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It’s Not Willpower, It’s Biology

GLP 1 Agonists & Weight Loss: How Does it Work?

All of us suppose it. So we’re going to go forward and say it:

Diets don’t work. 

You most likely already know this from your individual expertise. You’ll strive a brand new weight reduction program, lose just a few kilos, after which get caught. Otherwise you’ll regain the burden, so that you’re again the place you began. 


This doesn’t occur since you’re messing up or since you don’t have willpower. As a substitute, research present that it’s as a result of every of us has a organic “set level,” which is the burden our our bodies work to take care of—whether or not or not that weight is definitely wholesome for us. 

Your set level is decided by the interplay of your biology, genetics, and surroundings, and it’s regulated carefully by your mind. Particularly, your set level is the results of how your distinctive metabolism (your biology and genetics) responds to issues just like the meals you eat, the quantity you sleep and train, and even the emotional stress you’re beneath (your surroundings).

Your system is so dedicated to maintaining you at what it perceives to be your “goal” weight that should you cut back the quantity you eat for a sustained period of time, your physique will go into hunger mode, and it’ll do every little thing in its energy to defend your set level. Right here’s what occurs:

  • Your metabolism slows down. Your physique is programmed to make use of power as effectively as attainable. When there’s a lower within the variety of energy coming in, your metabolism (the method of turning meals to power) slows down in an try to save lots of power and make every calorie last more. 
  • You are feeling hungrier. Your physique will start to extend the manufacturing of sure hormones in your abdomen that sign starvation to your mind. Consequently, you’ll need to eat extra. Ghrelin is one starvation hormone concerned on this course of that we’ll speak about all through this system.
  • You additionally really feel much less full. As a result of satiety (fullness) hormones are produced in fats tissue, as you drop some weight, much less fats is out there to make these hormones—so that you’ll begin to really feel much less full. Leptin is one in every of these hormones that we’ll consult with usually. You’ll additionally hear quite a bit about GLP1s (glucagon-like peptides) all through this system. They’re one other key messenger that alerts satiety within the mind and powerfully assist in regulating urge for food.


Fortunately, your set level isn’t completely fastened. When you can’t change your genetics, you can affect your surroundings and the way your biology responds to it. And with the best targets and instruments, this could decrease your set level and enhance not simply your metabolism, but in addition your metabolic well being.

Metabolic well being goes past what the size says. It means you’re additionally wholesome and balanced on the within. Your metabolic well being impacts every little thing out of your immune perform and temper to your irritation ranges and threat for power illness like diabetes and hypertension. 

It bears repeating that on the subject of how one can drop some weight, none of that is depending on willpower alone. Research shows {that a} mixture of remedy, teaching, and lifestyle changes are the best path to lasting metabolic well being. Right here’s what’s been proven to work:


In your physique, GLP-1s are highly effective hormones made by your intestine that ship alerts to your mind to manage your metabolism, cut back your urge for food, and enable you really feel full. Research means that individuals who maintain onto extra weight expertise reductions in GLP-1 signaling. 

GLP-1s are sometimes utilized in a medical weight reduction clinic setting and assist your physique to struggle the pure will increase in starvation and urge for food that happen as you start to drop some weight and your physique fights to carry onto your set level. A great way to consider GLP-1s is like another remedy you’re taking on your long-term well being, be it to handle your insulin, ldl cholesterol, or hypertension. They’re not short-term fixes like antibiotics, however slightly instruments to provide your system sustained help and assist it perform usually. 


  • Meals: What you eat impacts your metabolism, hormones, and intestine microbiome. Sugar and processed meals set off your fats, muscle, and liver cells to hoard energy (so your physique can’t burn them), and likewise prevents the breakdown of fats (so your physique can’t burn that both). Meals which can be wealthy in protein, well being fat, and fiber, in contrast, preserve your metabolism working optimally.
  • Sleep: The standard, length, and consistency of your sleep can immediately affect your metabolism and alter your urge for food. Lack of sleep throws off the steadiness of the starvation/fullness hormones, alters our potential to take care of regular blood sugar ranges, and makes our brains’ response to meals overactive.
  • Train: Exercise is necessary for psychological, bodily, and metabolic well being. Train doesn’t simply burn energy, it additionally makes your coronary heart, muscle mass, and bones stronger and even lowers your blood sugar. 
  • Emotional Well being: Your temper and stress ranges can affect hormones that have an effect on your consuming habits—and, over time, your metabolism and weight.  In actual fact, research persistently present that recording your meals and consuming patterns results in each weight reduction and higher well being. 


Research shows that medical weight reduction packages that take this sort of method can change your biology and enable you lose 10% of your body weight—and preserve it off. Dropping 10% of your physique weight is clinically-significant. It might probably decrease a number of threat elements for heart problems together with hypertension, excessive ldl cholesterol, and diabetes. This quantity of metabolic weight reduction additionally reduces signs of despair, arthritis, and sleep apnea, whereas enhancing total high quality of life. However that’s not all: a ten% shift in your weight will also be maintained by way of a way of life that you just truly get pleasure from…no loopy feats of willpower required!

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It’s Not Willpower, It’s Biology

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