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Chinese mint herb

Chinese mint herb (Bo He) for Chinese drugs

Mouth ulcers, abscesses, boils – Pores and skin Illnesses, recent type of Herbs That launch space Headache – Fever – Dizziness, Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Widespread Colds – Flu, Stress – Nervousness – Nervousness – Despair, gynecological problems – Menopause Eyes – Mink

Mint is Recognized across the globe, and is share of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. We communicate right here of Chinese mint, Mentha Herba haplocalyx, qui est a range Considerably totally different from the one we all know.

Its Chinese identify is Bo He (Bò Hey, 薄荷), it scattered pathogenic wind Throughout fever. Its type _him_ permits to get within the face and head, and might deal with lack of voice, disturbances on the mouth and enamel, in addition to refresh the throat.

Its aroma helps open holes, Reduces fluid retention and dispersed warmth within the muscle tissues.

Properties of pharmacopoeia

Nature Recent

Flavour: Pungent, fragrant

Relationship with the organs (tropism): lung, liver

Major indications:

1) Disperse the heat-wind

Signs: fever, headache, cough, crimson eyes, sore throat, colds, flu

2) externalizes

Signs: fever, complications, chilly toes

3) Evacuate rashes

Signs: rash with fever, measles begin

4) Brightens the top and eyes

Signs: crimson eyes, headache, throat irritation, dizziness

5) Relieves liver qi stagnation

Permits the liver qi to stream freely, the signs related to liver qi stagnation are: tightness / chest ache and / or hypochondria, emotional instability, gynecological problems.

6) Quiet itching

Signs: eczema, urticaria, allergic response


Mint is contre Indicated for:

Folks with spontaneous sweating

These with liver yang rising

Folks with a vacuum of Yin and dryness of blood

These with a vacuum blood Due to the vacuum of Yin and dryness of blood

Breastfeeding As a result of mint can as a result of lactation Inadequate

Folks with a hiatal hernia

Extreme consumption of mint can Cut back Qi and Yang.

Pharmacological results

Promotes the secretion of bile

antiseptic impact

Motion antispasmodic

secretolytic impact

Treats gastrointestinal problems

Treats infections of the higher respiratory tract

In exterior use, mint can relieve myalgia (muscle ache) and neuralgia (Brought on by painful nerve situation).


3 to 10g, 4g commonplace.

Some combos with Chinese mint herb:

Towards the wind-heat, crimson eyes and complications, mint may be related to:

Jing Jie – 荆芥 (Herba seu flos schizonepetae tenuifoliae)

Huang Qin – 黄 芩 (Radix Scutellariae Baicalensis)

When swollen and painful throat:

Jie Geng – 桔梗 (Radix Platycodi grandiflori)

Jiang Can – 僵蚕 (Bombyx Batryticatus)

Towards irritation, harm from wind-heat, dry throat, cough, yellow sputum, itchy pores and skin:

Niu Bang Zi – 牛蒡子 (Fructus Arctii Lappae)

When chest ache, ache in hypochondria:

Bai Shao – 白芍 (Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae)

Chai hu – 柴胡 (Radix Bupleuri)

Being pregnant:

Mint Can Be Consumed Throughout Being pregnant.


It shoulds ce jour restera une que le leaves and stem of mint do not-have precisely the Saami properties.

– The leaves of mint – He Bo Ye (薄荷 叶 dried mint (Bo He) in Chinese drugs) are greatest as regards the dispersion of heat-wind (cough, crimson eyes, sore throat, colds, flu …) and evacuation rashes.

– The rod – Bo Geng He (薄荷 梗) is healthier to go down the Qi and Regulate the liver (tightness / chest ache and / or hypochondria, emotional instability, gynecological problems).

Like Nearly all of the herbs utilized in Chinese drugs, there are strategies of the pay as you go mint That may have an effect on ict properties:

– Chao Bo He (炒 薄荷) Reduces the pungent taste of mint and THUS moderates His sudorific impact. This preparation technique is to make use of THUS When there may be already sweating to Keep away from harm to the Qi and liquids.

– Tan Bo He (薄荷 炭) scattered warmth within the blood.

Mint juice In the meantime, clarified warmth, cool the blood and Relieves ache. It aussi Could also be used Externally, by drop at nosebleed gold Throughout swelling and ache within the ear.

Learn extra about Chinese herb

Chinese mint herb supply:http://www.taopic.com/tuku/201102/25373.html

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