Gastro will not pass through us

Diarrhea, intestinal ache, nausea … The gastroenteritis virus is invited yearly from the primary days of winter. To dam the street to this undesirable, just one answer: irreproachable hygiene. And to do away with it with out leaving feathers: hydrate and undertake an advert hoc eating regimen.

Gastroenteritis (additionally referred to as abdomen flu) is an irritation and an infection of the liner of the digestive tract, abdomen and intestines. It could trigger extreme dehydration. More often than not, gastroenteritis is brought on by germs. They are often viral or bacterial. We is not going to study the unique gastroenteritis right here. bacterial which is usually the results of meals poisoning.

Viral gastroenteritis is very contagious and is transmitted from man to man (by palms, bathrooms, glasses). This an infection may cause actual epidemics principally in winter. Greater than 100 viruses will be liable for gastroenteritis. Among the many finest recognized, the rotavirus, which typically causes gastroenteritis in youngsters, but in addition calciviruses, adenoviruses or noroviruses. The virus season often lasts from November to March. Signs attribute of gastroenteritis could also be: acute diarrhea, abdomen spasms, colic and cramps, vomiting and nausea.

Drink, drink and drink once more

The primary treatment of gastroenteritis consists of hydrate abundantly : suggestions are round 8 to 9 glasses of water per day. Water relaxes the abdomen and eliminates poisonous parts. It additionally helps preserve regular physique temperature. Additionally soak up mineral-rich drinks (broths, soups…). Within the case of babies and infants, it’s strongly advisable to see a pediatrician rapidlyto keep away from water loss and mineral salts.

Along with standard therapies, the most effective pure treatment in case of acute gastritis or gastroenteritis undoubtedly stays rice water : boil 30 g of rice for about half-hour in a liter of spring water, filter and drink all through the day, presumably with slightly honey. One other treatment from grandmother: grate a uncooked apple and depart it within the air till it turns brown, then eat it.

Boiled rice and carrots

For 2 days, you will have to restrict your eating regimen to boiled rice, very cooked carrots diminished mashed or lower into slices. As well as, carrots present vitamin A, or retinol, which has a preventive impact towards infections of the mucous membranes and improves the secretion of gastric juices. Additionally contemplate consuming bran bread unfold with quince jelly or honey. And in the event you discover it in your well being meals retailer, drink it for the primary twenty-four hours. coconut water which provides the abdomen with nutritional vitamins and minerals and helps it rapidly return to its regular state.

Propolis and carob

Propolis purifies the digestive tract and promotes the stability of the intestinal flora. In spring and fall, do two annual purifying cures of 10 days : within the morning upon rising and at bedtime, swallow 2 capsules with slightly water.

For youths (over 36 months) open the capsule and provides solely half of the contents. Dry extract of natural propolis (66%), envelope of vegetable origin, natural carob (15.5%).

Vegetable coal

This charcoal is obtained from charred coconut shells. To extend its adsorption capability, a stream of air and water is injected below stress between 900 and 1000 ° C, thus creating thousands and thousands of microscopic cells on the floor of the carbon. It’s these cells, or pores, that give charcoal its absorbing energy. In case of diarrhea, it slows down transit by retaining extra water. He can too soak up germs liable for the an infection. Take 3 capsules each 3 hours in case of diarrhea. And a pair of to three capsules noon and night after meals in case of bloating. Warning : let elapse 4 to six hours earlier than some other remedy.

Prebiotics and probiotioques

Nothing like that for renew the intestinal flora after gastroenteritis. Probiotics reside microorganisms which, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have useful results on the host organism by bettering the properties of its intestinal flora. The probiotic strains contained in these capsules are naturally current within the intestinal flora. They’re viable in gastric acid atmosphere, resist bile and pancreatic enzymes, and cling to the floor of intestinal epithelial cells. They’re right here related to prebiotics which stimulate them. Take 2 capsules per day, ideally between meals. For youngsters below 6, dilute the contents of 1 capsule in slightly water

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is l‘ultimate pure antibiotic. It doesn’t weaken the immune system like artificial antibiotics, quite the opposite it helps and protects it. Delicate and highly effective on the similar time, EPP renders innocent viruses and micro organism. Its motion extends over a really broad spectrum: roughly 800 strains of micro organism and viruses. He acts rapidly. It isn’t toxic. And eventually, it doesn’t destroy micro organism helpful to the physique and doesn’t have an effect on the intestinal flora. Morning, midday and night, 10 to fifteen drops in a glass of water are the most effective protection towards gastroenteritis.

White clay

Clay owes its exercise to its excessive absorbency and its nice wealth in silica (48%), aluminum (36%) and mineral salts (14%). It strains the gastrointestinal mucosa, protects it, helps in its therapeutic and absorbs toxins current within the digestive tract. It is strongly recommended for its highly effective antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, particularly as gastric bandage.

Soak 2 teaspoons of white clay (use a plastic spoon to keep away from any response between clay and steel) in a glass of water, in a single day. Within the morning, combine with the plastic spoon and drink the clay water on an empty abdomen. Proceed till the diarrhea is totally gone.

Revivable brewer’s yeast

Naturally wealthy in group B nutritional vitamins, brewer’s yeast is obtained from yeast cultivated on malt wort, washed and pressed then dehydrated at low temperature in a stream of dry air to be able to preserve the viability of the cells. She is acknowledged for her pprobiotic properties, regulating the intestinal flora, antimicrobial and antidiarrhoeal. Take 2 to 4 capsules with a glass of water or natural apple juice.

Blueberry berries

Here’s a miracle treatment that can do away with your gastroenteritis and relieve colitis, infectious diarrhea and vomiting in two days for lower than 5 euros. Receive dried blueberry berries from an “enlightened” herbalist or pharmacist. Infuse 25 g of berries in a liter of boiling spring water for not less than half an hour, to drink in the course of the day. If this isn’t sufficient, repeat the operation the subsequent day.

For infants, a couple of drops of this infusion within the bottle will calm small gastric issues.

Anise, lemon balm, fennel, star anise

Ecocert licensed, this natural tea incorporates anise, which relaxes the intestines and reduces the formation of fuel, and lemon balm, digestive and soothing. But additionally of star anise, efficient towards gastrointestinal issues, bloating, aerophagia, fuel, and fennel, spasmolytic and really efficient towards bloating. Go away to infuse in a cup of sizzling water for 3 to 4 minutes, take 2 to three natural teas per day, after every meal.

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