How to make a haptic VR Vest for less than $100 Tutorial

How to make a VR haptic jacket for less than 100 € Tutorial

Haptic VR Vest for VR games: tutorial to make yourself and for less than 100 $ a  homemade haptic VR Vest (force feedback). 


How to make a VR haptic jacket for less than 100 $ Tutorial

Budget 100 $ (3 hours) | Tutorial | Oculus Quest 2  | All Quest 2 accessories | Good VR games plans

Today I propose to you this tutorial to make your own haptic or force feedback jacket for less than 100 dollars. Certainly, several products are currently marketed, such as the jacket bHapics of Tacsuit, but the prices charged are still very high (400 to 600 $). Other alternative more affordable and easier to configure the BassMe Plus, but less immersive.

The interest of the product is to feel vibrations on the chest and in the back while you play in virtual reality on adapted PCVR games, watch a movie or listen to music in order to increase the sensations and the immersion.

Note : Je presents a basic tutorial made from the Pointlessly Useful video. Thanks to everyone who will embark on this project for commenting on the article to complete the steps of the tutorial.


Materials needed to create your haptic VR Vest

I tell you the prices of the material needed to make this tutorial. But it is very likely that you already own some of the items, or are getting used items for much less.


  • If you haven’t yet 3d printer, nor friends who have one, I recommend a model from Comgrow for its excellent quality / price ratio. it’s about the Creality Ender 3 (model with glass top) at 180 dollars.
  • A helmet known as PCVR or the Oculus Quest (native or in Link / Virtual Desktop or AirLink) to access certain Steam VR and Quest games.

The homemade haptic vest video tutorial for less than 100 dollars


Recover vibration motors for haptic feedback

For that, this is the simplest part, you will recycle the two vibration motors of the old PS2 controllers. Simply

  • Unscrew the 5 screws on the back of the DualShock 2.
  • Open the lever by forcing on the groove separating the two parts of the shell.
  • Remove the two motors in the area of ​​the sleeves by cutting the 2 threads to about 2 cm
  • As we say in the kitchen, reserve and go to the next lever.


Make the engine mounting bracket

Everyone will be able to show their imagination here. One technique is to create small 3D printed bases to place the 8 motors.

Vibration motor fixing print

Then glue the base directly on the jacket or haptic vest.


Program and connect the haptic motors to the Raspbery Pi 0

Do not worry, you will directly recover the necessary files on Github on this VRvest page

The files are used to create a simple websocket server (haptic_server.py) which listens to the messages that VR games send to the bhpatics reader and sends them back as vibration instruction to the motors of the haptic vest (MotorDriverDiagram.fzz).

VR haptic engine file

The project takes shape by connecting the 8 motors to the Raspberry Pi 0 which will also need to be powered with an external battery via the USB-C port.

VRvest haptic motor connection

The end of the tutorial is surprising since it involves going directly to retrieve the necessary file from the bHapics site.. Go to the Support tab then the developers submenu and select Python,

Raspbery Pi haptic vest file


Thux health homemade haptic VR Vest compatible (PC, Steam VR & Quest)

  • Beat saber
  • Population One
  • VR Chat
  • Thrill of the Fight (Native Quest)
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Synth Riders
  • Sairento VR (Native Quest)
  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • Blade and Sorcery
  • Onward
  • Pavlov VR
  • Zero Caliber VR
  • Crisis VRigade 2
  • VR propagation
  • Ancient Dungeon


  • Apex Construct
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Contractors
  • ChilloutVR
  • Death Horizon: Reloaded
  • Doom3Quest
  • Fallout 4 VR
  • Furious seas
  • Hell Breakers
  • Hologate
  • I Expect You To Die
  • In Death: Unchained
  • Operation Serpens
  • Phasmophobia
  • Rinlo
  • Shadow of Valhalla
  • Space Block Buster
  • Special Force VR: INFINITY WAR
  • Space Junkies
  • Smash drums
  • Snow fortress
  • Vex solutions
  • Skyrim VR
  • Tea for god
  • The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim VR
  • Tsun-Tsun VR
  • Virtual Battlegrounds
  • VRZ: Torment
  • Xist
  • ZomDay
compatible vr games VR haptic jacket

homemade haptic VR Vest


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