Hy-Result , an interpretation software to measure your hypertension at home

Measuring home blood pressure for high blood pressure is an increasingly common practice. However, the real difficulty lies in interpreting the results.The smart health device Hy-result can do it.

The hypertension team at HEGP has been working on self-measurement of blood pressure for several decades. One must in particular the site of therapeutic education www.automesure.com, launched in 1999.

The unit is working today on “what can be done with new technologies”, The arrival of the internet offers patients the ability to better understand their self-measurement results. All recommendations say that it is the physician who makes the decisions as a result of the measurements, but it is helpful for patients to read their results.

Hy-Result software

In order to help patients decipher the results, French doctors have developed Hy-Result software. Thanks to him, patients can now decipher and analyze the data provided by their blood pressure monitor. The algorithm was developed in order to popularize the reading of the results, for a level of comprehension accessible to all.

This is the goal of the Hy-Result software, which is based on a series of measurements (at least 18, ideally over five days) to calculate average hypertension. This calculation is interpreted according to the only recommended and the profile of the patient (age, sex, diabetes, consumption of tobacco or alcohol, etc.) and classified in three colors (green, orange, red).

hy-result high blood presure 测量高血压的智慧医疗设备健康

hy-result high blood presure

Data recovery and analysis

This software has the particularity to work with all blood pressure monitors: the connected devices will transmit the data automatically while for the less recent, it will simply enter the data manually in the software. To perform an analysis, the patient will have to submit to the rhythm of 6 daily measurements (3 blood pressure in the morning and 3 in the evening), and answer a series of questions. Hy-Result then analyzes the results and interprets them in the form of a balance sheet.

To conduct this study, data from 195 patients followed by the HEGP hypertension unit were integrated with Hy-Result, and the results compared. In the 58 untreated patients, the concordance between the Hy-Result data and the physicist’s classification was 87.9%. It was 91.9% in treated patients. It was as a result of the correction of errors identified in the algorithm during the study that this rate could be improved to 95.4%.

Available for free on the sites automesure.com and hy-result.com, the software is already used by more than 10,000 patients. But the solution does not deliver diagnoses because it can not know all the characteristics of the patient, such as cancer or anemia. This is a “help to interpretation” that allows the patient to know if he must urgently visit his specialist (red classification), if he must make an appointment in the following weeks (ranking orange) or if an appointment is not necessary (green ranking).

More accurate results?

Recent research has shown that patients have a lower arterial tendency when the measurement is done at home rather than at the doctor’s place of work. A phenomenon surely due to the stress generated by the transport to the therapist and the formal aspect of the examination. If it is still too early to say that self-measurement is more accurate, doctors see anyway the arrival of this software with a good eye. It can also be used on computer, smartphone and tablet.

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