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Withings: could smart home help prevent heart problems?

Withings: could smart home help prevent heart problems?

From the start of 2019, news from the home automation sector abounded. In question ? The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, which took place in January. Companies were able to announce their next outings, including Withings, an e-health specialist. Among its innovations, the BPM Core, an intelligent blood pressure monitor whose use could go far beyond simple health monitoring.Could smart home prevent heart attack?

Withings: health in the era of home automation democratization

Withings is today a key brand in home automation. This e-health pioneer has succeeded in conquering the connected market thanks to its range of intelligent and practical products, such as its Withings Steel HR, Withings Go, Activity Steel or Pop connected watches, its Pulse HR Withings smart health bracelet or even its home automation scales Withings Body or Withings Body Cardio.

The health market is an incredibly important part of innovation. Thus, specialized companies redouble their imagination in an attempt to win over potential customers. The democratization of connected objects for health and well-being is so rapid that some have come to question the risks it could bring.

The issue of personal data and its security, required standards and reliability is at the heart of the discussions.

While waiting to know whether or not the future of medicine will be connected, many brands offer solutions – often in the form of wearables, connected objects that we wear – to help individuals have better daily habits. These small pieces of equipment, often discreet, take on the role of sports coaches. At the Consumer Electronic Show 2019, where we discovered the best of new home automation products, Withings presented a few products, including its BPM Core, a connected object for detecting heart anomalies.

CES 2019 – Withings wants to detect your heart anomalies with its BPM CoreSmart Health and innovation: France at the heart of the challenges of the future

French HealthTech is a sector in perpetual motion. In 2017, French HealthTech start-ups raised 1.25 billion euros. A significant sum, certainly, which attests to the vitality of the market, but which also brings its share of questions.

BPM Core Withings reviews blood pressure monitoring electrocardiogram and stethoscope, smart health device reviewWithings: BPM Core, a connected blood pressure monitor and three in one

The firm, based in Issy-les-Moulineaux, continues to specialize in health monitoring. But with BPM Core, it goes up a gear, since this object is specifically dedicated to monitoring its heart rate. The data from this device can be directly relayed to the general practitioner during a consultation. It’s actually a connected cuff, which incorporates an electrocardiogram – or ECG, an electronic stethoscope, and a wireless blood pressure monitor. These three tools give rise to concrete things. In 90 seconds, the Withings BPM Core mainly allows:

Track heart rate,
To take blood pressure,
Identify abnormalities like an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation),
Identify possible problems with the functioning of the heart valves (valve disease).

As with all other connected objects, the statement of this data can be viewed by the user on a dedicated mobile application, HealthMate, free and compatible with iOS and Android.

Could home automation change the way we take care of ourselves?

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