Embr Wave reviews –  Get Immediate Relief & Gain control of your comfort 

Embr Wave reviews –   Get Immediate Relief & Gain control of your comfort 

For years, smartwatch manufacturers have claimed that their gadgets can help you improve your health through exercise tracking and other features. However, the new Embr Wave 2 goes above and beyond with temperature sensors, body cooling functions, and improved stress management. The question is, does it work, and is it worth it? We took Embr Wave reviews for a spin to find out more.


Have you heard of the Embr Wave? I hadn’t had one till he gave it to me. It’s a device that allows you to adjust your own temperature. This bracelet, which resembles a wristwatch or fitness tracker, will assist you cool or warm your body to be more comfortable.

Do you have hot flashes? Is it always cold? Do you have trouble falling asleep? When you’re stressed or have migraines, do you get hot? Do you have any health conditions that are affecting your internal temperature? The Embr Wave was designed specifically for circumstances like this.

Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews

Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews


Your nerves are triggered to deliver a signal to your brain when the Embr Wave cools or warms your skin. The temperature feeling is processed by your brain in a natural way. Your body balances itself in a matter of seconds, and you notice a change.

The Embr Wave is worn on the inside of your wrist (almost like you’re wearing your smartwatch backwards). Because the inside of your wrist has a high density of thermoreceptors, the Embr Wave only needs to cover a little area to have an impact on how you feel overall.

The Wave’s thermal sensations, known as Waveforms by Embr, are designed to optimize the sensation you get from each pulse while also balancing power consumption so you can cool or warm for longer on a single charge.

Please keep in mind that the Embr Wave has no effect on your body temperature. To be healthy, your body temperature should be around 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Your perception of temperature is altered by the Embr Wave.

Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews


Does Embr Wave work?

For a few weeks, I wore the Embr Wave on and off to see if it could keep me cool in a heat wave or warm me up in overly aggressive office air conditioning. The verdict: The Embr Wave is a clever concept encased in a clumsy, cumbersome, and pricey gimmick that falls well short of its potential.

In certain ways, the Embr Wave delivers on its promise. When you wear the device, you’ll feel the warmth or cold it generates on a point on your wrist, and it’s a nice, even intriguing sensation. The chilling phase, in particular, goes against your normal notions of a surface warming up when you touch it, so it’s both counterintuitive and intriguing.


For sleeping, I also like the Embr Wave. I’m freezing when I first get into bed, but I usually wake up in a pool of sweat at 1 a.m. I’ve been utilizing the Warming Go Asleep Preset Mode, which is 35 minutes of slow, long waves of warm waves that I’ve found to help me fall asleep. This option prevents the device’s button from being lighted.

In the Embr Wave app, an example of the Fall Asleep Mode for warmth. You may still adjust the temperature once you’re in the Mode. I put on the all-night cooling mode if I am still awake when the mode shuts off. If I don’t, and I wake up overheated, I’ll use the Embr Wave’s face button for a quick blast of cool, then use the app to set a setting for the rest of the night.

When spring approaches, I’m sure I’ll be using the cooling feature for sleep a lot more.


During a hot flash, your brain receives a mistaken signal from your body that it needs to evacuate excess heat. According to studies, instant cooling sensations before or during a hot flash can lower the overall intensity and/or duration of the flash.

A pilot research with Johnson & Johnson Innovation found that wearing the Embr Wave bracelet resulted in a 16 percent reduction in Heat Flash Related Daily Interference for daytime hot flashes. Wearing the Embr Wave led in a 28 percent reduction in sleep start latency as well as an increase in nighttime sleep, according to a second research.

I’m perimenopausal and have had my first couple of heat flashes. I had one the other day and was thankful I was wearing my Embr Wave bracelet. I didn’t take the time to pick up my phone; instead, I simply pressed the middle of the button on the face, then the left side a few times (left is chilly, right is warm), and a wave of cold washed over my wrist. My body began to regulate itself in a matter of seconds.

What was even better was that no one in my house knew. My Embr Wave was turned on beneath my sweatshirt, no one saw me press the button, and everything appeared to be normal while I was halting a hot flash.

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Embr Wave 2 review

Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews

Design and Features

The Embr Wave 2 features a straightforward design. With the exception of a thin plastic top slice, the front is mostly metal. While the metal appears to be of good quality at first glance, I found that it quickly became scratched due to its location on the inside of the wrist, where it is easily banged into items. The huge thermoelectric pad and two charging spots that line up with the magnetic charging puck are on the back of it. Despite the fact that the back has a huge conductive pad, it is safe to wash your hands while wearing it. I spilled some soup on it by accident, but it was undamaged after cleaning it down with a damp rag. However, do not immerse it in water because it is not waterproof.

