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ICT and Mathematics Learning

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ICT and traditional methods to improve the learning of mathematics. The combination of traditional media (board, pencil, paper) and information and communication technologies (ICT) allows better teaching of mathematics.

Combining book, pen and paper with interactive whiteboards using information and communication technologies (ICT) can greatly help in teaching mathematics to young adolescents. These are the conclusions of the study conducted by researchers led by Professors Koeno Gravemeijer and Paul Drijvers of the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (Utrecht University).

Researchers studied the interactions between the use of ICT and teaching and learning. To do this, they have developed a set of Applets, small interactive computer applications, accessible via the Internet and integrated into teaching aids. The set was tested with 700 middle school students and 16 teachers. They established that learning is better when these teachers associate several didactic approaches and use different media by clearly explaining the link between them. In addition, since the students are in pairs, this method makes it possible to avoid isolation, to promote exchanges between them and to develop critical thinking about their work.

For example, with the “AlgebraArrows” applet, students learn the sequences of operations more easily, can vary the inputs to better understand a relationship and study families of functions. All of this contributes to a better, realistic understanding of previously abstract mathematical concepts. During these work sessions, the teacher plays the important role of orchestra conductor in the judicious association of the different media. Researchers recognize that this requires a significant workload and that their opinion on the advisability of this method itself depends on their daily relationship with ICT.

Anyway, the research project “Tool Use in an Innovative Learning Arrangement for Mathematics”, funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, offers a framework for the realization of IT resources for teaching using ICT .

Text: Said Mammar and Marine Condette

Origin: -French Embassy in the Netherlands / ADIT –

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