Chinese herbs for swelling— Chinese herbs Chinese meals and pure well being

herbs for swelling

Chinese herbs for swelling


Burdock scientific identify: Fructus Arctii

Chinese identify: Niu Bang Zi 牛蒡子

Plant components used: Ripe fruit harvested in autumn, sun-dried, crushed.

This herb has influences on the human physique: lung and abdomen meridians.

Taste: spicy and bitter

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Expels Warmth

– Reduces swelling

– Anthrax, cutaneous pyogenic infections (YONG ZHONG CHUANG DU)

– Measles with late rashes, hives

– Removes poisonous

– Promotes breakouts

– Ache and swelling of the throat, cough, uncommon and viscous sputum

– Constipation: the presence of oil within the seed which lubricates the intestines and facilitates feces.


Scientific  identify: Camphora

Chinese identify: Zhang Nao

– Elements of the plant used: crystals. Crystallization of the oil from the water distillation of leaves, branches, trunk and roots.

– This herb has influences on the human physique: the meridian of the guts (some authors rajoutent the Price).

– Style: Spicy

– Nature: sizzling, poisonous

Well being Results :

– Stomach ache by meals stagnation, chilly abdomen

– Trauma, painful swelling

– Opens “holes”

– Removes impurities

– Externally, removes moisture, destroys parasites, relieves ache and reduces swelling

– Sudden lack of information and disturbance of consciousness, coma obstruction, sudden coma with SHE XIANG in Ouen powder capsule.

– Gale, mycosis, itching, wounds, fungal infections of the scalp in kids

– Tooth decay

Towards, precautions:

too excessive a dosage causes a dry mouth, vomiting and drowsiness, unconsciousness, coma.

Keep away from in pregnant girls, in sufferers with renal insufficiency, spermatorrhea, insomnia, weak spot.

trendy pharmacological actions:

– Delicate native analgesic motion by topical software of the product;

– Stimulation of the central nervous system


CrotonNom scientific: Fructus Crotonis

Chinese identify: Ba Dou 巴豆

– Elements of the plant used: seeds ready as frost. Wrapped in layers of paper to soak up the oil, heated, pressed and powdered have to sift.

-This Herb has influences on the human physique meridians Abdomen, Massive Gut and Lung (for some).

– Style: Spicy

– Nature: sizzling and really poisonous

Well being Results :

– Purge chilly heap

– Searching waters

– Lowered swelling

– Ascites with belly distention, edema …

– Ascites in liver cirrhosis terminal phases of schistosomiasis (trendy analysis).

– Boils, abscess and pyogenic infections unopened purulent pores and skin, fungal infections, ringworm, scabies, tinea

– Bone tuberculosis and osteomyelitis: BA DOU jumped to yellow oral use.

– Eliminates phlegm

– Soothes the throat

– Remove the toxin and deal with pores and skin inflammations , drain the pus and scale back swelling and toxin .

– Chilly clumps of constipation with belly ache and bloating

– Intestinal obstruction and biliary colic Biliary Ascariasis, biliary an infection, cholelithiasis with belly ache, appendicitis.

– Diphtheria and laryngitis

– Malaria

Towards, precautions:

– Keep away from the affiliation with Ipomoea hederacea (QIAN NIU ZI).

– Don’t eat sizzling drinks or sizzling meals together with BA DOU: It might improve the drastic motion of purgation.

– Drinks and meals chilly (chilly rice soup) is important in sufferers when the purgative motion is simply too sturdy or too extreme diarrhea.

– Orally, danger of toxicity or unwanted effects (continuous drastic diarrhea, belly ache, vomiting, burns and acute ache within the digestive system): on this case, take a chilly rice soup, or chilly meals or chilly drinks or a decoction of HUANG LIAN , or a chilly decoction of Huang Lian and HUANG BAI.

– Externally, extraordinarily irritant that may trigger burns.

herbs for swelling

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