Now you can have these 7 type of connected health objects

Connected health is one of the areas in which people are celebrating connected objects for their usefulness and use, which makes life much easier for seniors and young parents alike.More and more people use connected health objects to monitor their health.

The sportsmen were first equipped with connected watches equipped with the GPS, then the individuals rushed towards the connected bracelets, able to measure their least facts and gestures; it’s called the Quantified Self. But what is more widely described as the connected health phenomenon goes well beyond the quantified self.

It is now possible to use a connected object to relieve or improve the treatment of patients, sometimes suffering from heavy and / or constraining pathologies.

About Connected health objects:

Manufacturers are inventing more and more innovative, intelligent devices dedicated to sport, well-being and now to health. Combined with increasingly sophisticated mobile applications, these connected objects can at least maintain a detailed history of their lifestyle and even suggest improvements related to physical activity or chronobiology. Sports, but also meals and sleep are studied to replace the doctor to the extent of the vital constants, such as heart rate, blood pressure or medication at regular hours.

In health, this requires a rigorous development under the eyes of medical professionals, which tends to become a standard when you want to go beyond the quantified self. Nearly 112 million wearable computing devices are in circulation worldwide as of 2018.

7 types of connected objects dedicated to health 

he connected Pill smart connected health 智慧物联健康药箱The connected Pill box:

The connected pillbox has stimulated the imagination of many companies around the world. Among the first applications offered to patients, there is GlowCaps, a bottle of medication that verifies that the patient (often an elderly or disabled) takes his medication. In case of forgetfulness, GlowCaps can alert the patient by an audible alarm and even send an SMS to the patient’s relatives or his doctor. We also think of Medissimo’s Imedipac, a French connected pillbox competitor of the Do-Pill SecuR and Medsecure Sivan, which makes it possible to follow the treatment of a remote patient. Imedipac lights a small LED next to the box corresponding to the tablets to be swallowed at the agreed time. The connected pillbox answers a double observation: the families are more and more exploded on the territory while the population is aging. More than one million days of hospitalization are related to medication errors.

Seniors can also rely on connected blood pressure monitors such as those from iHealth. There is also Vivago, connected watches connected to a remote alarm system that promotes autonomy and home support.

Food :

The PERES scanner analyzes the quality of each of its foods and their nutritional properties. Hapifork is a connected fork that made the buzz at the last CES in Las Vegas. His ambition: to help all of us eat better by chewing properly. Indeed, the connected fork Hapifork vibrates to scold you if you go too fast.


Adults can now keep track of everything about their health with HealthBook, the connected health book that Apple has incorporated with the latest update to its iOS8 mobile OS. In addition, more and more connected objects can self-diagnose responding to a growing trend of self-medication. For example, Wello is a smartphone shell that measures your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and temperature using a unique process.
Going even further, Scanadu offers a small scanner that allows a rapid health check and independently. Like the Zensorium sensor, the Scanadu Scout can measure your temperature, your pulse and possibly the respiratory rate, etc. This is particularly useful for making the difference between small diseases and big pains in children.

scanadu scout smart health device 智慧健康设备

For the youngest children, there is an impressive array of connected objects specifically designed to help worried parents. Among these are Pacifi, the connected pacifier or Owlet, a sensor connected to attach to the feet of babies to monitor their vital constants. For asthmatic children, My Spiroo is a mini flowmeter to connect to an iPhone to measure the lung capacity of children with chronic or triggered asthma.


The NeuroOn connected mask allows to analyze the quality and duration of deep sleep phases. In fact, an individual passes by turn through different phases of sleep during the night, whose restorative properties diverge significantly. The main goal of the NeuroOn night mask is to stimulate deep sleep phases, the most restorative, to promote intellectual recovery.

For its part, the manufacturer Withings took a different approach and created the Aura connected object, consisting of a mobile application, a bedside lamp and a sensor to be placed under the mattress of his bed. Withings Aura discreetly and automatically records the various parameters and factors influencing our sleep environment to summarize them within a mobile application. Withings Aura thus makes it possible to analyze the quality of each person’s sleep.

Oral health:

The connected toothbrush appeared at the last CES and won over a wide panel of observers. Kolibree is an electric toothbrush with communicating features to track the number and quality of oral brushing. On a dedicated mobile app, parents can remotely monitor their child’s daily tooth wash.


To make life easier for people with diabetes, companies have tried to make it easier to measure blood glucose, a very regular practice for people with diabetes. For example, iBGStar is a small glucose meter to connect to your smartphone. It can measure blood glucose without the use of a large device and therefore binding in everyday life.

Chronic pain:

LumoBack is a connected belt that analyzes the position of your back in real time to rectify postures that can cause chronic long-term pain. Lumoback tends to reduce or relieve patients with lumbago, scoliosis and chronic sciatica.

Lumoback smart health 智慧健康设备 坐姿矫正智能腰带To monitor the quality of its environment, what better than to opt for Lapka, a very stylish connected object made of plastic cubes and wood to plug into the jack of his smartphone iOS. Lapka includes 4 sensors: a radioactive particle sensor, an electromagnetic field sensor, a nitrate sensor and a humidity sensor. Everything works in tandem with the mobile application dedicated to download for free to analyze the harmfulness of its environment.

In a different field about connected health objects, the start-up Alcoohoot developed Breathometer, a pocket breathalyzer to connect to its smartphone, to control its blood alcohol level before returning to driving.

Which one of these connected health objects could help improve your health?

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