Chinese pure medication cystitis powder remedy in your well being

 Chinese pure medicine-Cystitis powder remedy

powder remedy to information the purple

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

Principal indications : urinary tract an infection,

Chinese well being philosophythis formulation is used to make clear the Warmth of
the Coronary heart and the Small Gut and to urinate.

Related signs: uncommon and darkish urine,
painful urination , risk of blood within the urine , irritability, thirst
for chilly drinks, purple tongue , fast pulse .


As this formulation is in several varieties and at
completely different ranges , you will need to observe the producer’s
suggestions. An infection should be combated shortly. If after every week you don’t
see enchancment , seek the advice of a physician and a therapist in conventional Chinese
medication .


This formulation could be very efficient in combating
urinary tract infections. However there’s a controversy about it: Chinese writers
fail to agree on whether or not appropriate Empty Warmth or Warmth Fullness . It’s the
energy of this formulation ; it fights the an infection with out harming the Yin.
Urinary tract infections are attributable to gadgets with Kidney accumulation of Warmth
Humidity trapped within the bladder . Urinary tract infections are frequent in older
girls when the kidney Yin is weakened. Dao Chi San is the best treatment in
geriatrics. This formulation is typically utilized in pediatrics, adapting the dosage
for kids and children with Warmth on Coronary heart with irritability and thirst (hyperactivity) .

Historical past

The formulation of this preparation is cited in
Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue, written in 1119 by Yi Qiang merchandise.


Contraindications in circumstances of things Spleen
and Abdomen : lack of urge for food , nausea , bloating , unfastened stools .

Maintain out of attain of kids.

You may click here to
see some cystitis powder merchandise instance

product of the next firm meets good manufacturing practices of the
Australian Therapeutic Items Administration, that are regarded at the moment because the
highest requirements on the planet for assessing manufacturing processes of
merchandise Chinese pharmacopoeia.

this model is often reserved for practitioners of conventional Chinese
medication, it might be that we don’t discover the counter and we needs to be bought
from an acupuncturist or a well being care skilled.

Pink Door Teapills – Dao Chi Wan. Model: Plum Flower, made in China for Mayway Company, Oakland, United States.


Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical title

Therapeutic actions

Sheng Di Huang

Radix rehmanniae recens (root digital)

Cools Blood, nourishes Yin and Blood

Dan Zhu Ye

Herba lophatheri gracilis (Lopatherum slender, aerial elements)

Searching Warmth, stops thirst

Mu Tong

Caulis MuTong

Drains Damp Warmth

Gan Cao Shao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice root)

Eliminates toxicity, deal with painful urination and harmonize the motion of different vegetation

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