Two buttons for controlling the Embr Wave 2 may be found on the device’s side. The button with the dot is the chilly button, whereas the button without the dot is the hot button. The indicator light is located in the middle of the buttons, while the one on the far left side of the image is solely used for firmware upgrades. The center LED will illuminate green when charging, white when the device is turned on, blue when the device is cooling, and orange when the device is warming.

The Embr Wave 2 can be operated by two buttons on the side of the device or via a Bluetooth-connected app.To turn it on, press either button, then select either the hot or cold button to begin a ten-minute session. Press the button that corresponds to the direction you want the temperature to change during the session to adjust the temperature. It takes some time to get used to the device’s feel. The cool setting feels like an ice cube was pressed against the inside of your wrist, while the heated setting feels like a hot cup of coffee was pressed there instead.

Either temperature begins to steadily increase in intensity before falling away like a wave. Due to the fact that temperature changes in waves, it is possible for the temperature to rise to a level that is both uncomfortable and painful. It did sneak up on me a couple of times, and I thought I’d burned my wrist or gotten frost bite. To avoid this, I recommend beginning on the hottest cold or coolest warm setting at first. However, after your body adjusts to the device’s operation, the shock wears off and the sensation is no longer unpleasant.

The size

The Embr Wave 2 is about the same size as a normal smartwatch. However, because it is worn on the inside of the wrist, it is difficult to wear while working at a computer. I sat at the computer all day, and it was getting in the way of my usual mobility, so I had to take it off. My arm hairs were continuously being tugged out by the lovely metal band. I discovered that they do sell a Velcro elastic band that would solve that problem, but I think having the option to choose the band at the time of purchase would be nice.


Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews

Embr Wave 2 Embr Wave reviews

You can customize your user preferences when you set up the Embr Wave 2 app. My device is obviously set to cool, but people who are usually cold can adjust the device to keep them warm as well. These options can also be modified at any moment via the app.

Being able to change the way the indicator light works is one of my favorite features. Because I usually wear mine at night, any light emitted is really bright and distracting. I was able to make it so that the lights remained visible but faded away after a few seconds.

During a session, the operation screen is really straightforward. At the bottom, there’s a stop button and a temperature slider. The Embr Wave 2’s battery is displayed in the top right corner, while the name of the session and the remaining time are displayed in the middle of the screen.

The Embr Wave 2 app also has four separate categories for different sessions that you can run. Each session is designed with a specific goal in mind. Every night, I take All Night – Cool to keep me from overheating while sleeping. You can set the duration of the session to seven, eight, or nine hours to ensure that it does not end before you are awake. Using it all night can deplete the battery, so if you use it as I do, you’ll have to charge it every day. I did use it during the day and conducted at least 15, 10 minute Cool Downs, but the battery was scarcely drained, thus with irregular use throughout the day, the battery was barely drained.

What Other Features Does the Embr Wave 2 Offer?

The Embr Wave 2 is a more advanced version of the first Embr Wave. It has a variety of essential functions that will assist you throughout the day and night. To begin with, it is water-resistant, making it suitable for usage in the rain or for high-intensity exercise.

Scientists are fascinated by this thermoregulator. Many studies have been undertaken to determine the efficacy of what is on offer. Menopausal women suffering temperature spikes and hot flushes are one of the most prominent ailments it promises to address. The gadget will not prevent these events from occurring, but it will make them more pleasant and bring much-needed respite. Especially if they’ve had many flushes in a short period of time.

Another area where it is showing promising outcomes is in individuals with prostate cancer who are undergoing therapy. The cooling and warming sensations, once again, assist in keeping individuals feeling good following a therapy session. Preventing them from experiencing temperature peaks and troughs, allowing them to be more functional than previously.

The Embr Wave 2 is also being studied to see whether it might improve sleep quality by managing temperature. A new trial is also looking at whether the gadget might assist Long COVID sufferers better control their symptoms. In actuality, much more research is needed to acquire a good picture of the Embr Wave 2’s potential. However, it has piqued people’s curiosity and is certain to grow in popularity.

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Is the Embr Wave worth it?

What I enjoy about Wave 2 is this: When I wear it, I really feel a little bit colder. The software is simple and straightforward to use. It also has a long-lasting battery.

What’s wrong with it? I wish they had a cover for the metal face, which scrapes on my metal laptop when typing. When the machine runs for more than a cycle, it gets rather hot, which partially negates the cooling effect it’s meant to provide.

This type of technology will only grow and improve, and I appreciate it when companies like Embr bring in women like Dr. Pam Peeke to address our specific needs. Regardless of whether the device is for you or me, that feels like progress.

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