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How to use the easiest ways to lose belly fat with & without exercising?

Having a flat stomach is often a question of healthy living. On the program: balanced diet and physical activity at will. The easiest ways to lose belly fat is focus on the foods & sports that give the best results.

Buoy, brioche, love handles… nothing wrong with having a little layer of fat. But if it is a source of complexes and we want to get rid of it, several solutions are available to us.

To feel better in your sneakers, you can start by cheating a little: by betting on accessories that create an optical illusion, you can erase your little flaws right away without making the slightest effort.

To lose weight in the stomach, there is no secret, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And it starts on the plate: we avoid fermented foods that make you bloat and those that contain too high a glycemic index, and we try the recipe for special flat stomach slimming juice.

But above all, we (re) put ourselves in sport! Getting active is the best way to burn calories while strengthening your core strap. And for losing belly fat, certain sports are particularly effective.

What is the easiest ways to lose belly fat with EXERCISE OR SPORT ?

To lose weight in the lower abdomen, it is necessary to burn abdominal fat by practicing endurance sport: fitness walking, jumping rope, running, cycling or swimming. Regardless of which discipline you choose, it should be noted that the body begins to draw on deep fat after 45 minutes of exertion.

Daily walking helps shed belly fat while improving overall health. It is better to start with a 30-minute run every day, then increase gradually.

Running is effective in causing the body to draw on fat reserves. In addition, it helps work the heart and improve the cardiovascular system.

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Cycling helps burn fat and improve overall fitness. Again, regular training is essential to get results. It’s best to start with 30-minute rides twice a week and increase as the body begins to get used to the effort.

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Swimming is a great choice for losing your lower abdomen. In addition, in addition to eliminating abdominal fat, it also works the thighs, legs and arms.


To lose weight in the stomach, it is essential to practice physical exercises. However, efforts will be in vain if the diet is not revised. While restrictive diets lead to rapid weight loss, the effects never last long. Indeed, the lost pounds are quickly recovered once the bad habits are resumed. Restrictive diets also take a toll on the body. They are the source of various deficiencies and the yo-yo effect for example.

To maintain a healthy weight, food intake must be proportional to energy needs. Many diets thus recommend counting calories to avoid misbehavior. However, this method creates frustration in the long run. To lose weight and therefore belly in the best conditions, there is a solution, chrono nutrition. The goal of this method is to eat the right foods at the right time and in the right amount.

It’s not easy to change your eating habits overnight! It may be necessary to be accompanied to approach the change in the best conditions.The Hallelujah Diet is a clean food, plant-based diet – for people who are interested in preventive health care and making dietary changes to improve their health. Their website offer over a 1000 delicious plant-based recipes! and testimonials. 

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How to lose belly fat without exercising?

Still, there are some very easy ways to lose belly fat without exercising too much. These are mainly eating habits to take or tips to remember on a daily basis. You should drink plenty of water and of course avoid foods saturated with bad fats or sugar. To you with a flat stomach!

Opt for “fat-burning” foods

Certain foods make it easier to remove the fat from around your belly. For example, blueberries, eggs, lean proteins such as fish, tofu, nuts or even avocado.

To drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water allows our body to eliminate toxins, to satisfy our desire to snack and thus helps to maintain a flat stomach. Try to drink more than a liter a day, you will also maintain a fresh complexion and good energy.

Avoid industrial products

If you put so much effort into shedding fat around your belly, it’s not to add it with industrial products that are loaded with fat and sugars. We forget the fries, fast food, sweets, ready meals.

Zap alcohol and sugary drinks

Get away from that pint of beer right away. Yes, we know, it’s very sad, but alcohol and sugar don’t mix well with a flat stomach. Favor unsweetened tea and sparkling water.

Trying intermittently fasting

To shed some fat, the goal is for your body to draw on its reserves. For this, you can practice intermittent fasting. You should eat for eight hours during the day and fast for the remaining sixteen hours.

So you can eat from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and skip the evening meal. Or skip your breakfast and start eating at noon until 8 p.m.

Stress reliever

Stress unfortunately wreaks havoc on your mind but also on your body. It causes the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which will put fat in the wrong places, typically around the belly. Try yoga or meditation.

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Is there the fastest way to lose belly fat?

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