Gentian capsules(Lengthy Dan Xie Gan Wan) and pure well being

Chinese pure medication – Gentian capsules

Gentian capsules to empty the liver

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Principal indications : conjunctivitis , chilly
sores or genital , otitis, hyperthyroidism , headache, shingles, eczema.

Chinese well being philosophy:this preparation
is used within the case of warmth and fullness within the Liver and Gallbladder , Warmth
Moisture within the decrease lobby .

Related signs: choleric temperament ,
darkish urine, bitter mouth , menstrual cycles shortcuts with crimson and purple
blood, crimson tongue, yellow coating.



As this system is available in totally different kinds and
at totally different ranges , it is very important comply with the producer’s
suggestions. Don’t exceed the advisable dosage. Can be utilized long run.



Troublesome private points , fatty and sugary
meals, alcohol abuse and an infection will trigger an overactive Liver . Fireplace Liver
assails the pinnacle, leading to complications , dizziness, flushing of the face and
eyes. Liver Fireplace causes nervousness and irritation , inflicting sleep disturbances
and nightmares. Constipation and darkish urine replicate the inner drying
liquids. A well-liked to deal with viral infections in acute phases system .


Historical past

This system is talked about within the Yi Fang Ji
Jie quantity , assortment and evaluation of medical kinds written by the well-known
doctor Wang Ang in 1682.



This system can injure the Spleen and
Abdomen ; it ought to subsequently not be taken into massive dose over an extended interval .
It should not be taken if there’s already drying natural liquids.


Mu Tong, an ingredient within the system is the
stem of Aristolochia manshuriensis . The U.S. FDA has issued a warning on
merchandise that comprise acid aristolochique.

One can discover merchandise utilizing one of many
following vegetation in lieu of Aristolochia : Clematis armandii , Clematis montana, Akebia
trifoliata , Akebia quinata .

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Title pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Lengthy Dan Cao

Radix scabrae gentian ( Gentian Root )

Drains Warmth and Humidity Liver and Gallbladder

Zhi Zi

Gardeniae jasminoidis Fructus ( fruit of gardenia )

Drains Warmth and Humidity Liver and Gallbladder

Ze Xie

Rhizoma alimatis – aquaticae plantago ( plantain rhizome of water )

Searching Warmth, diuretic, drains Warmth and Humidity

Mu Tong

Caulis Mutong ( Akebia stem or Clematis )

Searching Warmth, diuretic, drains Warmth and Humidity

Che Qian Zi

Semen plantaginis ( Plantain Seed )

Searching Warmth, diuretic, drains Warmth and Humidity

Chai Hu

Radix bupleurum ( Bupleurum Root )

Clears Warmth Liver , Liver regulates Vitality

Dang Gui

Radix Angelicae sinensis ( angelica root )

Nourishes Blood , invigorates the liver

Sheng Di Huang

Rehmanniae glutinosae Radix

Nourishes Blood , invigorates the liver

Gan Cao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis ( licorice root )

Harmonize the motion of different vegetation

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