Want to see her future chest before operation?

Many women want to increase the size of their bust and surgery is often the only solution. Difficult, however, to project and visualize what will be her body and future chest after surgery. A Breton clinic in France looked into the problem and developed a smart health device. Augmented reality now makes it possible to answer the big question posed by women who are determined to have their chest operated: “What will my breasts look like after the operation? “.

Augmented reality to choose the size of your future chest

The use of augmented reality in medicine and, in particular, in plastic surgery makes it possible to “see” the modifications before the interventions. In this way the patient is more reassured before the operation and can begin to apprehend his new image. In this example, it is the choice of breast implants that is facilitated. The patient can choose knowingly and will not be surprised after the procedure.

The placement of breast implants can artificially increase the size of the breast in women who judge their breasts too small. However, it is difficult for them to project themselves and to choose the cup size that will please them. The augmented reality mirror developed for the Cesson-Sévigné polyclinic in Brittany makes it easy to visualize the result with different sizes of implants.

augmented reality allows to see her future chest before operation smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康丰胸

See her future chest before surgery thanks to augmented reality

The placement of breast implants can artificially increase the size of his chest. But how to project oneself into the future? This operation is serious, it is important for a woman to know the result of a similar operation.

The augmented reality mirror developed for the clinic of Cesson-Sévigné in Brittany found the solution. It allows a woman to easily visualize and upstream of the operation the result of it. She can also choose different sizes of implants according to her preferences.

The principle is simple. The woman poses in front of the mirror with a bandeau around her chest. The surgeon uses a tablet with a specific application. The result is projected in real time on the mirror screen. The woman can then admire face or profile with her future chest. The surgeon can adjust, at will, the size of the implants so that the patient can choose the size that suits her best. The woman looks at herself in the mirror and adjusts to her taste to be closer to her desires. An augmented reality technique for health that is both practical and reassuring for these women.


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