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Fitbit Versa 2 Amazon Vs Walmart

Fitbit Versa 2: the complete Review

Wonder buy Versa 2 with best price? Buy Fitbit Versa 2 Amazon or Walmart?

Fitbit Versa 2 Amazon price

Walmart price

FitBit, specialist in smart health connected watches and wristbands fitness unveils the Versa 2. It integrates the voice assistant of Amazon, sleep analysis functions and a battery that allows him to hold for 5 days.

FitBit introduced the new version of its high-end watch, Versa 2. If at first glance, the differences with the previous generation are not obvious, it’s because they are mostly inside. First, for the first time in a device of the brand, the Versa 2 integrates Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon. Thanks to the presence of a microphone and the pressure of the single button, it is possible to set alarms or alarm clocks, or control smart objects in the house.

Fitbit versa 2 also offers new sleep analysis features to better understand it and make it more restorative. The first is the sleep score. This gives a rating to assess the quality of the time spent sleeping. It is therefore based on heart rate, waking time, agitation, or sleep phases. The other is the intelligent alarm clock. It is thus possible to select a wake-up range, and the watch chooses the optimal moment according to the phases of the cycle.

In line with the Pebble line of fire, the Versa range is undoubtedly one of the most attractive of the American smart health connected health specialist Fitbit. Less versatile than an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch, but infinitely richer in functions than a simple activity tracking bracelet, the Versa was able to convince us with its elegant design and excellent value for money.
Launched at the end of 2019, does the Versa 2 fill the gaps of its predecessor and bring a real renewal? One thing is certain and we can only congratulate ourselves, its price – just below the $200  mark – has not increased.

Fitbit Versa 2

An Amoled “Always On” screen

At first glance, nothing looks more like a Versa than a Versa 2 and we will not complain! The fineness of the case, its lightness, its design (very) inspired by the Apple Watch, its comfortable wearing strap (silicone in the sportiest version) … everything that had seduced in the first version is preserved. On closer inspection, there are even some improvements. Slightly larger thanks to slightly thinner borders, the screen adopts Amoled technology. It is therefore easy to read outdoors, even in sunny weather, and now offers the possibility of displaying the time permanently.

Fitbit Versa 2

Versa 2: waterproof and robust

Despite its lightness, the Versa 2 does not lack robustness. With its aluminum case and Corning Gorilla Glass screen coating, this watch is not afraid of falls and does not resist scratches too badly. After having roughed it up for a few months, it remains very presentable, just like its bracelet, which seems to wear out. Waterproof, it can be kept on the wrist in all circumstances but we advise you to remove it after an intensive sports session to wipe it. This will allow the heart rate sensor to keep its full effectiveness and it will prevent you from possible skin irritations (that’s real experience!). Whether swimming in the pool or taking a shower, it is better to rinse the watch with fresh water and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

Fitbit Versa 2

The ideal tool for getting back into shape

Like the Charge bracelets, the Versa 2 allows you to follow a large number of activities. We appreciate the clear and detailed reports generated by the application, whether it’s following a running exercise or simply the quality of your sleep.

The main elements of the day can also be viewed directly from the watch. Thanks in particular to the well-responsive touch screen, navigation in the watch menus is carried out quickly and smoothly, with a simple swipe of the finger vertically or horizontally.

Without achieving the professionalism of a Garmin or Suunto watch, the Versa 2 which regularly provides hot incentives (called badges) is a great way to calmly start a period of fitness. We always regret, of course, the lack of integrated GPS which requires you to bring the smartphone during an outdoor sports session. The Versa 2 uses the smartphone’s GPS to record your routes, then play them back in the app.


Fitbit therefore offers the user a wide range of features, but sometimes at the cost of a few concessions. In the same way, if it is possible to install applications like Spotify or Deezer and use them directly from the watch, you will first have to think about transferring your playlists from the smartphone … An operation that is not possible only on condition of charging the watch. This does not leave much room for improvisation! It should be noted in passing that a proprietary loading medium is always part of it. Better not to forget it before going on leave.

