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Funny little beasts

8 years old

Funny Creatures is a 2017 animated film based on the series of the same name. The visual quality is much better than the original series, the film has benefited from work on the structures. The linearity is not the most obvious, we follow different things at the same time.



We see how complicated it is to arrive in a village. It’s not easy for an acrobat to find his place and it is on him that suspicion falls when there is a problem. Importance of having people like Mireille who are nice. It’s those who feel rejected, like Huguette the wasp, who can become mean.


Do not reject the stranger who arrives in the village, do not consider others as pests. If people have problems, they can become thieves, so make sure they don’t have any more problems and we’ll make them friends. Welcome the other even if he comes from another hive. Suffering from loneliness for those who are constantly rejected.


Whoever manages things must be careful that everyone is protected, and must be careful not to exploit all the resources. We can clearly see the difficulty of a person in charge (here the queen) of being so important that she becomes indispensable and that she cannot leave her castle.

Totalitarian regime

Choice between exile, prison or death. The people will undergo a curfew with the new queen who has just made a coup. We can clearly see the military style of the wasps.


Importance of reacting when you have a problem, some characters will rebel even if they are basically nice little insects. fight. Receive a sword to fight. Create a plan to attack the enemy, use of weapons.


We can see how we can worry that something will happen to the other. You shouldn’t lock someone up because you’re afraid something will happen to them. Danger. There are dangerous things in life.


It is clear that at different times, Apollo the cricket relives a difficult moment of rejection when he experiences a difficulty. This puts him in an apathetic attitude. A hard time experienced in the past can cause discomfort and lower tone. He feels responsible for the death of his brothers.

importance of life

Criticism of the death penalty. The cricket is going to be punished, it is said that it will be offered as a sacrifice to the bat. The “harmful” villains will realize that they have to become nice when they refuse to kill the queen. For the bad guys, however, we are not certain that they will survive.

Mixed couple

A romance played out between the cricket and the bee, and since love is stronger than anything, the lovers will live far away together. With “La vie en rose” which closes the film.


An anthropomorphic world in a garden, with many small animals (crickets, bees, lice, wasps, butterflies, etc.).


Apollo the cricket is a magician.


A society based on the idea that there needs to be a major manager in the system (and here it is the queen bee). She gives her orders and makes things work. When the sovereign is sympathetic, everything works well


The queen is attentive to her subjects (she heals a baby who felt bad).


Example of a society that works well, with workers who work well.


We see the effect that this generates in the cricket when there are people laughing.

Funny little beasts



Léon le Bourdon sees the pests, four brigand characters who appear to steal, they are going to flee the guards, and help themselves, we understand that they are going to do business with Huguette, and even these animals are afraid of a “vampire” who is prowling and have to go. Big laugh from the leader of the pests, they want to grab the queen, the bat wants to bite the bee which is stuck, Apollo will help him and he himself is chased by the beast, it’s rather stressful . Then the 4 pests take hold of her “no, please help, help”, we don’t know what is happening to her. The band of wasps arrives at the castle, it’s a coup d’etat. The night bat that scares the guards. It is feared that Sphinx will kill the queen with the big knife, he walks towards her growling, opens the door loudly, she screams, falls to the ground, he says he is sorry. The cricket tames the bat to use it as a weapon against the wasps. Huguette has swords and pursues her cousin to kill her, the cricket goes to help her, he gets disarmed.


Huguette the wasp who comes to talk to Apollo, we suspect that there is something fishy, ​​the cricket does not suspect anything (she exerts emotional pressure, letting him dangle that he will be able to settle in the village). At night, it is feared that something will happen to the queen, Huguette observes it and she has just hired bad guys to take care of it. Apollo will try to seek help from Huguette, but as she is the bad guy, she takes the opportunity to accuse him. Rejection of the population who cries “Down with the foreigner”, we see that this awakens a trauma. Apollo finds himself in a cage, even though he is innocent. The pathetic queen who thinks her cousin Huguette is coming to help her. Huguette asks to cut off the queen’s head. The wasps help themselves to food and exploit the bees who become tired, and the precious nectar is drunk by the rulers, and the flowers lose their petals, everything goes wrong. The wasp demands that we work harder, otherwise the babies will be abandoned. Huguette notices that the bees are keeping the babies safe, she sends her men. We’re happy to see the good guys fight the bad guys (with the bad guys getting punched) and if Sphinx looks like he’s got the bottom against the leader of the Wasp armies, he’ll win in the end.


A little sad atmosphere at the beginning of the film when Apollon is alone in his cabin which is taking on water, with sad music. We see the small moments of spleen of the cricket when he remembers his past, or when people make fun of him. Everyone rejects him, he couldn’t even pass the hat, he is called a parasite. Apollo plays at night and remembers how he was rejected, he becomes sad again. The story of Apollo where he convinced his brothers to go and play in a garden, but the inhabitants set fire to their tent and all his brothers died.



A film designed for children, but not really suitable for them, with an editing that is not easy to follow, different things can happen at the same time, and the plot is complex and hard (a queen who feels locked up, an acrobat who feels rejected and a story of power struggle, villains who are actually nice, a death sentence with Apollo who must be sacrificed to the bat and Queen Margaret who must have her head cut off). It is therefore not at all for the youngest.

Not recommended for children under:7 yearsFormat:feature filmYear:2017Duration:80 minutesStudio:Bidibul Productions, France 3, Onyx FilmsCountry:France, LuxemburgCreators:Antoon KringsArnaud BouronTechnical:Synthesized imagesThemes:Anthropomorphic animals, Combat, Insect, Integration, Resistance, Respect for life, Responsibility, Tolerance, Totalitarianism, Trauma

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