Chinese saussurea treatment for damp Wind

Saussurea treatment(Xue Lian Feng Shi Ling)

panacea towards the
Wind Humidity

Conventional therapeutic
makes use of

Most important indications:
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis relieved by warmth.

Chinese vitality, this
method is used to deal with joint ache and disperse the Chilly Wind Humidity.

Related signs:
muscle ache and numbness, Chilly within the limbs and loins, aggravated by chilly and
damp ache.


One capsule two occasions
day by day.


All rheumatic
manifestations are Bi Conventional Chinese Medication. Bi phrase which means paralysis,
numbness, insensitivity. Bi implies a notion of blocking, closing, an allusion
to the blocking of Power and Blood within the meridians. That is the mechanism
that’s chargeable for the onset of rheumatism. If the ache is transferring (change
of location), we converse of Bi Wind. If the ache is intense, it’s as a result of Bi
Chilly Chilly freezes and will increase thus blocking ache. If the ache is Mounted
(non-moving), the Bi humidity as a result of humidity stagnated. Bi Chilly Wind Humidity
are aggravated by fatigue and contacts with Chilly and Damp.

The primary ingredient of
this product is the snow lotus, a really efficient towards such a arthritis
plant. This product may be very warming, it shouldn’t be taken when there are
signs-Yin: evening sweats, scorching flashes, warmth within the palms and soles, dry mouth
and throat, thirst, purple and dry tongue with little or no coating.

This offers primarily with
Chilly Bi intense ache attributable to a significant vitality blockage and Blood. For this reason
it’s against-indicated in pregnant ladies.

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Contraindicated for pregnant ladies.

Contraindicated if-Yin.

Maintain out of attain of kids.


Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Xue Lian

Aucklandia Radix

Chilly looking, looking wind humidity, tones Yang, stops bleeding

Wu Jia Pi

Acantopanacis cortex (bark Acantopanax gracilistylus)

Expels Wind Humidity, strengthens tendons and bones

Du Huo

Radix Angelicae pubescenstis (angelica root)

Eliminates Chilly and Dampness and stops ache

Mu Gua

Chaenomelis Fructus (fruit quince or quince)

Relaxes the tendons and enlivens the Luo, transforms Dampness and harmonizes the Abdomen

Fu Zi

Radix Aconiti carmichaeli praeparata (aconite root carmichaeli ready)

Restores the Yang Fireplace tones, stops ache

Cao Wu

Radix Aconiti kusnezoffii (aconite root kusnezoffi)

Restores the Yang Fireplace tones, stops ache

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