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Cookies by Design review

Cookies by Design merged two famous gifts, flowers and cookies, in 1983, into the cookie bouquet, a deliciously delightful idea. Twenty-five years later, clients continue to turn to Cookies by Design to assist them in a special and enjoyable way to offer personal and artistic expressions to others.

Unique cookie bouquets, gourmet cookies,brownies,chocolate truffles and other specialty gifts are provided by each Cookies by Design location around the world, all hand-crafted with care.

Cookies by Design cookie bouquets are each decorated by hand, so that consumers can create their own edible bouquet at no extra cost, complete with photographs and personal messages.

Cookies by Design overview

Selections & Varieties

From Happy Birthday to New Baby to Teacher Appreciation and all in between, Cookies by Design offers several different cookie bouquets, cookie boxes, cookie boutrays, cookie trays, cookie favors, and cookie cakes decorated for any sort of occasion. Corporate gifting options that include gift tins, logo cookies and specialized corporate cookie gifts are also offered.

Their custom picture cookie choice is one of the funniest options we’ve found. They take a picture of your choosing and include it in any cookie arrangement as the focal point. These will make perfect gifts for a new baby bouquet featuring the image of infants, or a bouquet for retirement, birthday bouquet, etc. This will be a truly customized present for a cookie!

They also sell gourmet cookies with classic flavors such as red velvet, chocolate chip, macadamia nut white chocolate, and raisin oatmeal, plus decadent chocolate and millionaire cookies. These are available in boxes, platters, tins or baskets for gifts.

Their sugar cookies, measuring 4″-6″ tall, 3/8″-1/2″ wide, and 4 oz., are very big and thick. In each arrangement, YOu has the option to order from 1 to 11 cookies, making it very versatile to pick just the right bouquet for that special occasion.

However, Cookies by Design is not just cookies, they also sell chocolate truffles, gourmet brownies (traditional fudge only) and any mix you might think up of truffles, brownies or cookies.


For just about every occasion or holiday you might think of, Cookies by Design specializes in ornately designed sugar cookies, as well as specialized corporate gifts, image cookies, and cookie cakes. This is their primary emphasis on some form of unusual or exotic ingredients, by far.

However, they do sell over 40 different gluten-free bouquets, boutrays, and options for cookie baskets. They do not offer any vegan options.


As far as freshness goes, when it came to freshness, the sugar cookies in the bouquet were just “ok”-they were a little dry and crumbly, but some people like their sugar cookies that way. I prefer a softer sugar cookie personally, but then I also know that it would be hard to place them on a stick in a bouquet as well. They were iced with royal icing that hardens to make them easier to ship and stay presentable.

The bouquet itself was wonderful, and I would love to receive it as a present. The taste of the sugar cookies in the bouquet, however, was a bit’ off.’ They have left your mouth with a heavy “plastic” flavor. I’m not sure if it was the icing or the cookie itself. It’s likely that they picked this up from the plastic shrink wrap that covers each cookie, Or from the method of heating used in that process, but it was certainly not an appealing taste. Not sure if it was just the bouquet we got or all their bouquets are this way, too. It’s truly unfortunate that, like we said, the bouquet itself was stunning.

However, the freshness and taste of their gourmet cookies were fantastic. They were gentle, chewy, and full of taste. The Double Chocolate was my choice, of course, but then I’m a choco-holic! The raisin, red velvet, and chocolate chip of the oatmeal were all equally full of flavor and delicious. I’m happy I ordered these because they made up for the disappointment of the bouquet cookies’ actual taste.


For any of their bouquets, pricing runs a little high, especially when you realize that shipping is a cost over and above the price of the bouquet. For one cookie, bouquets start at about $11.50-but that’s not much of a bouquet-and go up from there. With $15.95 in delivery, the 7 cookie bouquet we ordered cost $59.99. A comparable bouquet of five cookies will be $46.99. You normally have a choice between their standard base, and then an upgraded base for an additional fee.

For a dozen assorted flavors with nuts, assorted flavors without nuts, or a dozen of any of the same flavors, their gourmet cookies start at $25.99. They have six different flavors to choose from.

