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How does art nurture your friendships? – Art that feels good through cultural outings and online conferences

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It’s been proven that art develops empathy, is good for your health and can even make you happier. If it also allows you to meet great people and nurture your friendships – or even create new ones – then we say banco, let’s go see exhibitions.

Visit of the exhibition “Les Choses” at the Louvre Museum with Talivera

Art as a social practice and the creation of links

Alone or in a group, art in practice always creates a link. Whether one is a creator or a spectator, this social link exists: to look at the work of an artist is to create a link between the spectator and the artist; looking at the work together also creates a social bond between viewers.
The way we look at a work of art creates emotions: by looking at art together, we live an emotional experience that is both intimate and collective. For the social bond created by art to be strengthened, the spectator must share his emotion with others, talk about it, dialogue and, thus, enrich his experience of art.

Visit of the “80s” exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs with Talivera

Enrich your art experience through sharing

When we look at a work, we can adopt a form of solitary meditative gaze, and this meditative practice in front of the art can then unfold in the sharing of impressions and emotions with the other spectators. What did they see with their eyes different from yours? How did they feel? What art provokes in us and in others, it is a question of sharing it, of exchanging. We can thus grasp the diversity of looks and emotions created in everyone by the same work of art. Better understanding what others feel is confronted with what one feels oneself in front of a work of art. The individual practice of art then becomes a collective activity of sharing and mutual enrichment.

Visit of the “80s” exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs with Talivera

The Talivera experience: meeting art with others

With Talivera, you have access to the best of culture and a collective experience. You can thus experience the art by being led through the exhibition by a specialized guide and then share this experience with the other spectators during the coffee that will follow your visit. Talivera offers you a complete cultural experience: you can find out about the exhibitions by following the articles in the mag then choose the one that seems most interesting to you by booking a visit slot online or in a group, then share your experience with the other participants. on social networks or around a coffee hosted by one of our speakers.
Take advantage of the cultural subscription: for your health and that of your friends, practice a cultural activity throughout the year in a group with Talivera, art that is good for you.

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