Full review on this Dental Water Flosser

After winning several design awards with its electric toothbrushes, this Chinese firm became interested in dental water flossers. These devices project a jet of pressurized water which completes conventional brushing by cleaning areas that are difficult to access with the latter. So what is this second model designed by Oclean worth?

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Technical sheet of the Oclean W10

  • Pulse frequency : 1400/min
  • Intensity : 20-90psi
  • Tank capacity : 200ml
  • charging port : USB Type-C
  • Battery capacity : 1400mAh
  • Waterproofing : IPX7

Unboxing of the Oclean W10 wireless dental water flosser

At the sight of the box, we do not have the impression of unboxing a device designed to improve oral hygiene. In effect, the packaging has shimmering colors and shows almost no information about the product. Beyond the usefulness of the latter, we are being sold here the image that the brand wishes to communicate with. Apart from the device itself, the box does not hide much. There is a USB C charging cable as well as a quartet of different nozzles. We assume that each will have a particular role.

Unboxing photo of the Oclean W10 wireless dental water flosser

The design of the Oclean W10 Portable

Just like the appearance of the box, that of this product stands out compared to other dental water flossers. Indeed, the latter rarely have an original design. Most take the form of a cylinder, let’s say not very graceful, covered with a few very conspicuous switches. Like most wireless models of its kind, the W10 is chunky. This can be a problem if the storage space around your sink turns out to be limited. Here, the white cylinder has flattened out and sports two buttons, five LEDs and a cap-protected charging port on its front. As for the tank at its base and the nozzles on the top, they swap white for a transparent green that allows you to see the water circulating there. Finally, there is a green silicone strap on its back held by two small silver circles. The whole thing gives it a refined aesthetic that makes you want to use it.

This product has also obtained a Reddot Award in 2023 for its design

Front view of Oclean W10 Portable

Using the Oclean W10 Water Flosser

Before the cleaning begins, you have to go through an obvious step: fill the tank with water. To carry out this one, it seemed logical to us to remove it by pressing the push button located at the back. Although impractical, this method works. We were wrong, because detaching the tank is only for cleaning it. In effect, the silver circle on the top of the device is actually a cap that hides an access for water. This is what happens when you read the manual diagonally! Now it’s time to choose the right nozzle from the four provided:

  • standard nozzle : it cleans the spaces between each tooth
  • periodontal nozzle : more precise and less aggressive, it is used to clean the gums
  • Orthodontic nozzle : the brush at the end makes it easy to clean braces
  • Tongue nozzle : its spoon-shaped end makes it possible to clean its surface

They are attached and removed using a second push button above the Power button.

Photo of the Oclean W10 Portable from the back

Once the device is in place, let’s move on to practice. In principle, its use should take place once a day after brushing your teeth. It should be noted that this is a device that complements the latter and does not replace it in any way. A water flosser is therefore useful to remove dental plaque where the brush cannot go. This prevents the formation of tartar and the development of bacteria. When turned on, the pump inside sends pressurized water to the nozzle. To avoid an anthology of splashes, first place the tip of the nozzle in your mouth and then close your lips. Unless of course you enjoy repainting your mirror every time. You can then pass the spray over all of your teeth.

The functions of the Oclean W10 Water Flosser

The Power button is used to launch the pump while the one just below allows you to select its mode. This product has five different ones, one for each diode on its front panel. The first three work in the same way, they send a continuous stream which is interrupted for a short time every fifteen seconds. This downtime signals to the user that the tank has lost a quarter of its contents. Direct irrigation can therefore work for about 60 seconds. VSThe trio of modes is thus used to choose the force of the jet between standard, intensive or soft. The latter is very practical for people with delicate gums or sensitive teeth. Besides, the fourth mode replaces the continuous stream with bursts and the fifth does the same as the standard mode, but stops the stream as soon as the user releases the Power button.

Our opinion on the Oclean W10 dental water flosser

Until now, this type of device was foreign to us, so it’s a total discovery. This fulfills its role well and effectively removes the residue stuck between the teeth after a meal. As neophytes in the handling of this tool, we note the aggressive sensation that the jet can leave on teeth that are not used to it. Prefer the standard or soft mode for your first uses. Although it seems to be the norm, the 200ml of the tank seems a little light to us. Indeed, the most conscientious will probably have to fill it a second time to finish their toilet. That said, we appreciate the very practical design of this product and in particular that you only have to lift a small cap to put the water in it.

We add that the Oclean W10 is 25% off from August 23 to 28, 2021 on the brand’s official website. In addition, it offers a 40% reduction for its latest electric toothbrush Oclean Flow Sonic.

8.4 An effective dental water flosser with a nice design

Oclean delivers here its vision of the dental water flosser and this one is particularly attractive. Indeed, it sports a sleek design that blends into the decor. Let’s say it stains less than other products in this category. No operational problems to report, the W10 does exactly what it is asked to do. To choose between blaming it for its imposing size or its somewhat tight tank, we take the second option. With its price below €70 ($79.99), it is a good compromise between the most expensive and the most affordable. To conclude, we would have appreciated the presence of one or more spare nozzles.

  • Design 9

  • Practicality 8

  • Capacity 8

  • Efficiency 9

  • Price 8

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