Their gourmet gift box of brownies starts at $29.99 for a dozen fudgy chocolate brownies.

Corporate gifting options depend upon the type of corporate gift you choose – logo cookies, gift box assortments, etc. – and quantity but start on the low end at $8.99 and go up from there. They do have extensive corporate gifting options available.


Shipping is pricey, starting at $15.95 for flexible shipping (normally 3 to 4 days), $25 for shipping for two days, $35 for overnight and $37 for delivery on Saturday.

When we put our order, based on the shipping form we chose, it gave us the next available delivery date.

In some parts of the world and for selected goods, they provide same-day delivery.

The packaging on our order was beautiful. The bouquet is wrapped in a bubble wrap and laid in the box. The bouquet itself is then wrapped in a plastic bag and tied with a colourful ribbon at the end. None of the cookies have been split or separated from their sticks. I was really surprised, because I expected some shipping damage, but nope, they were all in great shape.

Each of the gourmet cookies was individually wrapped and numbered, and embedded in a decorated box of cookies by arrangement. As it kept them from drying out, I loved the individual wrapping on these cookies. They were always really soft and amazing.

Gift Options

All products from Cookies by Design are meant for gifting. They cover nearly any chance, as well as holidays, including holidays such as recognition of teachers and nurses week.

They also sell themed sports and animal-themed bouquets. So Cookies by Design has you protected whether your receiver has a favorite band, or is a dog or pet fan.

They deliver corporate gifts that include everything from cookies for logo, to assortments of gift boxes and tins for gifts.

With any order, you can have a special message included. It’s up to you to select the type of base you want on most orders, whether you want the regular base, or a mug, or a gift basket.

Customer Service

Cookies by Design provides assistance by phone and email. They don’t give live chat while writing this review. For customer phone service, they often don’t mention available hours. Their email support notes that they cause a response to take 24 to 48 hours.

They have a section on FAQs, as well as a section on shipping information, nutrition information, and descriptions of goods.

Who Would Cookies By Design Most Appeal To?

Cookies by Design would appeal to those who are looking to give friends and family who have a sweet tooth a nice, exclusive and edible bouquet as a gift. Those searching for a gluten-free gift option that is still enjoyable and tasty would also appeal to them! Companies seeking corporate gifting options will find a special choice for Cookies by Design.Or possibly for companies looking to offer logo or company themed cookies for meetings, conferences, or company outings.

Cookies By Design Products & Pricing

Cookies By Design promo codes & discount

What We Like About Cookies By Design

Lots, lots of different bouquets to choose from. For almost every occasion, sport, or hobby, they have over 200 different bouquets to choose from. The option for boutrays, cookie cakes, brownies, gourmet cookies, and chocolate truffles is then added to that and the choices are endless.

The decoration is very precise and it stays intact even after shipment because of the royal icing. The decorations on our cookies were in no way smudged or destroyed.

Cookies are Heavy, and think about them. These aren’t your usual wimpy little cookies with sugar.

To have the best of both options, you can combine and match their gourmet cookies-red velvet, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, decadent chocolate and millionaire-with their bouquets. In both the boutrays and cookie baskets, these are open.

What We Don’t Like About Cookies By Design

It is a little high, starting at about $62, when you add in the cost of shipping along with a standard sized bouquet of like 5 cookies.

My Opinion

I kindly got this super cute Congratulations Cookie Bouquet of Spring Blossoms seen above! The flowers looked so real – it was hard to believe that the cookies were edible!

The ordering process was really quick – I just called my local store and the next day they were delivered to my house!

And most importantly, they also tasted fantastic! I continued to want more!

I recommend Cookies by Design for this year’s perfect gift! Most people like sweets, and this is just not going to be some present that gets tossed or re-gifted in the back of the closet! It is thoughtful, customized, delicious, and beautifully decorated!

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Cookies decorated for any occasion
  • Most bouquets have option for personalized cookie message
  • Particularly comprehensive and appealing frosting designs
  • You can choose between 1 and 11 cookies in each bouquet,

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • More expensive than others
  • Extra cost of delivery


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