FOGO, the smart health connected flashlight with GPS, walkie-talkie, etc!

FOGO, the smart health connected flashlight with GPS, walkie-talkie, etc!

Fogo is a smart health connected flashlight integrating a GPS, a walkie-talkie and various all-in-one functions to lighten the load carried in your backpack during hikes.

If you are currently in full preparation for a great adventure, or just like to be prepared for any eventuality, you probably love multi-tools. And these increasingly incorporate the use of a number of gadgets, to take with you to explore the world. If the BRCK hotspot is not enough for you, if the Coolest Cooler seems too big … maybe the smart flashlight invented by the start-up Fogo Digital will seduce you. It indeed integrates a GPS to find your way throughout the day, a flash light to spot you at night and even a talkie Walkie if you have lost your friends on the way… In short, the Fogo lamp is the smart health connected toolbox of the adventurer 2.0 😉


Fogo Digital has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance its multi-purpose flashlight, which combines these different functions in a single portable device for the load carried in your backpack.


Presentation of Fogo:

The developers of Fogo sought to respond to a series of scenarios that could occur in the context of mountain hikes, mountain biking trips or all sports practiced outdoors. They thus developed this LED flashlight with a power of 1000 lumens which also embeds a GPS screen, a pedometer, a digital compass, a digital walkie talkie and text messaging through which you can communicate with other product owners.

Used as a GPS, Fogo allows you to define waypoints in advance in order to orient yourself in the navigation (via a smartphone) and even to configure the lamp so that it flashes if you deviate from the planned path. Fogo also integrates a 6800 mAh backup battery allowing to charge your smartphone more than 2 times via a USB port classic, a ambient light sensor, etc.


How the Fogo lamp works:

Beyond pre-installed applications, the developer community will be able to extend the possibilities of the Fogo lamp by exploiting the possibilities offered by the Fogo public SDK. The lower end of the flashlight has an interface called ‘SmartCap‘of Fogo, consisting of a USB / UART / 5V port designed to expand the hardware capabilities of the flashlight with various additional modules, such as the talkie Walkie, or others SmartCaps that Fogo will reveal little by little. The company plans in particular to associate with its lamp a satellite module, a Laser rangefinder and an avalanche beacon.


The Fogo team also demonstrates the possibility ofuse the lamp as an ATV counter by fixing Fogo to the handlebars of his machine. Fogo then allows you to track your speed, altitude and distance traveled. Coupled with your favorite fitness application, you will be able to cross-reference your data with your heart rate and calories burned for example. The lamp will be launched with two mounting adapters, one for the Garmin mounting system and the other compatible with GoPro action cameras.


Availability and prices:

The first supporters of the smart health connected flashlight will be able to take advantage of the reduced price to $ 175, and $ 225 with the module making walkie-talkie. On Kickstarter, Fogo hopes raise the necessary $ 125,000 to the manufacture of its product. At the time of writing, nearly 10% of this amount has already been collected. The torch was marketed in September 2015. After that, the final price should be around $ 279.


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