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The reason is to avoid problems with emergency call centres sensitive to falls but for many seniors on fixed incomes the reality is that a state-of-the-art mobile medical alert system may not be available at this time because of prices increases. GreatCall Medical Alert Systems is another provider that connects most of its services to smartphones and uses this to offer seniors a call plan for a nervous smartphone. For customers looking for a medical alarm for smartphones, a simple flip-up medical alarm, a medical alarm button or even a portable medical alarm, Greatcall phones has options.

They also have a number of healthy medical safety apps for seniors and caregivers. In December 2015, GreatCall acquired Lively, a connected health platform with traditional standalone medical warning devices with advanced features for modern-looking active seniors looking for emergency care and protection. This includes comprehensive services such as 5-star emergency assistance, GreatCall link, fall detection, free equipment replacement, emergency care and a nurse hotline.

I will take an in-depth look at Livelys products, prices and services to see how Lively compares with other popular options such as Medical Guardian and Medical Alert Systems. The 5Star Ready Response Monitoring Service is outstanding, not to mention the additional services Lively links to emergency care. Some of Livelys services are specialized – Lively Ride, for example, distinguishes them from other medical alarm providers that we have tested.

Lively mobile users can also sign up for a health and safety package starting at $24.99 per month in addition to a monthly device fee of $49.99 and an activation fee of $35. This is $5-10 cheaper than the monthly cost of Medical Guardians and, much like the mobile system, offers good value for money. The waterproof mobile button is sold for a lower entry price of $39.99 and includes monthly monitoring and service fees starting at $19.99 for the base plan and Livelys 5star service.

Pressing the 5Star Urgent Response button on the medical alarm gives the user immediate and unlimited access to IAEED-certified 5Star agents who can confirm the location of the user, assess his situation and provide you with the help you need. Lively Mobile Medical Alert offers a comprehensive set of features including 24 / 7 access, live monitoring, help, water repellent use in the shower, GPS tracking, escort apps, data sharing and fall detection. Lively Wearable – This waterproof wearable features fall detection technology, connects to other devices via Bluetooth and acts as a medical alarm button.

Livelys mobile medical warning device has a one-touch button that seniors can press in an emergency. Seniors can press the button on the device to call Livy’s emergency center, 5Star Urgent Response. It is a device that helps seniors live an active, independent life by giving them the certainty of having access to help.

The Lively Flip Phone with a $99 device fee and call and text plans starting from $14.99 a month makes it an excellent option for older adults who want a no-frills device at an affordable monthly price. We think it’s worth the extra cost with access to world-class health and safety features and a reliable service that you won’t find on other flip phones. Another Lively option is the Flip, a simple flip phone that is not technically a smartphone, but has large buttons, powerful speakers, a flashlight, a built-in camera and an emergency button that connects you to a certified contact for direct assistance.

If you buy a jitterbug device, activate it before you use it. There are two ways to get Lively phones: plan purchases (calls, texts and data) or a la carte purchases (health and security packages) that offer discounts per minute. Lively is a leader in mobile alarm systems for the elderly.

Jitterbug Cell Phone Plan Cost Pricing for Seniors

SeniorLiving.org View Lively’s cell phone line includes the $99.99 Lively Flip and the $149.95 Lively Smart. Lively Flip Phone Review Pricing (2021) $5 an hour Senior Living.org Views Lively’s monthly service plans are affordable, the Lively Flip is easy to configure and customer service is friendly and helpful. Lively Devices Equipment Pricing Jitter Buggy Smart3 Jitter buggy flip2 Lively Mobile Lively Wearable2 Device Smartphone Flip Phone One Watch Fee $149.99 $99.99 – $49.99 + $49.99 Monthly Fees Base Pack $24.99 – $24.99 24. 99 – $24. 99 I was disappointed to learn that her phone, the Lively Wearable, and her flip2 charge an activation fee of $35.

Check out Lively's suite of products from medical alert devices to smart phones!

GreatCall offers its customers state-of-the-art medical monitoring services under long-term contracts, a unique option for seniors that many companies do not offer. GreatCalls medical services are the nation’s No 1 4G network and they are used across the country. GreatCall Lively Flip is a mobile device similar to the Smart2 jitterbug, but it’s a flip phone instead of a smartphone.

With GreatCall Lively Mobile, you get a mobile medical alarm system with excellent audio quality and fast emergency response times, and like all the services we tested, the entry-level price is lower than most fixed home services. There are, however, six different packages with features that allow you to pick up one of the medical warning systems, an SOS or mobile GPS device, a series of one-time calls to 911 when you press the Help button (an option that costs JUS $20 a month ) and a chat feature for older couples that allows them to talk to each other through the system. GreatCall has embraced mobile and smartphone devices more broadly than its competitors and offers flip phones as a preferred option.

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