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Hipp windeln review

Hipp windeln

The Hipp windeln baby soft diapers in the detailed test 2020. Hipp is a leading company for baby food and products for babies, children and pregnant women. The focus of the company, which was founded in Germany, is the careful use of resources and the environment. For a short time now, Hipp has been offering its own baby soft diaper. There were 5 sizes to choose from when it was launched. Since February 2020 there is now also a size 6 Extra Large, as well as the tiny size 0. As always, I tested the largest size, as this also allows the quality of the smaller diapers to be assessed.

I was very pleased that we were able to test the new HiPP windeln in advance. I am very sensitive to diapers, especially when it comes to smell. If the diapers smell chemically when they are opened, I think to myself, it can’t be good for children’s delicate skin. That’s why I always do the trial sample first.

Of course, there is also the handling and the fit. Absorbency is particularly important to me at night. And I have to admit that I can also be influenced a bit by the look. In the case of diapers, which I consider to be equally good, I of course prefer the ones with the more appealing design.

When it was launched, sizes 1-5 were available. Since February 2020, a size 6 and a very small size 0 have also been available. It remains to be seen whether Hipp baby soft pants will also be available soon. All sizes are also available as jumbo packs. Monthly packs are currently not available.

Available sizes

0 micro (1-2.5 kg) 24 pcs.
1 newborn (2-5 kg) 24 pcs.
2 mini (3-6 kg) 31 pcs
3 midi (6-10 kg) 36 pcs
4 Maxi (8-14 kg) 32 pcs
5 junior (11-17 kg) 29 pcs
6 Extra large (15+ kg) 26 pieces 
Single pack Hipp baby soft diapers size 6 front
Front of the packaging
Innovations and special features according to the manufacturer
Extra soft and breathable
Fit fastener – Innovative grid hooks on the fasteners adhere to every point on the diaper surface
long suction core (size 3-6)
Balance channels ensure ideal moisture distribution for pleasant wearing comfort (size 3-6)
Dryness – extra long absorbent core for 12 hours of safety and protection
Clothing size specified in addition to weight
The smaller sizes 0-2 also have an umbilical cutout and a moisture indicator.

Ingredients of Hipp Windel

Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions in babies. It is therefore particularly positive if such materials are not used in diapers. According to the manufacturer, Hipp windeln are free from perfume, lotion, natural latex and chlorine. Pollutants have no place in diapers either. That is why the baby soft diapers are free of harmful substances by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and the “Blue Angel” certified.


Perfume free
Lotion free
Natural latex free
Chlorine free
OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified (tested for harmful substances)
Blue Angel – The environmental label (tested for harmful substances and without cosmetic additives) from size 3
Environmental benefits

Blue Angel – The environmental label (pulp from sustainable forestry, tested for harmful substances and without cosmetic additives) from size 3
FSC mix (100% cellulose from responsible sources)
Short transport routes as it is made in Germany
CO2-neutral energy balance in the manufacturing plant
100% green electricity through the use of renewable energies
Packaging made from 40% recycled plastic
No genetic engineering


The Hipp windeln Gr. 6 looks very nice and colorful. Lots of funny animal designs cover the front and back of the diaper. It’s a shame that every diaper always has the same motifs. The size information can be found in the upper area of ​​the front. The Hipp brand logo is also placed on both sides of the waistband.

A special feature of the Hipp windeln is that the sides are marked. So far I have only found a label on pants, where it makes perfect sense. With an adhesive diaper this seems superfluous to me.

Another special feature is the closure area. With all other adhesive diapers tested so far, an additional tape is stuck on in the closure area. This is where the Velcro fasteners are attached and this is where they hold best. The Hipp windeln has no tape in this area. Instead, the surface is color-coded. The special “fit closure” can be attached directly to the fleece. A mark with the inscription “Now I’m too big” shows when the diaper is too small.

Hipp_Windeln_ design

Equipment and condition of the Hipp windeln

Externally, the Hipp windeln is absolutely soft and comfortable. The outer fleece is covered with fluffy, fabric-like fibers. The side cuffs and the inner fleece are also particularly soft. It was a bit negative that the diaper is a bit stiff overall. It is also one of the slightly thicker diapers.

Average thickness: 5.8 mm
maximum thickness: 7.3 mm
Dry weight: 42 grams
The rustling noise is very quiet. It smells almost neutral.

Closures with innovative grid hooks

The Hipp windeln size 6 are equipped with special Velcro fasteners. These are average in size and, thanks to the innovative grid hooks, adhere to any point on the diaper. Therefore, no separate tape is attached in the closure area, but only a color code. The closures adhere very well even after being opened and closed several times.

Length: 3.0 cm
Width: 3.2 cm
The closure area is at least visually limited in length by the side marking “Now I’m too big”.

