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Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

Honor Band 6 the new smart health connected bracelet with extra large screen with NFC chip, heart rate sensors and SpO2 at a low price

Honor Band 6 between bracelet and smartwatch at a low price

The brand of the Huawei group, Honor, has just announced the evolution of its smart health connected bracelet, from Band 5 to Honor Band 6. A style that stands out from the competition with a generous rectangular screen.

Design Honor Band 6

The Honor Band 5 was launched in July 2019, it is equipped with a 0.95 inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 120. The 6th version benefits from a much larger screen with a thin edge. This to facilitate navigation in the interface which was for me its only weak point.

The dimensions of the case are 43 x 25.4 x 11.45 mm with a weight of 18 g without bracelet.

Here we are between the classic band and the rectangular smart health connected watch.

The new large screen improves readability and especially the use of the touch screen.

Features Honor Band 6

In addition to screen improvements, the Band 6 offers features that we are more used to seeing on a smart health connected watch, apart from the absence of a GPS.

  • Daily activity monitoring.
  • Exercise monitoring 10 built-in sports modes (accelerometer and gyroscope)
  • monitoring 24 hour heart rate with Huawei TruSeen 4.0 sensor
  • Huawei TruSleep sensor for measuring the sleep quality and duration.
  • Display of notifications from your smartphone.
  • monitoring SpO2 (level of oxygen in the blood, one of the best current indicators for monitoring the first symptoms of Covid 19).
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Chip NFC for contactless payment and opening of compatible smart health connected locks.
  • Voice assistant thanks to its integrated microphone.
  • Waterproof 5 ATM

Honor Band 6 functions

Connection and autonomy

The connection is made with your smartphone in Bluetooth 5.0.

Finally, a 180 mAh battery provides autonomy that can last up to 14 days without being recharged. The bracelet is recharged with its magnetic charger.

Huawei Honor Band 6 price and release date

The current price of the Band 5 is around 35 euros, which places it in the same budget tracking category as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. To stay in the race, the HB 6 is offered in two versions:

  • $39  tax incl. for the base model (base 249 yuan)
  • $49  with NFC chip and voice assistant (base 289 yuan).

The Chinese company made its announcement on the social network Weibo, affirming that its arrival would mark a new era in “wearables” (sets of smart health connected objects that we wear on ourselves). In terms of release date, it has been available in China since the November 3, 2020. As was the case previously, it should then arrive in Europe and the rest of the world. So-called international versions to use in the same language as that of your smartphone.

Honor Band 6 reviews

Ranking of the best smart health connected bracelets 2020

  1. The brand new Amazfit Band 5 to $49.99, the most complete and powerful smart health connected bracelets (without subscription).
  2. Much cheaper, the Xiaomi mi band 5, which we find at $33 , the best quality / price ratio in the smart health connected bracelet category.
  3. The Huawei Honor Band 6 which I find the most beautiful (totally personal opinion), in the same price range as theHonor Band 5 at $34 .
  4. The Redmi Band with its minimum price at $17 at GearBest the Chinese import specialist.
  5. New Fitbit Inspire 2 which improves a little the Inspire HR in lower price to $78.
  6. For smartphone owners Samsung, I recommend it Galaxy Fit at $69  (and no subscription required).
  7. Perfect with a phone Huawei, the Band 3 Pro at $45 .
  8. The very original bracelet Amazfit X with the look of a jewel in $129

Honor Mi Band 6 specifications

Honor Band 6 review

I loved the look of the Band 5 and the presence of the SpO2 sensor as well as its NFC chip for contactless payment. But, its touch screen was not the most practical to navigate, the new bracelet corrects this defect with the arrival of a large screen. We almost have a smart health connected watch for the price of a bracelet.

This new model saves places in my top 10 smart health connected bracelets 2020 for health and activity monitoring.

The variables obtained are obviously not very precise. But they are very useful and practical by comparison with each other to monitoring your passages in atypical areas.


Note to reader

  • The “first opinion” is given in a completely subjective way, based on the video trailers and the press kit received (even sometimes on unofficial sources) possibly exchanges with the brand, and by comparison with similar products already existing of the same category.
  • The “first beta notice” is indicated for prototypes or games for which I receive the Review version and whose developers authorize the communication.
  • Then, the title changes to a simple “Notice” as soon as the game or the product is in its marketed version after several hours of testing (when it lasts several hours), the rating can obviously be modified accordingly. Finally, it may be subject to corrections after important updates.


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