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FutureYou Cambridge Keep You Healthy Initiative

FutureYou Cambridge Keep You Healthy Initiative

Scientifically proven health supplements & vitamins including Turmeric & Ateronon Heart, developed in Cambridge, with patented, easy-to-absorb formulations.FutureYou Cambridge exists to create supplements as they should be. Supplements that work. Supplements that help you the way you’d expect. Supplements sold by friendly, knowledgeable people who care about your wellbeing. That’s why we only bring you products that are supported by published scientific data: we know that they work thanks to the independent scientists who help us select them. The formulations of our products ensure optimised absorption so your body can get exactly the right amount of exactly what matters.

Cambridge Nutraceuticals

Cambridge Nutraceuticals was founded to make a unique lycopene supplement available to the world. Lycopene is derived from the skin of tomatoes and substantial research at the University of Cambridge showed the patented version, LactoLycopene, is easy to absorb (bioavailable) and scientifically effective.

We subsequently created Ateronon Heart+ as our first food supplement, following extensive research and multiple scientific trials. We believe every supplement should be a powerful tool to boost your wellbeing, and scientific trials are an important way we can prove beyond a doubt that supplements like Ateronon Heart+ are truly beneficial. Today, we continue to develop and sponsor research into easy-to-absorb products with scientifically proven benefits, including Turmeric+, the popular Joint Health tablet that has been the focus of more scientific studies than any other bioavailable curcumin supplement. Whatever the reason you’re considering supplements, you can always find the most effective formulations available from us.

Over time they have gained the backing of experts at leading international academic institutions and some of Cambridge’s most prominent biotechnology investors, including Jonathan Milner, founder of Abcam. Abcam is a leading supplier of protein research tools and one of Cambridge’s best-known and biggest startups, now worth over £2bn. In 2015 FutureYou Cambridge was born.

Scientifically proven supplements

FutureYou Cambridge are based in the heart of Cambridge, England, an internationally renowned hub of scientific research. They have close ties with leading institutions including the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Addenbrooke’s). All of their research and development is supported by a high-profile board of experts with world-leading knowledge in everything from natural ingredients to joint and heart health. Their experts include, among others: Peter Kirkpatrick BSc MBCHB MSc FRCS, a leading Cambridge University vascular neurosurgeon; Professor Michael Heinrich, head of University College London’s Centre for Pharmacognosy & Phytotherapy; and Dr Nicholas Shenker, a consultant rheumatologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and expert in chronic pain syndromes.

Under the guidance of Dr Miriam Ferrer, Head of Product Development, and their scientific advisory board, FutureYou Cambridge have expanded their range to include more than twenty supplements covering bones and joints, energy, digestive health, heart and circulatory health, immunity, pet health and more.

For every supplement FutureYou Cambridge produce there are two key considerations: how much of the active ingredient can be absorbed by the body, and what benefits the ingredient provides once it has been absorbed. Absorption is vital because your body can only benefit from a supplement if the active ingredient reaches your bloodstream, so they create products proven to have benefits in multiple studies, and use formulations that boost absorption in a natural way.

Feature FutureYou Cambridge products


FutureYou Cambridge – Joint Health Supplements Bundle – Joint Health Supplements – Highly Bioavailable – 28 Day Supply FutureYou Cambridge – Women’s Health Bundle – Women’s Health Supplements – Highly Bioavailable – 28 Day Supply

FutureYou Cambridge – Men’s Health Bundle – Men’s Health Supplements – Highly Bioavailable – 28 Day Supply FutureYou Cambridge – Heart Supplements Bundle – Heart Supplements – Highly Bioavailable – 28 Day Supply FutureYou Cambridge – Fertility+ with LactoLycopene – Men’s Fertility Supplements – 28 Day Supply FutureYou Cambridge – Daily Shield+ with Beta Glucan – Immunity Health Supplements – 28 Capsules FutureYou Cambridge – ProBio-8+ Sachets – Digestive Health Supplements – 28 Days Supply FutureYou Cambridge – Super Vitamin D With K2+ – Bone Health Supplements – Easy-to-Absorb – 28 Capsules

FutureYou Cambridge – Winter Wellness Bundle – Immunity Health Supplements – 56 Tablets – 28 Day Supply

FutureYou Cambridge – Odourless Black Garlic+ Supplements – Cholesterol & Heart Supplements – 84 Capsules

FutureYou Cambridge – Ateronon Heart+ ‘Tomato Pill’ with LactoLycopene – Heart Supplements – 28 Capsules FutureYou Cambridge – Vitamin D+ 84 Capsules – Bone & Immunity Health Supplements – 28 Days Supply Vision+ with Lutein & Zeaxanthin – Health Supplements – 28 Capsules  Magnesium+ Mineral Supplement – Supplements for Energy – Highly Bioavailable – 28 Capsules  FocusZen+ with Lemon Balm Leaf Extract – Health Supplements – 28 Capsules Curcupet-K9 Turmeric Supplements for Dogs – Pet Health Supplements – Joint Health Capsules – 56 Tablets -Subscription  Blood Flow+ ‘Chocolate Pill’ with Cocoa Flavanol Extract – Circulatory Health Supplements – 56 Capsules Cool Joints+ with Boswellia Serrata Extract – Joint Health Supplements – Easy-to-Absorb – 28 Capsules  Immunity+ with Vitamin C and Zinc – Immunity Health Supplements – 56 Tablets – 28 Days Supply Omega 3+ with Krill Oil – Supports Healthy Heart and Liver – Health Supplements – 28 Capsules

XY Pro+ with LactoLycopene – Men’s Health Supplements – Lycopene Absorption – 28 Capsules  Vitamin B Complex+ – Supplements for Energy – Highly Bioavailable Formulation – 84 Capsules  Gastrolieve+ with Artichoke Leaf & Ginger Root Extracts – Digestive Health Supplements – 28 Capsules Cranberry+ Supplements – Health Supplements – 56 Capsules Super Glucosamine Joint Advanced+ with Curcumin – Joint Health Supplements – 28 Tablets


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