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New Year, New Coastal Glasses

With the new year comes a chance for a new you, and that includes your glasses. Try something new for 2023 and pick something different to rock this year from Coastal’s collection of on-trend frames & new coastal eye glasses.

Check out top picks like these…

These smoothed-out Wayfarer frames from Ray-Ban are a great choice for faces with tall brows, rounded jaws, and soft features. The saddle bridge sits comfortably on longer, narrower noses while firm frame arms wrap around large faces. These are classic with just enough edge to be different.

The Empire from Kam Dhillon features a light, yet bold stainless steel cateye frame and brushed metal accents that complement smaller faces, angular features, and square jawlines. The high-set bridge and adjustable pads ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of nose shapes and sizes.

The Clearly Basics Point Grey frames also offer a simple change with a trendy translucent look on the bottom. This rectangular cat-eye style suits small faces with taller brows and wider foreheads.

Bonus Feature – Any frame can have bluelight blocking lenses added for digital protection.

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