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Garmin Index S2 the smart health connected scale that helps you lose weight

Garmin Index S2 the smart health connected scale that helps you lose weight

Garmin Index S2 review scale Review that helps you lose weight in multiple measurements: weight, BMI, bone mass, muscle or fat and hydration.

Garmin Index S2 the scale that helps you lose weight

Garmin has updated its smart health connected scales to make it easier to keep an eye on your weight data in the Garmin Connect app. It therefore takes on its full meaning for users of a smart health connected watch from the American brand.

In the wake of its smart health connected watches Garmin Venu Sq and the new one Forerunner 745 (I personally love the Fenix ​​6), here is the Index S2 smart health connected scale.

Design and ergonomics

A sober and elegant design that takes advantage of beautiful color display. The displayed data can be personalized with in the smartphone application (Android or iOS). Robust, it can be used by anyone up to 181.4 kilos (or 400 books).

Dimensions of 32 x 31 for a height of 2.8 cm
Integrated color display of 2.8 inch
1.99 kg weight

It can manage up to 16 different users. You benefit from a 9 months autonomy before you need to change the batteries.

Garmin S2 Index test

Quick and easy installation and configuration

  1. Install the Garmin Connect app, and launch the integrated tutorial

  2. Put the batteries in the scale, it will synchronize automatically using your Wi-Fi network.

  3. When you step on the scale, if you are several users, it asks you to select your account (if it does not identify you directly).

  4. After each “weighing”, your data is synchronized in the application. This allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly or even annual charts and trendlines.

  5. Finally, you can fully customize your scale by selecting the widgets you want to appear on the screen from the app.

Lots of health data: weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, hydration

If, like me, you are obsessed with your weight and weighs every day, the S2 Index allows you to calculate your average weight over a 30-day period. It is quite normal for the weight to rise and fall depending on a number of factors, the flattening of the curve helps you identify longer term changes. This will make it easier to check if you have everything in hand.

However, some people, especially athletes, will want to focus on these immediate changes.

The weight difference before and after a workout can reveal your degree of hydration (or dehydration). The S2 index therefore calculates a difference between your current reading and your previous reading, which can indicate whether you need to take more fluids.

In terms of metrics, it’s pretty much the same as before:

  • The weight, in addition, it authorizes several measurements per day and records them
  • the percentage of body fat,
  • theBMI,
  • the muscular mass skeletale,
  • the bone mass
  • and the percentage of body water.

Plus, it shows you the local weather to help you plan your day’s physical activities.

Garmin Index S2 Connection and Compatibility

Index S2 uses the Wireless to synchronize with the free app Garmin Connect, which allows you to track your stats as well as your runs, cycles and other health metrics.

It is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit, which allows you to collect your weight data.

The app allows up to 16 different users. Each person can thus follow their information in complete confidentiality using their own Garmin Connect account.

Price and release date

The S2 index is offered at the same price whether you take it in black or white for $162.99 on Amazon.

The smart scale is already available. It comes with 4 AAA batteries to power it.

Garmin Index S2 review

The new version brings direct display improvements and many additional measures useful to know the evolution of his physical condition. This is perfectly associated with a pleasant and ergonomic application.

One reason to choose it and if you have a smart health connected watch from Garmin, you will benefit from the grouping of all your data in the Garmin Connect application.

However, if it is very efficient, it comes at a high price compared for example to the Xiaomi mi body Composition Scale, which also offers monitoring of 10 body indices for 16 users  .


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