Length: 18.0 cm

The absorbent body

The absorbent body is particularly long at 48 cm and approx. 10.5 cm wide over its entire length. In terms of area, it is one of the very large absorbent bodies. At the time of the test, only the absorbent area of ​​the Rascal + Friends Premium diaper size 6 and the Babylove eco diaper size 6 XXL was slightly larger.

Length: 48.0 cm
Front width: 10.5 cm
center: 10.5 cm
back: 10.5 cm
The absorbent body is constructed in several layers. The top thin layer has direct skin contact and is particularly soft with the Hipp diapers. There is a somewhat thicker fleece layer underneath. Then come the 3 “balance channels” that are filled with superabsorbents and cellulose material. The outer fleece forms the last layer.

Channels colored blue without a dry layer Only the channels


Hip size, age and size of the Hipp windeln baby soft diapers size 6
Age 2 – 5.5 years
Body size 92 – 116 cm
Hip circumference 54 – 60 cm
The size 6 extra large is in the average range compared to all other tested size 6 diapers. It is 54 cm long and 23 cm wide in the middle. The diaper offers the best fit from a hip circumference of 54 cm to a maximum of 60 cm.

Length: 54.0 cm
Width: 23.0 cm
Special ranking – diaper size and hip circumference
Maximum hip circumference
The cuffs can be stretched well beyond the normal range. A maximum theoretical hip circumference of 87 cm is possible if the Velcro fasteners are attached to the outside of the diaper.

maximum hip circumference: 87.0 cm

The suction strength of the Hipp diapers size 6🛒 is at a very good level. In the practical test, the absorbent body safely absorbed a volume of 350 ml of liquid even under pressure. If there was more liquid, the diaper leaked.

In the laboratory test under ideal conditions, the diaper absorbed a maximum amount of 580 ml of liquid. For this purpose, the absorbent body was completely flooded with liquid until it had absorbed the maximum possible amount. Compared to all other tested diapers, the Hipp diaper is filled with an average amount of superabsorbent.

Unfortunately, the dryness values ​​cannot convince in the test. From the beginning, about half of the dry area remains permanently wet. from 200 ml only 21% of the surface is dry and from 250 ml the diaper stays completely wet. The absorbent body sucks in the liquid quickly, but some moisture always remains in the fleece layer.

Overall, the Hipp baby soft diaper size 6 received a good rating in this category due to its very good suction power.

Other abnormalities in the baby soft diaper from Hipp

The “balance channels” are very pronounced. The absorbent body keeps its shape very well even with a lot of liquid. Over the course of the test, some moisture diffuses through the outer shell, which shows that the diaper is breathable. This is particularly noticeable when the wet diaper is placed on a smooth surface. After a short time, a damp stain forms between the surface and the diaper.

Price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio is average. At the time of the test, a pack of Hipp windeln size 6 extra large cost € 7.45. Each package contains 26 diapers, which corresponds to a unit price of 29 cents. The price is therefore on the level of a Pampers baby-dry size 6.

Where to buy Hipp windeln?

Various providers now have the Hipp windeln on offer. You can also order diapers directly online via the Hipp website. Another option is to order from Amazon. So far, only sizes 1-5 are available there.

Trial packs can be ordered cheaply for testing on the Hipp website. You will also find a fun competition in which you have to name the most important features of the Hipp diapers. You can win a diaper & care package. Hipp also offers a diaper app. There you can collect bonus points and get bonuses with every Hipp diaper purchase.

All suitable alternatives

Of course there are also plenty of alternatives to the Hipp diapers. In the following rankings you will find all alternatives suitable for the respective age. The size 6 fits children between 2 and 5.5 years. Simply click on the relevant ranking depending on your age.The size 4,size 5  are For children aged 3-4 years


With the baby soft diapers, Hipp offers a very environmentally friendly and compatible baby diaper, which could also be called an eco-diaper. It can convince with good results in almost all categories.

Visually it looks very colorful and cute due to the many animal motifs. The side labeling need not necessarily have been, because in contrast to pants, for which the labeling makes perfect sense, with an adhesive diaper it is very easy to distinguish the front from the back.

The new grid hooks on the locks offer a very good hold even after they have been opened and closed several times. The diaper feels very soft and comfortable all around. The inner fleece in particular is very fluffy. Overall, the Hipp diaper is a bit stiff and firm.

It is one of the medium-sized diapers and is ideal for ages 2 to 5.5 years.

The suction strength is at the top level. The “balance channels” absorb liquid quickly and distribute it. Only the dryness values ​​are bad. If you take the dryness values ​​of the Pampers baby-dry 7 for comparison, there are worlds in between.

The Hipp diapers are priced in the medium-price segment and are about as expensive as the Pampers baby-dry size 6 diapers. The price-performance ratio is average.

Overall, the overall rating is good. I can therefore give you a clear buy recommendation.

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Good product
  • Design
  • Quality
  • ECO
  • Quality/Price

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