Honeysuckle and forsythia powder in your pure well being

Yin Qiao San-Honeysuckle and forsythia powder

Honeysuckle and forsythia powder

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Essential indications : flu and chilly spring and
summer season , mumps, measles within the early levels , roseola , rooster pox ,
pharyngitis, tonsillitis.

Chinese well being philosophy :this preparation has the
operate of eradicating the warmth Poisonous Inside and Exterior Warmth Humidity Wind .

Related signs: fever with out sweating
, headache, muscle ache and stiffness , stuffy nostril, cough with mucus , redness
and irritation of the pores and skin brought on by a microbe, crimson tongue , greasy and white
or yellow coating .


As this preparation is in numerous varieties
and at varied dosages , you will need to observe the producer’s
suggestions. Brief-term use .


This honeysuckle and forsythia powder
product has been created to fight infectious ailments in kids. Within the
latter, all infections are quickly transformed into warmth attributable to inside nature
very Yang . Some microbes produce warmth Poisonous Inside reminiscent of measles , mumps,
pharyngitis, and so on. . Yin Qiao San appropriate for flu spring and summer season as a result of the
power of the seasons is extra Yang and causes extra warmth . This preparation
must be within the early levels of infectious ailments, as a result of it doesn’t
include crops that tone . If the illness doesn’t observe its regular cycle ,
reminiscent of a flu that lasts greater than ten days , it’s best to seek the advice of a therapist
in conventional Chinese drugs and a health care provider. All infections should be tackled

Historical past

This honeysuckle and forsythia powder
product is quoted in Wen Bing Tiao quantity Bian ( Methods to distinguish
antipyretic ailments) written by the well-known physician Jo- Tong Wu in 1798.


When examined on rats during which they’d a
fever induced with endotoxins, Chinese researchers have proven that this
preparation, in addition to seven different preparations utilized in conventional Chinese
drugs, may truly cut back the fever in rats.


As a result of Intertidal and refreshing properties
of this preparation , it’s Contraindications for infections with indicators of chilly
: nervousness , must cowl , cough with white mucus , pale tongue with white

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There are loads of merchandise designed on the
mannequin of the normal preparation . Nevertheless, a few of them include artificial
medicine with out essentially indicated on the packaging. It’s advisable to stay
to merchandise with dependable certification in high quality and integrity .


Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Jin Yin Hua

honeysuckle flower

Disperse the exterior Warmth, eliminates toxins

Lian Qiao

Fructus Forsythiae suspensae (forsythia fruit)

Disperse the Exterior Warmth, eliminates toxins

Niu Bang Zi

Artii lappae Fructus (fruit of burdock)

Drains and disperses wind warmth, resolves the irritation of the throat

Bo He

Herba menthae (mint, flowering aerial elements)

Expels wind Warmth

Lu Gen

Phragmitis communis Rhizoma (rhizome of Phragmites)

Searching Warmth, Moistens Lungs

Gan Cao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice root)

Fight drought and starvation

Dan Zhu Ye

Herba lophatheri gracilis (aerial elements Lopatherum gracile)

Clears Warmth, looking nervousness, diuretic

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