Fitbit and Google set to make patient data accessible to doctors

Fitbit and Google Cloud announce their partnership around the health sector. With Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, doctors will be able to access fitbit health data in connected smart health device.

Health data generated by connected objects can be valuable to physicians. In particular, they can be used to develop personalized care, provided that the measures taken by its objects are precise.

Fitbit focuses on e-health

The American firm recently acquired Twine Health. This acquisition opens new horizons: it can sell this service to insurance companies, companies specializing in care or individuals who subscribe to a subscription. Recall that Fitbit has lost more than 200 million dollars in 2017. To get out of this bad patch, she plans to focus its products on e-health.

Yet health care is a very competitive niche. One example is Apple Watch, which has made breakthroughs in medical studies of sleep apnea, heart problems and stroke. The fight is still long for Fitbit.

Indeed, if Fitbit is widely considered a manufacturer of accessories for sports, the firm wants to evolve and invest more in the health sector. Heart rate or physical activity data can supplement medical records. And expand a patient’s profile to understand their personal situation in more detail.

Google-Cloud-Platform-Icon fitbit smart health data 智慧健康数据Google healthcare api and fitbit health data

Health data can be extremely valuable to physicians and researchers. They can help to advance the fight against diseases, but also to develop personalized care. Unfortunately, access to these data largely restricted. For reasons, this information is difficult to collect, but also difficult to organize.

In March 2018, to improve the interoperability of health data, Google launched the Cloud Healthcare API.  After a first wave of partnerships with institutions like the Stanford School of Medicine, Google today announced a partnership with the US company Fitbit.

Thanks to the Cloud Healthcare API, the market leader in connected bracelets will open access to its data to healthcare professionals.  Fitbit seeks to develop a centralized access point for doctors to access both medical records and data collected by Fitbit devices.

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