Comfortable autonomy

Fortunately, the Versa 2 is one of the rechargeable watches with generous autonomy. Provided you do not adjust the screen brightness to the maximum (not very useful), do not abuse the permanent display, or even limit your notifications to only calls and SMS, or even one or two networks like Messenger and WhatsApp, it is possible to hold a short week at the rate of two sports sessions under GPS. It is in this scenario that the Versa 2 is the most pleasant to use. A faithful companion that can be worn 24 hours a day, thanks to its elegance and its versatility. Of course, it can do much more, especially with the arrival of new functions or the addition of certain services. But at the cost of shortened endurance and a certain time spent setting up your watch. Not sure if the game is worth the candle!

Alexa as reinforcement

Good news, we can now reply to SMS directly from our watch other than through pre-recorded messages like “yes”, “no” or “very good! ” To do this, Fitbit chose to integrate Amazon’s assistant, as well as a microphone, into its watch. It works, as long as the environment is not too noisy. The manipulations to be performed with your fingertip on the small screen of the watch are not a panacea. We miss each other quite often! The assistant can also be asked to start a timer – quite practical when cooking, provided your fingers are not too dirty – or even to control the lighting of the house. The most geeks will love it, the others will probably end up going their way to fall back on the most basic functions.

Because if in its basic functions (very focused on activities), the Versa 2 is rather simple and practical to use, as soon as you try to access more advanced settings, the task becomes complicated. The app is a real gas factory with many entry points.
Some settings are also accessible from the watch but do not necessarily have the same title as in the app. At the slightest problem – break in Bluetooth connection or blocked notifications -, we quickly tear our hair out … To want to enrich the existing again and again, Fitbit drowns the user in a flood of information. A redesign / simplification of the app might be worth considering.

Regular additions of health functions

Beyond Alexa, Fitbit regularly adds new products, through updates, especially geared towards health. Since last February, monitoring of the oxygen level in the blood – made possible thanks to the sensors already present under the watch – has been available for French users. This monitoring, carried out using automatic measurements during the night, is to be consulted in the sleep part of the application to detect possible respiratory disorders.
Fitbit has also been offering the (paid) application, FibriCheck, for a few weeks, intended for all those who need to detect possible heart problems, such as atrial fibrillation. This application allows you to take regular measurements of your heart rate using the heart rate monitoring under the watch case. Simple to implement, monitoring from the watch in one or two minutes.

Fitbit Aria Air

It is also possible to complete your health monitoring by indicating in the app all the foods absorbed daily to determine your calorie intake and expenditure or by weighing yourself. Fitbit offers in this latter case its own smart health connected scales which it is possible to associate with the app. The brand has also launched a new low-cost model called Aria Air.


With a discreet and neat design in tempered glass, this compact scale has the advantage of only costing around sixty euros. The perfect opportunity for those who want to lose weight to integrate daily measurements into the Fitbit app. Only downside, Aria Air only ensures the minimum union: display your weight and then synchronize it with the app … at least when the connection, limited to Bluetooth, wants to establish. That is not always the case.
A fat index is sometimes calculated in the app, but not systematically. A little annoying. The price is mini, but so is the service.

Finally, be aware that it is possible to pay without contact with your Versa 2 watch. Few banks are unfortunately compatible with Fitbit pay. Only Crédit Mutuel is present on the side of traditional establishments. things seem to be moving a little with the arrival of Fortuneo and especially recently of Boursorama.

The  Review

Very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, light enough to be forgotten at night and a design adapted to all situations of life, the Versa 2 is a very successful smart health connected watch. Despite the absence of an integrated GPS, this model is particularly attractive for its activity and sleep monitoring functions. The perfect companion for gentle fitness.
The Versa 2 offers of course many other functions: receive notifications, respond to them, listen to music or call on an intelligent assistant … But sometimes at the cost of long research sessions in the abundant menus of the application . 

Fitbit Versa 2 Amazon price

Fitbit Versa 2 Walmart

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