones come with 3 sizes of EarGels tips for maximum comfort and are IP56 certified.

The manufacturer announces an autonomy of 5 hours directly in the headphones and 10 hours more with the charging case. A fast charging function is directly integrated. You will gain 1h30 of autonomy on the headphones thanks to only 15 minutes of charge.

Connectivity side, these True Wireless headphones benefit from Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of 10 meters and can memorize up to 8 devices and 2 simultaneously.

A finished design

The design of these headphones is the main change in this variation. First innovation: the glossy plastic finish gives way to a matte coating to improve the fit in the ears. In use, we didn’t really notice a difference: the headphones are still just as comfortable and don’t necessarily fit better in the ears, but at the same time the Elite 65t’s handling was already excellent. Whether it’s one or the other, there’s nothing to worry about here: you can run or jump rope without the risk of them falling.

The Elite Active 65t are not strictly speaking waterproof. Certified IP56, they are protected against dust and powerful water projections. So you won’t be able to take them to the pool for a dip, but they’ll easily withstand jogging in the rain or using in the shower. We have put them to the test several times on this point and after more than a month of use nothing has changed, the headphones still work perfectly well.

Last change, the brand has slightly reworked the headphone case. It is true that it sometimes had a tendency to open in the pocket, the closure now seems more effective, even after more than one less use. However, we have to see what happens in the long run. On the other hand, and it’s a bit of a shame, the case is still just as messy.

Limited activity monitoring

While the changes made to the design of the Elite Active 65t are appreciable, we find the device’s sporting functions too limited. In fact, the Elite Active 65t differ from the standard version by their accelerometer, which mainly allows you to count the number of steps taken during your training and to calculate a few other statistics. Data that you will find in the Jabra Sound + application.

Except that this function could very well have been assumed by the smartphone, also equipped with an accelerometer. We therefore do not understand the point of the device very well. We can imagine that the whole challenge for the brand was to add IP56 certification and sports functions without making their headphones fat, but in the end we end up with the bare minimum in terms of sports functions.

Note that Jabra still offers its Elite Sport for sale, “true wireless” headphones better equipped with sensors and sports functions. They include a heart rate monitor in particular to measure your heart rate, something that a smartphone is unable to do correctly. However, as you can read in our review of this model, the Elite Sport are much bigger and much less comfortable than the 65t, Active version or not, and their sound is not as good. It’s up to you to see your priorities.

Best price of Jabra Elite Active 65t 


Although the Elite Active 65t are not as well endowed with sensors as other models, and thus offer few statistics to the athletes, these headphones gain a new improved and sweat-resistant design. The rest of their features have not changed compared to the standard version: the sound, wireless connection or controls are still excellent, and that’s why we now consider the Elite Active 65t to be the best true wireless headphones. Of the market, in front of their elders.

To tell the truth, one wonders especially, now, for what reason one would choose the standard version when one can have this one for only 20 euros more. Their pricing position is no longer justified in our opinion.

Jabra good deal & discount


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