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Herbs for febrile sickness

Herbs for febrile sickness

Job’s tears

Scientific title: Semen Coicis

Chinese title: Yi Yi Ren 薏苡仁

Plant components used: the solar dried seeds used with out preparation or grilled

This herb has influences on the human physique: meridians of Spleen, Abdomen, Lung (and Gros gut by sure gadgets).

Taste: candy and tasteless

Nature: barely chilly

Well being Results :

– Promotes the elimination of water and humidity, course of BI syndrome (joint ache)

– Removes warmth

– Drains the pus

– Tones the spleen

– Lung abscess

– Bowel abscess

– Cease diarrhea

– Edema, dysuria

– Rheumatic pains chilly wind, curvature of the 4 members

– Febrile syndrome of moisture within the early levels

– Diffuse pains as a consequence of wind-humidity

– Moisture diarrhea Spleen

– Tonic happens in aged and weak, particularly with stiffness of the limbs.

In opposition to, precautions: no

Fashionable pharmacological actions:

– Motion antipyretic;

– Motion analgesic;

– Motion cardiotonic;

– Inhibition of the contraction of striated muscle;

– Improved immune operate;

– Motion most cancers in mice with prolonged lifetime.


Scientific title: Radix Seu Arnebia Lithospermi

Chinese title: Zi Cao 紫草

Elements of the plant used: roots dried within the solar, properly moistened and sliced

This herb has influences on the human physique: the meridians of the guts and liver

Taste: candy

Nature: Chilly

Well being Results :

– Febrile illnesses

– Refreshes the blood and prompts blood

– Promotes the discharge of rash

– Get rid of toxin and deal with pores and skin inflammations

– Encourage the urine and humidify the Gut

– Prevention of measles: + GAN CAO (licorice), decoction, 3 occasions / day, each 2 days.

CONTRAINDICATIONS, PRECAUTIONS: Measles and with current heavy eruptions


– Inhibition of the expansion of choriocarcinoma (= malignancy on the fetal portion of the placenta) and sarcoma (= tumor connective tissue);

– Therapeutic in acute lymphocytic leukemia;

– Actions selling wound therapeutic in rats


Scientific title: Herba Menthae

Chinese title: Bo He 薄荷

Elements of the plant used: aerial half and leaves, dried within the shade, moist, lower into items.

BO HE YE: Wind disperse the warmth of BIAO;

HE BO GENG: regularize IQ and soothe the liver.

This herb has influences on the human physique: meridians of the liver and lungs.

Style: Spicy

Nature: recent

Well being Results :

– Disperses warmth

– Make clear the top and eyes (TOU QING MU), promote the throat (LI YAN ROU)

– Promotes breakouts and cease the itching

– Colds, sore throat (fever, slight worry of chilly, headache, physique ache, anhidrosis) or purple and painful eyes, swollen and painful throat

– The start of an eruptive illness (particularly measles, rubella, urticaria)

– In case of dizziness and fever as a consequence of excessive warmth

Herbs for  febrile sickness supply:http://ls.csc86.com/news/yinshi/2014/1217/9185.html

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