Chinese Po Chai Drugs and pure well being

Chinese natural supplements- Po Chai Drugs

Po Chai Drugs for widespread safety

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

indications : diarrhea as a result of meals poisoning , gastroenteritis, movement
illness, nausea throughout being pregnant.


Chinese well being philosophy:this preparation is used to drive the chilly wind , promote digestion ,
drain Dampness .


signs: nausea, vomiting, regurgitation , diarrhea , belly ache, gentle
fever , frontal headache , with thick pink tongue coating, slippery pulse.



or two small bottles per outlet. As much as 4 bottles per day. In case of
illness , the treatment will be administered as a safety measure , 30 to 60
minutes earlier than departure.

half a bottle per dose .



Chai Drugs ( Bao Ji Wan  ) is a product that ought to be present in each household
pharmacies. It is rather efficient to deal with gastroenteritis . It tones the
digestive system and helps digestion . It may be used on the first signal of
nausea and diarrhea , whether or not or not meals poisoning. It’s secure for kids and children
and pregnant girls. Take it in your baggage if you happen to plan a visit to a rustic
the place the ” Montezuma ” is endemic. In just a few days, your digestive and
intestinal issues ought to be resolved. In any other case , seek the advice of a physician and a
therapist in conventional Chinese drugs .


Historical past 

are greater than 100 years , the issues of diarrhea and vomiting had been a plague
in China.
A Chinese physician working to develop a preparation to deal with this downside. One
night time, he dreamed of a composition of crops. The subsequent day he picked these
crops , made a mix and commanded a number of individuals. This mix of herbs was
very efficient . This physician is the founding father of the corporate that manufactures
this product and its picture is on all containers of Po Chai ( Bao Ji Wan ) .

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Title Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Bai Zhi

Radix Angelicae dahuricae ( angelica dahurica root)

Expels Wind and Humidity, dissolved swelling, cease ache

Bo He

Herba menthae (mint, aerial components )

Relaxes the liver , reduces warmth Liver

Tian Hua Fen

Trichosanthis Radix (root squash Trichosanthes kirilowii )

Clears Warmth , generates fluids , resolves irritation and eliminates pus

Ju Hua

Flos chrysanthemi ( chrysanthemum flower )

Drains and clarifies Wind Warmth, calm the liver , improves imaginative and prescient.

Ge Gen

Puerariae Radix ( Pueraria lobata root )

Diaphoretic , promotes the discharge of rashes, clears Warmth , scholar Yang

Cang Zhu

Atractylodis Rhizoma (rhizome of Atractylodes lancea )

Dries Dampness , tonifies the Spleen , searching Humidity Wind

Yi Yi Ren

Semen coicis lachryma – Jobi ( larmille seeds , a species of Coix )

Makes the water circulate , invigorates the spleen , removes obstructions

Mu Xiang

Radix auklandiae lappae ( root Aucklandia lappa )

Mobilizes and regulates power, stimulates Price

Ju Hong

Exocarpium erytrocarpae citri ( pink tangerine peel )

Circulates power , invigorates the Spleen , dries Dampness

Shen Qu

Massa medica fermentata (yeast)

Promotes digestion and harmonizes the Abdomen

Chi Shi Zhi

Halloysitum rubrum

Regulates the typical fire , astringent, stops bleeding and treats stool incontinence

Fu Ling

Poriae Sclerotium cocos ( filamentous fungus )

Drains Dampness , tonifies the Spleen , diuretic

Hou Po

Cortex magnolia officinalis ( magnolia bark )

Circulated Power , dries Dampness , dissolved clusters

Huo Xiang

Herba agastachi ( Agastache , aerial components )

Transforms Dampness , stops vomiting

Gu Ya

Fructus oryzae germinatus ( germinated rice)

Promotes digestion

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