Chinese Liquorice tablets wheat and jujube

Liquorice tablets ( Gan Mai Da Zao Wan)

tablets , wheat and jujube

Conventional therapeutic makes use of

indications : hypersensitivity, neurasthenia disaster with melancholy and tears
that relieve .

Chinese well being
formulation is used to tone the guts , calm the spirit and harmonize the median

signs: frequent yawning and sighing , problem controlling feelings ,
stressed sleep, typically with evening sweats , alternating laughter and tears,
pink tongue coated with sparse, skinny and fast pulse .



this formulation is in several kinds and at varied concentrations , it’s
vital to observe the producer’s suggestions.



worries, issues and anxiousness hurts Yin Coronary heart, prevents the free movement of Liver
power and weakens the digestive system. Individuals affected by this agitation
our bodies , feeling an pressing must eat sugary meals to really feel higher . This
downside impacts girls greater than males and hypersensitive people . Interval of
disaster, these individuals really feel very disturbed and depressed to the purpose of not
having the ability to maintain again their tears . Very efficient in treating this syndrome,
this preparation gently tones the Coronary heart, Liver and Spleen .


Historical past

formulation is talked about within the Jin Gui Yao Lue, written by Zhang Zhong Jing within the
Han interval (206 B.C. to 220 AD.) Guide .

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merchandise of the next firms meet good manufacturing practices of the
Australian Therapeutic Items Administration, that are regarded immediately because the
highest requirements on the planet for assessing manufacturing processes of
merchandise Chinese pharmacopoeia.

these marks are normally reserved for practitioners of conventional Chinese
drugs, it couldn’t discovered the counter and we needs to be obtained from an
acupuncturist or a well being care skilled.

Spirit Teapills – Might Da Zao Wan Gan. Model: Plum Flower, made in China for Mayway Company, Oakland (CA), United States.

Zao Wan Gan Might. Model: Natural Instances, made in China
for Nuherbs Co., Oakland (CA), United

Out there
at distributors acupuncture tools and conventional Chinese drugs.


Identify Chinese pin yin

Pharmaceutical identify

Therapeutic actions

Fu Xiao Might

Semen tritici aestivi levis (grain ripe wheat)

Nourishes the Coronary heart, searching anxiousness and agitation

Gan Cao

Radix glycyrrhizae uralensis (licorice root)

Invigorates the guts and harmonizes the median Lobby

Da Zao

Fructus Jujubae Ziziphus (jujube)

Invigorates the Spleen, nourishes the Blood

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