Gastrodia Uncaria tablets for Chinese pure wholesome drugs

Chinese pure medicine-Gastrodia Uncaria tablets

Uncaria tablets

therapeutic makes use of

Most important
indications: hypertension.

Chinese well being
philosophy :
method is used to calm the Liver-Wind, clear Warmth, mobilize and invigorate the
Blood Liver and Kidney.

signs: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred imaginative and prescient, sleep disturbed by
goals, purple tongue, speedy pulse and tense.



this method is in numerous varieties and at numerous dosages, it is very important
observe the producer’s suggestions. Should be taken for a minimum of a month.
Can be utilized long run.



blood strain is barely elevated. Your physician has beneficial to use
hygiene measures life earlier than contemplating medicine: decreasing salt and occasional,
give up smoking, reduce weight, do train and chill out. Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Wan is
the best pure product to affiliate together with your method.


preparation primitive hypertension happens in folks 40 and older. This strain
is as a result of weakening of Kidney Yin not capable of correctly irrigate and
nourish the liver. Yang Liver develop excessively dizziness, tinnitus, sleep
disturbed by goals, headache and purple tongue. In case you are already utilizing
medicine on your hypertension, seek the advice of a therapist in conventional Chinese drugs
and your physician. Your well being requires good supervision.


Historical past

method is talked about within the Za Bing Zheng Zhi Xin Yi (Fashions and coverings for
numerous ailments), whose creator and date of publication are unknown.



results of this preparation was added to these medicines that deal with
hypertension, coronary heart and kidney failure, angina, arrhythmia.

out of attain of kids.

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Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Tian Ma

Gastrodiae elatae Rhizoma (rhizome orchid Gastrodia)

Calm the liver, lowers the Rise of Yang, removes ache

Gou Teng

Ramulus cum uncis uncariae (vine Uncaria)

Clears Liver Warmth, soothes the Liver Yang

Shi Jue Ming

Haliotidis Concha (abalone shell calcined)

Soothes Liver Yang, improves imaginative and prescient

Zhi Zi

Gardeniae jasminoidis fructus (fruit of Gardenia)

Drains Warmth and Humidity Liver and Gallbladder

Huang Qin

Scutellariae radix (Scutellaria root)

Drains Warmth and Humidity, pure antibiotic efficient towards viruses and micro organism

Yi Mu Cao

Herba leonuri hétérophylli (aerial elements motherwort)

Invigorates Blood, searching the Amas, diuretic

Chuan Niu Xi

Radix cyathulae officinalis (root of Achyranthes Szechuan)

Energetic circulation of Blood, disperses Amas, lowers Vitality, tones the liver and kidneys


Cortex eucommiae ulmoidis (Eucommia bark)

Invigorates the liver and kidneys, invigorates Vitality and Blood

Sang Ji Sheng

Loranthi ramulus (mulberry mistletoe)

Invigorates the liver and kidneys, stops ache

Ye Jiao Teng

Caulis polygoni multiflori (branches of the Seal of Solomon)

Soothes the spirit, nourishes the Coronary heart

Fu Shen

Poriae Radix (root Poriae pararadicis)

Calm the Coronary heart, calms the Spirit

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